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Fooling No-one

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Drace contuning in Romania, meeting with the 12 Vampire Covens, Hestia & Sirius get alittle more attatched.

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Day Five of Week One, Trouble
Drace woke up with the oddest feeling in his chest and upon finding out he couldn't move, scream or even turn his head, he started to panic. He managed to look down & seen one of the sisters - Lynn - standing infront of a table with a great many painful looking devices on it. Turning around when she felt she was being staired at, she smiled at Drace, her fangs clearly showing, as she said, "Oh good, you finally desided to awaken. No don't try & move, you'll only cause yourself more pain & suffering... and besides, thats my job," the smile got bigger.

She waved her hand over Drace & the first thing that came out of his mouth proberly wasn't the brightest thing to say to a vampiress when she has you ona torture bench... or when she clearly has bloodlust, but Drace couldn't help it, he was in a total rage and could feel Darrk moving beneath the surface, "Where am I you stupid BINT?"

The vampiress chucked her head back and cackled wickedly, making Drace alittle uneasy, "Don't worry, your little friends... and my sisters won't come barging in, some of the Death Eaters are watching them for me. You see my Coven never really did join any alliance with Nat... our honor lays with that of the Dark Lord... but you never know, maybe some of the Death Eaters will be taking your fledgling and taht useless tramp Nat as we speak. As for my sisters, well... a good liquid imperio in the blood stream of their next meal, will be enough to keep them inline." Moving closer with a small circular blade, Lynn said, "Now I'm going to silence you... as much as I like to hear the screams of a mortal, I need to consentrate," with a wave of her hand, again, Drace was silenced, as she cut into the flesh of his chest, trying her hardest to remove the family crest from his chest, only finding out that whenever she pulled a sample off, it would turn into dust and the mark would already have re-grown on his chest.

While this was going on, Drace's body was on autopilot, as he confered with Darrk. "Did you see where she took us?"

"No, all I remember was, your body became rather cold, but you wouldn't wake, so I am guessing she used drugs. Even with you being imortal & not one of the bitten, you are still basicly human," said Darrk, mornfully.

Nodding alittle Drace gets a sudden idea then asked in a hopeful voice, "Darrk, if I release the boundries between us, do you think you could come to the surface, get us out of the cell & back to the ladies?"

Standing tall, Darrk started to pace, then he stopped & laughed, as the vampiress squealed in her frustration, the crest having desolved for the thirteenth time. "Okay, I may be able to , but its going to require consentration and I am afraid that with your current prediciment, you having got enough concentration."

It was Drace's turn to laugh, as he turned to Darrk, "What if I use my elemental abilities, I mean I know I haven't used them for awhile, but surely its worth a try."

Darrk thought on it, then shook his head, "Only use it as a last resort, but for now, when you go back, consentrate on healing first & then try changing into your wolf form, it might be better a the moment & more relible than me in such a low room."

Sighing slightly, as he was deep in thought, Drace said in a saddened voice, "You know they were after the crest and if they get it... well we just have to be more careful from now on old buddy."

Soon after Drace came back to the front of his mind, where he found himself screaming loudly - apperently Lynn got bored of seeing him screaming and not hearing it - she had her back turned to him, he consentrated on healing his wounds, then hearing her mutter something about having to remove his heart as well, sent him over the edge, as he morphed into his animagus form - the blue streaks lighting up along his side - waiting for her to turn around & while in her confusion, he struck with a bright light, like with the death nibblers, except for the follow-up - as Lynn regained her sight - the vampiress found herself inside a circle of fiendfyre, just before she was engulfed. Smirking - still in his animagus form - trooted over to the remains and satisfied his need for a loo, then headed out the door, in search of help, his friends & the D.E.s, thinking 'why always me'.

