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Returning to the Manor, getting the treaty to pass in the Gezormont and preparing for Chistmas.

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AN 1: I don't own the things J.K.R. made, there is waaay to many to mention, so if you don't know which is hers before you started reading this story, you shouldn't have started at all. Oh and by the way, I seen alot of stories where Blaise and his mother a black, I have no prblem with that, however in my story, they are white. For some odd reason, its the way i remember someone with the name Blaise, like the name Uri reminds me of a Quacker.

AN 2: I made no profit off this, I'm a poor poor poor man.

Traveling back by the Internatinal Portkey Terminal in Romania - well and truely past the time they were going to return - a week before Christmas - basicly just a werehouse with a huge platform in the center, something that muggles ignore, but magic folk know is there - with Dora Hartner & his second fledgling Tora, Nim, Krys & Jacie Hartner, as well as Dora's fledgling, Zach Tonks, as well as the two Vampire bodyguard sisters, Di & Jasmin - who desided to tag along, as a show of 'good faith' - the group find themselves at wand point in the Ministry of Magic, back home in Britain. Atleast twelve Aurors and one rather snobish looking man with Minister Crouch next to him, said in a peeved off voice, "Reliquish your wands Vampires and stay where you are so we can arrest you... your kind are NOT welcome here."

Drace, already overly annoied, mainly from the many in which they were greeted, not even a single warning, just a straight up order, told the others in a hushed whisper, "stay here, form a shield if you can, I may have to shed alittle blood from that pig headed moron..." said Drace, as he strode purposely towards Fudge, but as he was 7ft away from him, Dawlish, the moron of the Auror ranks, cast an incarcerous, but missing Drace as he jumped aside, drawing his own wand and firing the same spell back - catching the auror fairly easily - before the other aurors had a chance to react and standing before Fudge, his wand pointed uner his nose, as he said through gritted teeth, "You always were an arogant child Fudge, I thought it was just a phase, looks like I was wrong." Then talking to the Minister - his eyes not leaving Fudge's - his wand still pointed at Fudge, he said in a calmer voice, "Minister, those vampires this bastard is trying to arrest, are apart of my family, if you order your Aurors to continue, I will have to sue you and the Ministry and trust me when I say it is a battle you will loose. I am Drace Hartner and if you didn't know Minister, I hold 85% of Gringots wealth, as well as 7 seats in the Wizenmot so perhaps you might want to have your people back off, before I have the Wizenmont called together for a Vote of No Confidence in the Minister."

Minister Crouch, after going from stunned, to shocked, to worried, nodded and said, "Aurors, stand down, let this man and his family pass," then he seen Auror Tonks and said, "Auror Tonks, you are too accompany myself, Mr. Fudge & Auror Dawlish to my office right now."

Snickering at Fudge, Drace said, "No Minister, I don't think you get what I said. Droa is apart of my family, she is my fiance. So she is not going anywhere with you, unless I come along, as well my bodyguards and new family members that are with us here today."

The Minister nodded, bowed and walked away, with auror Dawlish almost dragging a beet red, rather angry Fudge away with him, as they headed down a corridor, towards the Minister's offices. Drace muttered to the others, as they walked over to him and gathered round - Dora stunned into silence at what Drace had said about being his fiance - "I really hate that man, its a pitty I about how he dies though. I wouldn't even wish that onto You-Know-Who," shaking his head, he and the others, headed towards the floo network, after throwing the powder into the floo and whispering the address, Drace and his extended family members, as well as his bodyguards, dissapeared in a burst of green fire.

Gryffindor Common Room, Packing for Christmas
"Harry, have you got everything this time?" asked a rather excited Draco, which was a rather funny site for the blonde haired, normally hard-ass student.

Laughing, Harry said, "Yeah, I think thats it this time, unless you want the bathroom sink as well, thats it. Comeon, lets head out, Uncle Drace said Ron was invited as well and he'll be meeting us at the Ministry with Ron & his father. Drace got us a few Aurors To take us to the Ministry as well," he said as they were walked out of the portait hole, heading for the last Dinner, until after Christmas, Ron having lready left earlier that day, to spend some time with his parents and sister, before they went and visited his brother Charlie, in Romania.

Looking rather surprised at the pulling power Drace had, Draco asked, "Really, who'd he get, did he say?"

