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Blood Shed

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Vampire Covens, blood shed, mass feedings, dusted foes and danger for loved ones...

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AN 1: You know the usual, I don't own anything that J.K.R. made for her world of harry Potter, but there is waaay too much to say what I do not own. Drace, Nat & Tora are characters I own... kinda (the last two being friends from another site).

AN 2: I hope this one makes some of my friends / readers out there happy. This one will have 12 Vampire Covens or the 'Covens of the 12', something i remember from an old movie that I can't remember the name of, but if anyone knows, please tell me.

Early the next morning, Drace wokeup with two lumps, either side of him, smiling to himself he never wanted this warmth and loving feeling to end, but alas, nature called. Rising to his feet and heading toward the bathroom, he found the others in the flat to be stirring as well. Finishing in the loo, he heard a great squawking screech from the bedroom with the girls and then a scream from either Dora or Tora. Thinking to himself as he walked back into the bedroom, knowing it was one of his owls, he thought, 'I think a new name is in order for one of those two, its not like I can call them the Ora sisters', laughing at his little joke, he walked into the bedroom, to find Nat and Jasmin laughing their arses off at Dora & Tora. Both of the later had been scared at the noise the owl made and managed to jump through a wall - making an emergency exit - but a quick wave of a wand and the wall repaired itself.

Walking over to the Owl, he smiled down at it, relising it was Obilsec, the owl he had lent to the Malfoys. Taking a letter from his chestbag, he reconised it to be a letter Lucius had passed on from Mad-Eye - Moody had been keeping him aprised of everything that happened with Lucius when he was taken to the Ministry and what had been happening with a few 'other' projects - opening the letter, the room temperture dropped about 7 degrees, making all those in the room turn to Drace, Nat asked, "What Wrong Drace?"

Looking up at her, Drace relaxed as best he could, taking a few deep breaths - the temperture returning to the warmth it help before - he looked back down at the letter, the passed it onto her, as he went and started packing his luggage, Tora helping, as well as Dora.

Knowing her old friend rather well, Nat unfolded the letter and read it out loud:
We found out who it was that died near the Dursleys, it was the spy you sent into the death eater ranks. But the strange thing was, I recieved an Order Request Form the other day that had been delieved to my desk by mistake. I dropped it off for the other Unspeakables to look into and from what I had seen, the deceased was written down as an item, not a victum and so it got my attention rather quickly.
A while after I was contacted on my two-way mirror by my Uspeakables Commander and e told me that the body was tested and they found high levels of Dark Magic, manly those used in the making of soul jars and it was the same reading of magic used on my old girlfriend Zoe, back when you and I first met up in France. The body was disposed of, but if there is someone else out there that has Tommy-boy's notes on how to make a horcrux I think we are in for a shit storm my friend and we just might need you around for the next few months. Afterall, you and I both know more about that line of magic then most wizards & witchs, dark or light alike.
Auror Mad-Eye."
Looking towards Drace, she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around, squeezing him to her.

Forcing a small smile, Drace kissed Nat on the cheek and held her close for while, then turned to the others in the room as they broke apart and said in a clear, but comanding voice, "I'm going to be leaving here soon, Dora, Tora & I shall be gone, maybe forever, but know this, you are always welcome at my Manor and in any of my other homes. Di, Jasmin, you have a choice, come with us or stay here with Nat. After being here, we will be heading towards the Vampire Covens' meeting place. We may have too 'crack some skulls' as the muggles say, to get our point across that they don't get involved in the war that is coming."

Both Jasmin & Di looked to each other - doing that sister thing - then Jasmin spoke, "We'll go with you my Lord, we both know you won't get very far without our help. Most of those at the gathering this year will be from the clans from China. Not some of the more civilised vampires, so it will help if you had alittle protection." Turning to Nat, she spoke in a saddened voice, "We know you can take care of yourself Nat, you and your clan are well known in this area and its safer here than anywhere else. If we get into trouble, please burn any evidence of us ever being involved with you, please, for your own saftey," she said, then both her & Di left for their rooms, packing their luggage, they came back, saying goodbye to Nat, the giant of a doorman - Nat's on and off again lover - and the others that came with Drace and the giant of a werewolf, to help rescue the girls the night before - Di & Jasmin's lovers - than the two sisters lead Drace, Dora, Tora down into the basement and made their way down through tunnles that appearntly spanned out beneath not only The Blood Bar, but under most of the city itself - awe, got to love the wartime effort.