Back at the Flat
It had been three days since Drace had been taken from the flat, the wards put around the flat put there by the 'would be' death eaters were preventing the vampires from using any of their own magics, not that anything would be able to happen, with each vampire having ateaslt 2 wands pointed at them - and to be betraied by one of their own, was almost unthinkible - so it wasn't exactly a homey feeling. Each girl was taken to a seperate room under the orders of Lynn, even the fledgling. Nat - locked in her own room - was moving back and forth along one of the walls, like a caged animal, wanting to be released. Her room looked like a bomb went off, half the room had claw marks and large chunks of morter were missing from both the walls and celling, but not even a dent was in the flooring, the wards prevented it. Di & Jasmin were across the hall from each other, a guard at both of their doors. There rooms looking mostly like Nat's and Tora - still coming into her power - was sat in the kitchen, her tempory cell and deep in meditaion - something her father said always helped to clear ones thoughts - while a couple of Death Eaters sat nearby. The smell of their sweat & blood, slowly getting to Tora.

About halfway through the night, when the traitor Lynn was supposed to come back to the flat, the Death Eaters started to become restless. One in particular had it in his mind to up & leave. But another of the masked twits said in a calm voice, "Imperio," with the others looking on, not at all shocked or surprised, after all, their orders came from the inner circle of death eaters.

Outskirts of Town
Drace, not knowing where he was exactly and not able to pick up any scent, thinking 'damn that vampire was actuly smart, she must of flew us here', climbed to the top of the bunker, finding his thoughts more true than he figured and hearing Darrk swear in half a dozon languges, he couldn't help but laugh alittle.

"Well," Drace said, "It could be worse, I mean atleast we aren't tied to that damn table anymore."

"True, but we still have to get back to the girls, you know Nat is proberly in deep shit by now with her temper. But you have to like the way she fights, attack first, attack alittle more, than if anyone survives, ask questions," Muttered Darrk, as he and Drace watched the mind-screen, as Drace's wolf form headed towards the lights of the city.

"Yeah," sighing Drace turned to Darrk. "You know you may have to be unleashed right, I mean with what we will be up against, i am sure they have wards up to prevent my entry, but Nat wouldn't have told the sisters about you, theres no way in hell she would betray us."

Darrk, looking to Drace, just shook his head, "I don't know if you have enough power to release me. You did use alot with the fiendfyre majiks and its not like when you were young. Don't get me wrong, I know you are still powerful, but I think there is a limit, even for you Drace. If you can't unleash me by the time we get to town, then I think you are on your own... unless," Darrk trailed off, deep in thought.

Becoming frustrated, Drace snapped slightly, "Unless what?"

Looking down at Drace, his smile almost predatory, "Remember that doorman at Nat's club... maybe he has some friends who can help out, heck, if he isn't up for it, try sweeterning the deal, I mean you still have enough gallons to last a few months, even if you do have to pay the doorman."

A triumpant look crossed Drace's face, as his smile matched that of Darrk's. If he had been paying attetion to the mind-screen, he may have noticed the cloaked figure that was stalking him, off too his right, about a couple of houses back. Returning to the front of his mind, Drace went to the side & down an alleyway - his form changing back to normal - he took out a small round device, similar to a muggles compass, only it picked up the high population of magical beings of the area, i.e; vampires, werewolves & dragons, being so close to the dragon ranch, there was a chance of encountering some of the enraged, rouge bulls when they had been denied entry to the fertil females.
Smiling alittle in relising he was just a block from The Blood Bar, he couldn't help but feel alittle nervous, like he was being followed, but as he turned, no one was there and not knowing who or what it was, just made it that much worse.

Back Home, Hartner Manor, a day before Drace's kiddnapping
Lucius had just walked through one of the floos, his wife by his side and practicly holding him up - their house elf Uck, Drace gave the Malfoys, popped into the room with their luggage - both looking like they had seen better days. Their clothing, somewhat 'less' eligant, now covered in mud blood and torn almost to shreads in some places. Lucius colapsed onto a couch nearby and, upon calling Uck to him said, "Uck, please," his wife shocked at how nice her husband was asking the creature before them, "... send for Lord Lupin or Lord Black, thankyou," the last word coming out as a choke, before he passed out from loss of blood.

Not even seven minutes later, both Remus & Sirius turned up in the main floo room - the girlfriend's with them as well as Dora - and ucompanied by a medic from St. Mongos - the paid under the table, after work hours kind - too patch up and heal the wounds of Narcissa and her husband Lucius. Clicking his tongue as he waved his wand over the many wounds on Lucius' back, looking as if he has been whipped. The healer turned to Nacissa and said, "Its a pleasure to see yout again Nacissa," taking out a vial and tipping the contents fown her husbands throat, he continued to talk to her, "... whats it been, three, maybe four years now. How is young Mr. Malfoy now?" asked the healer, a knowing look in his eyes.