"Yeah, a man named Mad-Eye and a woman named Nymphadora Tonks, but he said not to call her Nymphadora unless we want our bits hexed off," the both cringed at the thought.

"You know, Mad-Eye is a Dark wizard catcher, he's filled half of Azkaban and Nym is my cousin. Her mother is my mother's sister." Harry looked shocked at the first and happy at the later, remembering Sirius.

Walking into The Great Hall, both boys took their normal seats at the Gryffindor table, as Blaise - one of Draco's friends beforehe came to Hogwarts as well as since they came - walked over and sat next to them. Both Harry and Draco looked stunned at Blaise, but relising that no one else from Slytherin was there for Christmas - you know pureblood bigots, they want to prove they are better, so most of them, besides Blaise, (he had something to do before he went) left for the break - they half excepted it. Sighing, Blaise said in a hushed undertone, "Look guys, my ma told me about what happened between your Uncle, Harry adn your parents Draco and she was wondering how she can... you know, mingle our family as well," said Blaise, running a hand through his hair.

Both Harry & Draco turned to each other, doing what the Weasley twins seemed so good at - twin comunication - then turned to Blaise, Draco spoke up, "How it happened with my family was Draco made the appointment, but I am sure your mother could track Lord Hartner down and set up a meeting."

Sighing deeply, Blaise asked, "Do you think we could meet up over the holidays? After dinne I'm heading off as well, my ma and I will be at home for Christmas, the floo address is 'Zabini Manor'. I hope this works out. Its only my mother and I now, without anyone else in our family... I... I'm scared."

Harry said, "Don't worry Blaise, we'll do what we can. Now would you like to join us for dinner or wander over to the Slytherin table and be all alone?" Blaise opted for staying where he was and enjoyed a nice meat pie and mash, like Harry & Draco, as well as a caramel tart for desert, before they all left for the carrages that took them to the trainstation at Hogsmead.

Hogsmead Transtation
Finding a carrage and putting away their things, Harry, Draco & Blaise sat down and started up a game of exploding snap, that soon turned into a game of 'fling the exploding card at your friend'. After all the cards had been used up, they sat talking about home life. Harry having been unable to really talk about his, because of the blood magics that were still on the house with his relitives, just said things like "I wouldn't call it a childhood," or "it was just a house I grow old in," the other two just left it as that.

Draco spoke alittle while after, "You know, I actuly can't wait to see my parents. Don't get me wrong, I love them and all, but we don't really share a bond like you and your mother, Blaise or you and your Uncle, Harry. But after the last letter my father sent me. I think they are finally working things out and becoming a family," Draco smiled at the last part he said, the thought of having a loving family, instead of the cold one he had most of his life so far, was a great feeling to have. Nodding in understanding, Blaise and Harry just smiled, before all three got changed out of their robes and into something alittle more fitting for Christmas.

Platform 9 and ¾ Kings Cross Station
After departing the train on the magical side of the barrier, Harry, Draco & Blaise, along with Mrs. Zabini, walked through the archway and met up with Auror Mad-Eye, who treated Blaise & his mother to the upmost suspition and Auror Dora Tonks, the later grabbing Harry & Draco in a great hug and saying things like, "Hiya studs," before they headed to a floo nearby, then off to the Ministry, Mrs. Zabini tagging along, to meet Drace.

Ministry of Magic, Britian
Walking down a soft ash marble tiled hallway, into a long corridor with many offices shooting off in multiple directions, Mad-Eye Moody & Tonks, lead the unusual group through the Ministry, getting odd looks as they passed, as well as causing some muttering to cease, up until they entered Drace's suites - rooms for the Wizenmont members, each Lord of each house having one room and in Lord Hartner's case, multiple rooms, because of the many houses he is lord of, with one main for guests and the rest used for 'research'.

Standing by the floo by his desk, in conversation with Director Ragnok - on said floo - he was startled when someone made a noise of clearing their throat behind him and upon ending the floo, Drace spun around, eyeing Dora with contempt, knowing it was her, then walking to their guests, first greeting Harry, then Draco. "Hello Harry, I was wondering when you would be by, but I was expecting you to be here at 4pm," Tonks muttered a muffled, 'it is 4pm' and Drace turned beet red, thn turned to Draco, putting out his hand and saying, "Hello young Malfoy, it is a pleasure to finaly meet you. I'm sorry your parents couldn't make it, but they are preparring for the festivities at Hartner Manor. You and your parents have their own section of the house. Complete with stables. I don't much ride myself, but I heard it was a much loved past-time of you and your mother's, so I had them moved to your parents wing."