Just after Dusk
Coming up out of the tunnels, the group headed towards what looked like a large rock wall, but intruth all it was was the start of another set of tunnels, that lead towards the reserve... and maybe even death for the group. Pulling out his little locator device, Drace handed it over to Di, smirking when she cracked a smile, reconising the device and nodding her thanks, they walked into the new tunnel - into damp bitter sweet smelling, darkness once again - and continued on, maybe the length of two Quidditch fields before the device in Di's hand, started glowing brightly, showing multiple dots, not far ahead of them, all of them vampires and atleast 300 - just in one little section of one Coven's meeting point - this wasn't going to be just a walk in the park.

Drace turned to both Dora & Tora, taking out two suits of what appeared to be full body dragonhide armor - armor not even hit-aurors were able to afford very offten - and handed them to the girls, while both the sisters got ready as well. After they were all suited up and had taken what weapons they felt safer with - Di & Jasmin's weapons having been destroyed by the death nibblers back at Nat's flat - both sisters chose throwing daggers & twin swords from Drace's emergency kit, Drace chose a wand - like most wizards or witchs would - and a bag of small explosive muggle devices - that instead of sent schrappnel into their targets, sent a compressed, liquid form, killing curse at a target, maybe 3 meters away. Dora & Tora, both still rather smitten with their wands, chose them, after all, with the full body dragonhide armor, not even maximum redoctos would make a scratch on them, but they still chose a muggle gun each - that had been modified to have a wand attached to the barrel for alittle long distance wet-work - then followed Drace & Jasmin, Di flanking them from the rear.

As they became closer and closer to the Coven ahead of them, each of the people in their small group, were saying a silent goodbye to all those that they loved and praying to whatever God or Goddess they believed in. Drace sighed, as his thoughts roamed too Harry, 'I'm sorry Harry, looks like we might be apart longer then you think... I hope your finals go well. I think you take them in a month,' he was taken out of his thoughts when he saw a spell fire over his shoulder form Dora's wand and as he looked around, he seen what looked like the remains of a vampire, shrivel up into a ball of bile.

Dora explained as they walked past, "That was one of the top wanted assassins in Auror HQ, I couldn't just leave the noob, now could I," it wasn't a question, but a valid point.

Nodding her understanding, Jasmin said, "Just becareful from here on in Dora, there will be alot more on that wanted lists that your Aurors have." Hearing someone ahead, Jasmin held up her hand and they all shushed, then lent up against the wall as Jasmin strode forward. Alittle while after they heard friendly laughing and Jasmin walked back with a group of other vampires from a clan she knew well. "These are one of the more safer covens here and will take us through to the High Council, protected under them. C'meon lets go."

They all followed her and the other vampires, towards a large dome of rock, in the middle of a large flat plain, maybe the size of howarts, with atleast 15 others all arranged around the place - looking like a huge underground city, complete with its own waterfall off towards the back of the meeting place, that was feed off the same split river that feed the dragon raunch. As they approached the first domed rock structure, there was the mark of that Coven, above the archway as the group walked inside. One of the vampires, whispered to Drace when he seen the strange look on his face at the clan mark, "Its runic symbols making, 'Truth of Blood, Friendship to Family'. Basicly if you are of blood you are welcome and those who are friends are given mild 'membership' if you will, until they are brought into then clan properly, as in being bitten."

Drace couldn't help but shiver at that, even though the venom from vampires was always void on him, Dora was human, be that a changeling, she was still human and he had no intention of loosing her, even if she would be able to live forever, she wasn't ment to share his fate. She was ment to live once and die an old lady surrounded by lots of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Not watch all those she loved, grow up, grow old and die while she continued to walk on, like he had gone through a great many times. Without even thinking what he was doing, Drace had wrapped an arm around Dora and held her next to him as they walked down a hall and into the chambers of one of the High Council of Vampires.