Nacissa scrowled at the healer and said in not to friendly a voice, "Five years actuly, Draco is fine and has been since you visited us last." She turned back to her husband, as she heard him chocking - everyone else in the room either talking amonst themselves or pretending too not hearing the converstaion - mostly the Hestia & Emi - helping Lucius into a sitting position, Narcissa sat next to him and speaking in a somewhat, worried voice began the story of what happened, "Lucius came home about thirty minutes ago, with a few of the inner circle, which wasn't anything out of the ordanary, afterall they use to stop by alot," taking a glass of water from Sirius and nodding her thanks, she took a deep gulp, "They were still wearing their cloaks and masks and before my husband and I were able to do anything, both our wands were summond from us and when we woke up we were on the floor by one of the floo access fireplaces, bloodied like you seen us. I think they used the obliviate charm on us and before we went through the floo and came here, we saw one of the death eaters cast the Dark Mark, before the house started to rumble and well, here we are," said Narcissa, her hands trembling and her eyes looking far off, almost a hollow look.

Emi turned to Hestia and muttered in hushed tones, before Emi & Dora walked out of the room and headed toward a fireplace, to floo-call Auror HQ. Hestia on the other hand, ushered the healer from the room and to an emergency floo - a red fireplace with the symbol of St, Mongo's Hospital in the mortar above the fireplace, the floo itself was for emergency personel, be that Auror or Healer, only able to go from the manor and to St. Mongo's - returning shortly after, with new clothing for Nacissa & Lucius.

Over the time that the Malfoy & Hartner families had formed their alliance, the others staying in the first Manor of the Hartner Clan, ie; Dora, Emi, Hestia, Remus, Sirius & Uri had been becoming closer and more friendly with that of the Malfoys. Lucius had proved himself, time and time again, by providing the Aurors with intelligents on death eater activity while he could and in some cases, had to be under veritaserum, just to be sure he was speaking the truth and his mind hadn't been tampered with. He was even aquited of any evil deeds, be that of the killing or any of the unforgivables, when he went on missions or in the company of other such characters that were in league with the death eaters.

Auror HQ, The Next Day
Mad-Eye was sat behind a desk, shuffling papers, something that he thought he had finally got away from years ago, occasionlly grunting about piss poor judgement on the side of the higher ups. Turning over one page inparticular, he came across an order form, clearly not in the right place, as it should be in the Requests Department, 3 floors up from where he was ordered to sit - after he hexed the DMLE for releasing a group of known death eaters (it was only a small stinging hex... to a private body part) - it was either a desk job for a week - while a counter curse was located, because Mad-Eye used something alittle 'off' the normal known stinging hexes - or spend a week in Hotel Azkaban. So being the wise Auror he is, he chose the former, knowing full well taht if he was sent to Azkaban, he'd be gutted by one or more of the inmates.
Rising from his chair - request file in hand - Mad-eye made for the elevator, taking it up three floors, but along the way, he started to read the file more indepth and as he came to the door for the Request Department, he stopped, turned and went back to the elevator, taking it down to the Department of Mystories, down a long hallway, through a speckaled marble floored room and into an area known to only the other Unspeakables like him, as a 'contact point', Mad-Eye took out some parchment, scribbling down how he came across the file and the fact it had the name of the dead man by Harry Potter's relitives place written as the requested 'item' and not 'person', then folded up partchment, using a sticking charm he stuck the file and partchment together, dropped them into a slot in a nearby door and walked away.

Auror HQ, DMLE Offices, the next day
Pacing back and forth infront of her table, the DMLE - elected by the pureblood bigots in the Wizengamot - the past week had been overly stressful. Muttering to herself, she went over what had happened and come about from the Malfoy home. What she had been ordered to do by those who voted her into her current postion - those being the ones who realy ran the Ministry, behind the Minister's back - she couldn't understand why she had been ordered to pull out the troops, after they had found Malfoy Manor or what was left of it - being only the guest quarters at the back of the first garden - too be buried under rubble and after being hexed by Mad-Eye, it made her start to re-think her 'job' as it were.
A knock at her door, brought her out of her thoughts, as he secutary came in, followed by Minister Crouch, Mr. Fudge and Auror Dawlish - the last two looking at her as if she were a bug to be stepped on - for their meeting with her to go over the former mission / mop-up of Malfoy Manor.