Draco looked shocked, not only the fact about the horses - liking horse riding almost as much as riding a broom - but the fact that the lord before him was so generous. All he could do was stand gape mouthed, before Harry nudged his shoulder and came out of his stunned slience, taking Lord Hartner's out stretched hand, he shock it once and said in an almost squeak of a voice, "Th...thankyou my Lord, thankyou very much and thankyou for letting me come to your home for Christman."

Drace smiled and said, "There was no thanks needed for that Draco, we are bonded by family and have been since you signed those papers that your parents sent you. I do hope that Obilsec wasn't too much of a handful. He is amoung one of my more used owls, but he tends to be bossy when I over work him." Finally noticing that there were two others in the room, Drace turned and asked in a pleasent voice, while holding out his hand, "Hello ma'am, lad, and who might you be?"

Blaise's mother held out her hand and spoke as Drace took her hand and kissed the back of her knuckles, smiling at the gesture, "Fruhlingsmorgen and its Miss Fruhlingsmorgen Zabini," she said, then added, "... but you can call me Morgen, my Lord."

"Awe," said Drace, "If my memory serves me correctly, I believe your name means, 'Morning Rose', quite the beautiful flower really and I see that beauty isn't lost on you Miss," Morgen blushed and felt giddy like a school girl again.

Drace could hear Dora snickering in the background. Turning to Blaise, he held out his hand and Blaise took it without being asked, he said, "My name is Blaise, my Lord and as to why we are here," he hesitated, looking at his feet alittle, before looking up into Lord Hartner's eyes, holding his gaze, even as he felt his mind being probed slightly. "... we were wondering if we could cut a deal like you have done with the Malfoys, sir."

A knock came to the door alittle after that - already welcome in any of Drace's suites - Aurthur and his youngest son, Ron, just walked in. Aurthur nodded to Drace - who acknowledged him, as he started to pace back and forth - then went over and talked with Mad-Eye & Tonks. While Ron caught up with Harry & Draco.

Drace started to pace back and forth, after directing them all to seats around his desk. Walking back over and taking his seat, he turned to Morgen & Blaise, smiled and said, "Yes, I do believe we can have the same agreement. But I have to ask, for what side do you and your family go by, what banner do you fly?"

Morgen looked to her son, then to Drace and said, "My Lord, we weren't on either side when the Dark Lord was in power before and since his little band of followers has been rushing aorund, trying to gather up resouces, we have been pushed, prodded and pulled in so many ways, that we just want out. Please my Lord, please help us," she begged, tears in her eyes and her son's, although her son tried to hide it the best he could.

Nodding, Drace looked over toward Mad-Eye and asked, "Whats your views on this matter Mad-Eye?"

Moody smirked, then said in a gruffled voice, "Shes tellin' da' truth, the old lass n lad were on the sidelines in the old war and they aren' the only ones feelin' the squeeze from those damnable death nibblers. It might be a sound investment so ta' speak, if ya' invite them into your family as well."

Drace smiled over his folded hands, then taking out a file from one of his desk drawers - a copy of 'Melding, Family Wrights & Lordship of Underlying Familes' - Drace had already expected something like this happening in the future - from his mild seer abilities and dreamwalker abilities - so he had quite a few copies at hand, in his offices and at his home, just in case. Looking, first at Morgen, then her son, he said in a calm voice, "If you have any terms you want to state, I suggest you make them now, because what you are about to sign, if you agree, is the equivilent to a magical binding vow. Go against it, the family or those I consider friends and you won't only void this contract, but loose your magic completely." He had to make some changes to it, after Lucius was working with the Ministry on Drace's behalf.

Nodding her head, Morgen nodded and took the quill into her hand, as Drace slid the copy across the desk, Looked up at Drace and said in a clear voice, "I don't know about my son, but I will do anything to keep both of us safe my Lord, so anything you job or rank you deem fit, I will do or stand at." She than signed her name and pushed the form along to her son, holding out the quill for him.