The High Council member took them to another room where the other 11 High Council members where and they all sat around to hear what Drace had to say or rather, 'demand' of them. Bowing low, like a house-elf would, Drace started in a calm voice, while looking at each member inturn, "High Council of the 12 Covens, it is an honor that you would see us at a time when your clans are meeting to descuss exactly what it is I have came to talk to you about." There was a muttering between some of the H.Cs, but Drace was given the okay to continue. "As you are proberly well aware of, there has been a war in the brew for the worst half of eleven years. We, meaning myself and those who work with me back in Britian, have just a few things we wish to say to you and your kind."

One of the H.Cs stood up and walked twards a platform infront of the H.Cs long table, a sort of 'stand' for their speakers - he wore a black oriental cloack, with a bright green dragon wrapped around from his belly, his back and around his right shoulder, drapped over his chest - and said in a scratch voice that was irratating at best, but he said, "And what would you, a lowly human, part of the rest of this cattle that came with you," he pointed to Dora and his new flegdling - not sencing Tora was a vampire - and enticing a deep throatal grown from Drace in the process, "Honestly have that would be worth anything to us?"

The H.C. returned to his seat, looking alittle too smug for Drace's liking, but nothing matched the evil glint that was clearly seen in Drace's eyes by the other H.Cs in the room. Clearing his throat, Drace continued, "Simple actuly High Council Member, if you do not get involved in this war, the Ministry will ignore what you do in the British Isle, as long as its not a mass feeding like during the last muggle war. There are some other points, but you'd have to send representives there for the treaty."

There was more muttering and one of the other H.Cs stood - he wore almost the same cloak, except the dragon was gold - he looked toward Drace and sniggered, then without warning, signled two of his coven members to attack Drace. Their blades both, just missing Drace's neck as he ducked down low to escape them.

Jumping back as the Chang Vampires started to attack again, Di, Jasmin & Tora attacked those of the other Chang members who were converging on them, while Dora threw Drace's spare wand to him, as she started firing spells at her own attackers.

A short while later, Drace kneeled over the corps of the two Shang assassin vampires that attacked him, while the girls stood in a circle, backs to each other - their attackers strewn out around them - weapons drawn, wands pointing and grim expressions all around. Standing tall, Drace could feel - now that he was standing - he had a cut along his left thigh that spanned most of his torso, up around his chest. He growled and in one quick move, had thrown one pair of the Assassin's throwing blades deep into the chest of the Green Dragon Shang Coven Leader & the same with the Gold Dragon Shang Coven Leader, before he healed himself. None of the other members on the High Council even batted an eyelid when the two Shang brothers were terminated, they just sat, waiting for Drace to continue and not being one to dissapoint, he got back to it. "As you seen from that short little demistration, we are not here to pull one over you, but if you like, we can take out your numbers in one foul sweep. I know that a few of you know who I am and what I am capible of. I have have just one request of you and this has nothing to do with The British Ministry, its souly to do with me and those others on the lightside."

A fairly tall vampiress - wearing a single long black robe, with a coiled snake over the right breast - stood and walked too the stand and asked what was on the mind of most of the H.C, "What is your request Lord Hartner?" asked the Sna Coven leader.

Not shocked in the slightest, knowing that his name was well known to most creatures of the night, he said, "Work for me, for those who are apart of my family. Protect those who are apart of my Clan." The Sna Coven leader smiled slyly toward Drace, who nodded slightly back to her - both knowing each other by reputation only - and she walked back to her seat.

There was an uproar of muttering and objections flying around the room for the next twelve minutes, before the High Council member of the coven with the moto, 'Truth of Blood, Friendship to Family', stood and walked over toward Drace, taking his hand and shaking it once, then stood beside him. The next to move was the Leader of the Sna Coven, then so on and so forth, until there were only 2 High Council members remaining - not including the two dead Shang brothers - a short while after that, Drace and his friends, were escorted to a back room, with the rest of those who agreed to Drace's terms - while the painful screams of all those who objected to the offer were slaughtered and their coven's locked within their dome of rock meeting points for 'dinner' the next night - vampire political problems never last long.

From being attacked, to becoming friends and being treated to the best firewhisky and other wizard drinks that alter the mind, Dora Tonks was just alittle more uncomftable then she wanted to be, so she took Drace by the hand and practicly dragged him out of the room. "Right Mr. Hartner, explain what all that was about in there?" she pointed back the way they came.