"Greetings Minister, Mr. Fudge, Auror," she said, while offering them a seat and tea.

After pleasentries were exchanged, the Minister got down to business, "I do believe Director, that your Aurors have done a fine job on Malfoy Manor, but I believe we will have to be cutting costs. The Auror Corps haven't been filling their quotar lately, not even for a year infact, not that crime hasn't been going down and it has, but you and your department should still be doing more than what you are. Partrolling Knockturn Alley hasn't proven fruitful for along time. No, I'm sorry Director, we can't afford to pump more and more funds into Auror trainning and not have anything to show for it."

The Director nodded, already knowing this would be happening. "How long do we have sir, before our funding is cut?" she asked, not failing to notice the almost evil look on Fudge's face, before his face returned to the emotionless mask he usally wore.

Looking in thought for a short time, the Minister said, "Have the memo go out in about a weeks time, that way all the paper work will be well and truely in the works," said the Minister, as he took out his pocket watch, like the conversation ment nothing. Looking at the time he stood, Fudge & Dawlish as well, as he they said their goodbyes and left.

Sighing as she sat behind her desk, her head in her hands, the Director tookout some partchment, wrote down the memo and upon placing into in the memo shoot, put a time-delay spell on it and let it go. She stood up, walking toward a filing cabinate, taking out a form, she sat back at her desk and when she signed her name at the bottom, the form glowed red, a duplicate was made; one heading to Workplacement on floor 8 and the other stuck itself to the Director of the MLE's front door, under a sign reading, 'Job Open', as she left.

Back in Romania
It was rather cool outside, maybe 5 degrees C below zero, most people - be that magical or muggle - were indoors, even the vampires & werewolves were indoors. No one in their right mind would be outside in this coldness, but for Drace... and the one following him, who still managed to hide from him, even when he backtracked, he couldn't find the person, but knew it was a female - he could smell perfume - deffiently a female. Coming closer to Nat's club, The Blood Bar, he spied the doorman he wanted to talk to, being called back inside by the manager for the week, while Nat was away - she'd already said she would be away for a week tops, the kidnapping & capture was just coincdents - Drace waited for awhile, before he followed, looking over his shoulder before he ducked in, he was sure he saw a flash of pink hair, but pushed the thought out of his head when the other doorman, stamped his hand and walked inside the club.

Breathing in deeply, Drace set about trying to track down the giant of a werewolf doorman to ask for his assistance and ifthat didn't work, he didn't work, maybe some of the shady patrons in the bar would do it for a few gallons. To say he was having some difficulty in deciphering the different scents was hard - apperently there were quite a few werewolves in the club that night, as well as vampires and other creatures that prefere the night - would be a huge understatment. Walking off to the side of what could only be called a 'troof' - a large shute with nightcrawlers gathered around feeding on who knows what - he spied the night manager and stalking over to him, he asked, "Excuse me sir, but could you direct me to where that giant of a doorman is please?"

The night manager turned around and upon seeing it was Drace, smiled more 'friendly' and said, "Why yes sir, if you would follow me, I will take him to you myself if you would like." Recieving a nod, they both headed downstairs, along a corridor that looked like it was made in time of war and towards a set of out-of-place oak doors.

The night manager bowed and walked back up the stairs, leaving Drace where alittle stunned, but okay. As he knocked, the door opened and he was greeted by a surprising sight. Three Death Eaters, on their knees, wrapped in chains, with two laying dead off, with another saying hello to the edge of a large axe, as it came into contact with his neck. Nodding and snickering as he watched the body get tossed aside by the giant werewolf doorman, like it was nothing but a ragdoll, Drace walked upto the man and said, "I was going to see if I could higher you for the night, from the way you handled yourself the other day, but maybe you don't need it, what with whats going on here."