Blaise, taking the quill, read over what was on the form - being word for word of what Lord Hartner had already said - he said, "I do have one term sir," he said looking up at Lord Hartner, who nodded for him to continue, "My mother and I, get our own garden to wokr in. It may not mean much to some," Ron, Draco & Harry were trying to hold in their laughter and failing, although they were quite about it, "... but we have a large garden back home and I find it to be relaxing sir."

Lord Hartner nodded, took out his wand and pressed it to the form, where a line of words appeared at the bottom, saying that Blaise & his mother Morgen get their own large space on the main Hartner propety, to set up a garden of their own. Looking up as the contract faded from bright blue, after Blaise signed, "Thankyou for signing Lady & young Lord, Zabini. Welcome to Clan, Hartner. And know this, you are welcome to come and live at my Manor, when ever you like. After all, there is safety in numbers and in family," said Drace, feeling oddly like a gangster for the Russian Mob he worked for a few years ago.

The two remaining Zabinis, rose to their feet and bowed to Drace, as he stood and bowed his head slightly. Morgen said in a thankful tone, "Thankyou for this my Lord, you will not regret it. My son & I have alot to do before we can move out of our home, but we will get to it over this breaktime. Thankyou for giving us a Christmas gift to remember Lord Hartner," bowing again, both mother & son left the room via floo. Turning toward the Harry, Drace said, "I'm sorry that you won't be seeing Sirius or Remus for Christmas Harry, but their girlfriends insisted that they meet their parents and stay with them for the holiday, but if you ask me, I think they were forced int..." he was cut short by a jab to the ribs from Dora - who gave him the same look Hestia & Emi had given Sirius & Remus - shutting him up rather quickly. Everyone Leaving by the floo soon after.

The Dragons Head
Drace, stood beside the floo, chuckling slightly at the stunned looks of both the kids and Aurthur, who were visiting his current Manor, for the first time. "Welcome my friends & family, to Hartner Manor." The kids were muttering to each other, as they scanned the room, seeing the large dragon head over the fireplace and two giant pillars with carved dragons wrapped around them, just off the main part of the lobby sized floo room. A light red crystal chenderleer hung from the celling above their heads and what was on the oposite wall - had the kids & Aurthur's, full attention - stood a painting of a vast army of muggles werewolves, vampire and other creatures - some that hadn't been around for many an era - marching towards an enemy surrounded by darkness. The image itself, depicting Drace - albiet a younger Drace - in full body armor, riding upon the back of a great black dragon, holding his wand over his chest - like an Auror - saluting, before all the flanks he lead, charged or flew across the battle field and into battle, before the image reset again.

All the newcomers - who were watching the painting - turned to Drace with stunned and awed faces. Already knowing what was on their minds, he answered, "Yes, that is a picture of me and one of my armies. I use to be what Albus Dumbledor is for his lifetime. A Champion of Light, only difference is, I had my own army. Mostly followers who weren't going to sit down and take the rule of those who celebrated the darkness. Back then it wasn't like it is now. Atleast back then, you could tell who was your enemy, who was an enemy to the Light, it was a line that was well know and well seen, but now... now you can't tell if your enemies are dark or not. Its a whole new ball game, as the muggles say. See back then, if you followed the Light, you could never cast a dark spell, it was the opposite for the Darkness," said Drace, as he lead them down a hallway and into a large dinning room and directing them to the seats around the table.

Taken his seat, Authur asked something that everyone who had seen that painting, had asked, "How... how old are you Lord Hartner?"

"Its just Drace for you Authur and Uncle Drace to the kids," he said, winking to Harry, Draco & Ron. "Intruth, I don't really know how old I am. I have small snippits of my life, memories that flash before my mind when I am in a deep sleep. Its truely madderning when one can not remember their own past." Taking moment, Drace called his newest house elf, "Dobby, Harkus."

There was a soft pop as Harkus appeared with a late lunch - placing meals around the table for all those in the room, before leaving - than a loud crack as Dobby appeard beside Drace, wearing a nice vest with the family crest on the right breast, totaly surprising all those in the room, mostly that of Draco, who hadn't seen an elf who wpre such nice things, even though Dobby had worked fo the Malfoys, a great wealthy family for so long, he'd long had a small potato sack to wear. "Dids you calls on mes Master Drace?" asked the joyful house elf.

Nodding his thanks to Harkus, before he turned to Dobby and spoke. He said, "Yes Dobby, I did call you, I'd like to introduce you to Authur Weasley, his youngest son Ron," Dobby bowed to the Weasley's. "Draco you already know from working for his father," Dobby, again bowed. "And the young lad with the glasses is your new master, Harry Potter, my nephew."