Being alittle worried by her tone of voice and the fact that she used his last name (even a fake one as it is) instead of calling him her Dracey or other names she said inprivate. Speaking in a calm voice, "Okay Miss Nymphdora Niana Tonks..." he said, seeing her flinch when he used her full name, "... this is just the cost of doing business. You know I have been around for alot longer then you have been walking this earth. So I've picked up a few things along the way."

Getting her anger back under control as Drace spoke to her and waiting fo him to stop, she asked, "So what, you just basicly tear up the treaty for the clans, so they will what, 'protect' us, HA, they are vampires, they can't be trusted not to bite either side. Like the Shang brothers were going on about, humans are just cattle to them, they'd bleed us dry befo..." she never finished her sentence, as Drace had walked away from her, not bothering to hear the rest of her rant. A single tear, gliding down his left cheek.

Jasmin marched over toward Dora and said, "You really are a stupid little girl. One of Drace's daughters is a vampiress in Italy and one of his wives was a vampire as well. The former being hunted down and murdered because of people with your thoughts of my kind. We aren't as cold hearted as you normals think we are," with that she vanished in the direction of Drace, leaving Dora to mule over what was said.

Hogwarts, Gryffindor Common Room
Draco & Ron - of all people in the house, Ron had become close friends with Draco - were sat reading the latest issue of Quidditch Weekly, this weeks issue showing up and coming stars from local schools around the world and the Griffindor captain, Mr. Oliver Wood, also the Keeper, had his own page. From where he grew up, how he got into the sport and what he wanted after he left Hogwarts. Harry & Hermione were off in the library, researching for their transfiguration project - Ron, actuly managing to complete something on time for a change, thanks too Draco's help - that was due at the end of the week.

Draco looked over the magizine to Ron and said, "Its Halloween tomorrow night, think any one would notice a few pranks do you think?" he asked with a wicked gleam in his eye, knowing that he was just loud enough for the two Weasley twins to hear as well, as they had gotten up and came over to Ron & Draco.

"What did you," asked Fred.
"Have in mind?" finished Gorge.

Smirking - his old Slytherin side coming out - Draco said, "How about dungbombs in the teachers qauters, you know, just for starters and then how about..." he continued on, both Weasley brothers listening intently, well into the night - getting ideas for later aswell - and Ron, occasionally adding his own ideas, both surprised and finding it hard to wait for tomorrow night.

Not long after, Harry & Hermiine walked through the protrait door, coming back from the library. Yawning and stretching, Harry stood just inside the common room, his back making little clinking sounds, feeling slightly like an old discarded book himself, like the ones he and Hermione were reading all day. Both he and Hermione went upto their dorm's and to bed, not even noticing the Weasley twins, Draco & Ron, talking off in a far corner.

The next day, the four friends - Draco incuded (the trio was too weak for my liking in my story) - found themselves in Charms class, pratcining the Wingardium Leviosa charm and as usual, Ron didn't monitor the babble coming from his mouth and was proved wrong by Hermione as she was able to do the spell before him. Later on he, Harry, Draco and a few othe Griffs were walking to the Gryffindor Common room, then to The Great Hall for dinner while Ron was bad mouthing Hermione, only to pushed as she rushed by. Slapping Ron up the back of the head and inticing a yelp of pain, Draco said, "I think she heard you, you twit."

Dinner, The Great Hall
"Wheres Hermione?" asked Harry. Neville spoke up, saying she was in the girls bathroom and hadn't been out all day. Both, Harry & Draco turned to Ron, who slinked down alittle in his chair, right before the DADA teacher came running into The Great Hall, yelling about trolls in the dungon. After that, all hell broke lose but the headmaster - the mayham may have continued if he hadn't stepped in - orded the prefects to take the students to their dorms and the teachers to acompany him.

Stopping off to the side, Draco & Harry, pulled Ron off too the side, after a few words, they headed towards the girls bathroom. Finding a rather large shadow walking into the door of the girls bathroom, followed by another large troll.

Splitting up, Draco & Ron got the attention of the second troll - by blasting water at its hide - and it chased after them, while Harry ran into the, taking care of the dolt of a troll in there and saving Hermione, while hearing and feeling, not long after a loud grunting and a rumble that shock half the school. Later on Draco & Ron retold their story.