The were looked to Drace, then down at the next death eater, already with his head on the block. "Well, what didja have in mind Sir?" he asked, lining up the axe, then raising it above his head.

Waving his hand at the door and closing it - using his wandless magic - and placing a few of his own silencing charms on the room, he turned to the were and said in a slightly worried tone, "Nat, Di, Jasmin & my new feldgling have been captured and I was kiddnapped. This device I have is locked onto those of your type and that of Nat's. From what I can tell, they are still at Nat's flat, but if they are alive, well alive for vampires or truely dead, I have no clue about. What I would like to know is, if you would come with me and help rescue the girls or what is left of them. Your pay will be 30g, and 70g if you come right now."

Dropping the axe down - missing the neck of the death eater, but scarring the heck out of him - the were looked to Drace and nodded, turning to his right, he picked up his a set of dragonhide armor, boots and his wand, which he waved at the other death eaters, who were transfigured into small rodents, levitated up, over and into a large tank on the side of the room, right infront of a large hungry python. Than they both headed out the door, up the stairs and exiting the club sometime later, walked towards the flat - which was atleast four blocks away - with 3 other werewolves - the doorman's friends - backing them up.

Back at the Flat
Nat & the others were biding their time, knowing full well that these pathetic guards, these wannabe agents of darkness couldn't guard them 24 hours a day, they had to sleep at some point and sure enough it looked to be happening soon, as one by one, they all started drifting off. Like snow falling from the sky, the wards went down, one by one - without the wizard who made that particular ward awake, the wards lost their strength, therefore 'died' - leaving the areas where the girls were, open and allowing them the full use of their powers. Not one to waste the oppitunity, Nat spran into action, draining the guard outside of her room and the others doing the same thing when the smell of blood filtered through the flat, even the fledgling, Tora drained her guards. About 3 minutes later, Drace, the Were doorman and the others that tagged along, burst in through the front door, the bedroom windows and the back door, only too find the girls sitting back in the loungeroom, enjoying a game of exploding snap.

Slowing coming out of his stunned silence, Drace stutters a question, "Wh... w-w-What happened, where are all the death nibblers?"

Smiling up at Drace and the others, Nat just pointed to a pile of dry husks on the kitchen floor. Cloaks, masks and wands, all in a smoldering heap in the kitchen sink. Standing up and stretching, Nat walked over to the Were doorman and kissed him lightly on the lips, whispering something in his ear, then taking him down to her bedroom for a, 'thanks for coming to rescue me, even though it wasn't needed' romp in the sack. Di & her sister Jasmin took the others that came with along as well, towards the guest room near the backdoor, leaving a snickering Drace & a rather frisky Tora behind, but neither hada chance to do anything, as the front door creaked open, to reveal someone Drace hadn't expected too be there - atleast not yet anyhow.

"Dora, what are you doing here hunny?" asked Drace in what he hoped was a pleasent voice.

"Don't hunny me Mister, I've been worried sick about you and after trouble back home, I had to come and see you and I find you out there talking to vampires and werewolves and other critters in some shady bar and then amassing a small force of men to take on GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT and when you get here, what happens, your friends get taken off to shag and I find you with some little bint," said Dora, as she strolled forward, looking intimidating as she looked Tora up and down.

Drace took a step back when he seen the fire in Dora's eyes. Muttering under his breath, before he spoke in his defence, Drace said, "Hell hath no fury..." sighing, Drace said louder, "Dora dear, this is Tora, a new fledgling. Perhaps we should sit down so we can talk things over." They all sat down and a short twenty minutes later, Drace had told Dora his side of the story, as Tora told hers.

Looking more shocked and worried and very sorry for how she reacted, Dora pounced on both Drace & Tora, saying her sorries in sobs and holding them both, even cradling the young fledgling, a girl she didn't even know, but felt formiliar with already. Straighting herself up, Dora started saying what had happened before she came, to the two people with her on teh couch. "Lucius came around looking rather banged up with Narcissa supporting him and..." the story went on for another seventeen minutes, going into full detail of what happened to Malfoy Manor as well. After both stories were out and in the open, Dora, Drace & his new flegdling, Tora, retired to another guest room off down a hallway near the bathroom, to retire for the remainder of the night.

End of Chapter 07

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