"You should have see it Harry, we got to the moving staircases with that thing still following us and ended up bolting pats them with this huge truck of a club swining over our heads every few steps," said Draco.

Ron was laughing, but able to calm himself, said between laughs, "Thats when brainiac here..." pointing to Draco. "... got the bright idea to head back the other way and towards the Astronimy tower," Ron couldn't hold it in anymore, he just burst out laughing.

Draco, not able to pull the innocent act off any longer said, "Well its all I could think of, you know it does get pretty low around that area of the castle, right before the tower stairs... I just thought like, you know, better get rid of him quickly, before we were smooshed." They all had a good laugh at that and went to bed, for the quidditch game the next day, where Harry won the game for Gryffindor, by catching the Golden Snitch and beating Slytherin. Needless to say, the pranks were posponed for Christmas break.

Romainia, under the Dragon Ranch
After her fight with Drace two days before, Dora had been re-thinking her approach and her views on the subject of vampires and other such issues, after being witness at the clans all together, like a large extended family. Getting up her strength, Dora walked towards Drace's room, knocked once and heard a faint, "Come in." Walking in, she stopped by Drace's bed, waiting for him to look up from his journal.

Letting Dora sweat alittle while more, he wrote another few things into his journal before he put it, his ink and nibpen aside, then looked up at her, and stared up at her, waiting for her to speak.

Sighning, Dora looked at the floor for, fiddling with her thumbs - not liking the way Drace was looking at her - she started speaking, softly at first, then louder, "... i'm sorry... I'm Sorry Drace, I was insensitive and I didn't think before I started to speak... please forgive me," she said, her voice trembling.

Dora, about to turn away and leave, smiled as she seen Drace move over on the bed, making room for her as he patted beside him. The spot being filled rather quickly as Dora practicly pounced on Drace, hugging him and crying into his shoulder, rubbing his hand up and down her back and making soothing sounds to calm her. Soon this lead to kissing, then pashing, then alittle groping, before they broke apart and moved off, returning reluctently to their own rooms, where they packed their clothing and prepared for dinner - and the night re-siring for some of the Shang Green & Gold Dragon Covens, exercution for the rest - that night. Alittle while later, there was a knock to each of their doors, a set of robes waiting outside with their escorts - a quick shower - a change into the robes and they were ready, then they left for dinner. Walkimg deeper and deeper into the domed city, Drace, Dora & his fledgling Tora, all honored guests at the table of the High Council - taking up the seats of the Shang brothers - Dora sitting on Drace's right, with Tora sat on his left, then Jasmin on Dora's right, with Di on Tora's left.

Clearing his throat, the High Elder of the High Council turned to Drace and his group, bowed low to him and said, "Lord Hartner. We of the original 12," said for the lost ones also, even if they were the worst vampires, they were still High Council members, "... welcome you, your mate, your fledgling and your vampire bodyguards, too our table and this moment of, alliance between our great covens and your great family. May there always be peace between us."

Saying that, everyone raised their goblets, of either blood or pumpkin juice and cheered for good times to come, before Drace stood and made his speech, as it was for both too make their own speechs at a meal like this. "Members of The High Council, you honor us with this fine dinner, this fine event and your hospitality in this trying time. Thankyou for all you have done for us and in a sign of trust," Drace took on of his daggers off his belt, summoned all the cups of the remaining H.C, cutting the tips of his fingers, dripped five drops in each cup - even with the blood still in there, it changed to an almost deep blue colour - took out his wand and sent the cups back to the H.C and continued his speech, "May there always be peace amoung my family and your Covens. Through blood, we are now Brothers & Sisters, may it always be. So mote it be." Each goblet of blood turned from crystal cups, into pure gold and inturn, the vampires drank.

After the main course of dinner, which for the humans and young fledgling, was a nice roast lamb, peas and roast duck breast, for the vampires, it was a small root, called a bloodbulb - basicly like a watermelon, but the insides were filed with whatever blood the growers watered them with - and a sid of freshly cut t-bone - in other words, not cooked, all bloody - the the desert. The humans and young fledgling, recieved muggle icecream - chocolate flavour - and warmed cheery sauce - atleast Drace thought it was o.O - the vampires had almost the same thing, but actuly blood on their muggle icecream. Then all sat and waited for the show to begin as their deserts were taken away and firewhisky was given out, mostly to Drace and Dora, as they would proberly need it, so the vampires thought.

Out of all the covens that were at the High Council meeting that week, the Shang brothers and the two other now dead H.C. members, had only brought a small handful of their bitten. All of them being the best they had, apperently they were going to try and over-throw the other Covens by sheer brutality, but the alliance prevented that and with the re-siring due to go on tonight, its not like they would turn against them just yet, even if they could.

Standing tall on her pedistal, the female H.C. from earlier, the leader of the Sna Coven, started to speak. "You, all of you who stand before us, the High Council and those of our honored guests from Clan Hartner and their bodyguards, Di & Jasmin, have been found unworthy, by the action of your first Sires and Clan leaders. Those of you who would submit and allow yourselves to be re-Sired, shall be accepted into the Covens you see before you. Those of you who don't, will die with the full honor of a vampire." After she said this, just forty of the 270 that made up the four clans, stood forward, submitting to the re-Siring, as the others met the pointing end of a silver sword, there bodies tossed over the side into a giant cazum off to the side of the dinning hall. Twenty-three however, tried to make a break for it, only finding themselves being showered in a great many silver tipped arrows, as archers all around the dome, fired at the would-be escapees.

Leaving four vampires for Drace to re-Sire. Drawing the attention from most of the other vampires in the room - mostly the High Council, as they didn't know of a human that was able to Sire a vampire, even if Tora was his fledgling, proof of sight was needed - as he stode forward, looking over the four vampires before him, all waiting to be re-Sired. Clicking his tongue, he called Dora over, to which she was alittle hesitant, but eventualy came over. "Dora, I want you to re-Sire this one," he pointed to a young man - of maybe twenty-one when he was first bitten - she started shaking her head, but didn't move from Drace's side. "You're scared of becoming one, aren't you?" Dora just nodded, the fear showing in her eyes, but Drace eased her alittle, by whispering in her ear, "They don't always transmit the vampire virus dear, its only when they drain most of the blood from a human's body, does the virus get transmitted. All you will be doing is..." and he told her what to do.

Getting her strength up, Dora walked forward, placing her hand on the young vamp's head, she intoned, "I, Nymphadora Niana Tonks, do hereby accept Zach Zod into the Tonks Family, may you forever be known as Zach Tonks, First fledgling of the clan... so mote it be." A bright violet aura around the fledgling & Dora, then slowly soaked in to both, Sire & Fledgling. "Arise first fledgling and recive your re-Siring," said Dora, making a small slit on her throat, she held her fledgling at her throat, feeling tingling as she felt him suckle at the wound for the first time. Then when she seen him as he stepped away, his hair became longer, black with a shimmer of pink through it, like her hair and his eyes an almost violet colour. Dora smiled and blushed, as she turned around too find Drace and the leader of the Sna Coven standing behind her, clapping happily at her success for her first fledgling, with her muttering, "Thanks..." she said, changing her hair to something a punk rocker would be glad to have, spiky pink hair.

Now it was Drace's turn, he approached the three females waiting to be re-Sired and smiled down at them. Doing the same that Dora had done, but with all three of the young fledglings, he bowed his head to the young ones after he , before he said in a clear voice, "Arise Nim, Krys & Jacie Hartner, so you may be re-Sired." Saying this, he took each girl, one at a time and let them suckle at his throat, before moving away and changing their looks, from tanned skin, too light, almost pure white skin, crystal blue eyes and long black hair. Turning to Tora, he said, "Tora, you are incharge of these three. Do with them what you wish, but know this, if I or Dora order you or them to do something, you still have to follow our orders."

Tora bowed, then called the others to her and dissappeared alittle while after that, Tora having a lustful look in her eyes and leaving those close to Drace in the room, laughing at the antics of the young vampire, with Drace saying in mock shock, "Oh no, I've created a monster."

End of Chapter 08

AN: Okay, that might be a tad bit tooo long, but hey, what can I say, I like vampires. Sorry the huge feeding that proberly wasn't what people might have thought :p

Thanks for reading... someone please review it.

- P.P.
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