The smile on Dobby's face, almost split his head, but what really got the people at the table laughing, was the fact that Dobby had dived on Harry, hugging him tightly, with Harry looking dumbfounded and saying in a shocked tone, "Th... thankyou Uncle," before he had to - gently - pry the house elve's hands from around his legs.

Diagon Alley, 3 days until Christmas
Harry, Draco, Ron & Blaise walking alongside Drace, Mad-Eye - Authur & his wife were visiting their second eldest son in Romania - and a rather energetic Dora - today with raven black hair, shades of blue flicking through it - were taking the youngens for a trip through Diagon Alley, to buy Christmas presents for their family & loved ones, all being paid for by Drace, who insited on doing so, by stating that he had more money than 200 wizards with all their families, could spend in their added lifetimes and not to worry about getting him anything, when all he wanted he already had. Just coming out of Quality Quidditch Supplies, where Ron & Draco paired up to buy Harry some Seeker gear and Blaise who took Harry aside to distract him.

While the others were distracted and being watched over by Moddy & Dora, Drace ducked into Olivanders Wand shop, for his new wands and for some others to be built. Looking up from his desk, Olivander smiled, reconising the family crest upon Drace's long black jacket - he still couldn't walk in robes, so why wear them - "Greetings Lord Hartner. I was wondering when you would be coming my this way, after all my great-grandfather use to tell stories from his great-grandfather and so on, about a young man with cyrstal blue eyes and that we'd know him when we seen his crest."

Drace smiled and bowed with his head, "Greetings to you as well Mr. Olivander. Yes, I knew a few of your ancestors. Great wand makers have been all throughout your bloodline and for that I am proud of. Now why I am here, I have a few products to swap you for the cost of making seven wands... uh before you interupt sir, please let me show you," Olivander waited, as Drace opened the bag he had been opening - basicly a bookbag - pulling out the items and placing them on the table. "Some of these items I know are hard to come across, but over the years I have stocked up on a great many magical items, these are some of the rarer ones that I know your family has worked with. Three containers of dragon heartstrings, phoenix tail feathers of black, white, yellow and red, the last two were hard to get, several gold unicorn hairs from a black unicorn's mane and a small amount of ground unicorn horn in a vial of basilisk venom."

Looking over the products with respect and awe clearing etched all over his face, Olivander asked, "And what about the wands themselves, do you have any prefences or would you like something from my store?"

Smiling, Drace produced 8 stright pieces of wood, for the wands themselves, 2 Eucalypstus which looked blue, 1 Shay an ancient wood, 3 Cherrywood & 3 more ancient wood, called Blackus, notibly black with deep red around the handle, "All of those are to be used, but this is how I want them done. Three for me, as mine are older than I am and falling apart," to prove that, he withdrew one and showed the gentlemen who went wide-eyed, "One made for the following people, Sirus Black, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger & Neville Longbottom, as for Mr. Longbottoms & Miss Granger, I would suggest something from your range sir. I know your woods are far better than that of which I have chosen."

The wand making smiled his thanks for the compliment. Looking over the products, the famous wand maker smiled slightly, "What about the left over cores? And when do you want these ready by my Lord?"

Laughing slightly in his words, "You can keep them sir, this is a trade after all, so consider it the 'perks of doing business'. Well considering the teens start their 2nd year at Hogwarts next year, could you give them to them then please, as for my wands and that of Lord Black & Lupin," he fished around for a few of his cards, "... this is alittle trick Lord Lupin taught me. When you floo call to send my products to me, as my elves will be busy most of the start of next year. Throw this card into the green flame of floo and it will work as good as any freepass. Now if you will excuse me sir, I must get back to the others before they come looking for me," both man shook hands and Drace left, returning to the front of the store, just before the others came out to meet him.

Moody grunted ever so often at the 'poor security' for the stores as the group walked around the Alley - most people ignoring him, with the exception of Drace, who agreed - turning into Flourish and Blotts and heading toward the back, for the dueling books, while the teens and Dora, headed towards a section well known for pranksters. Looking over a few books, Drace turned to Alister, "You know, this reminds me somewhat of that old library near were we met... only differance there is no drunk Hippogryff," they both laughed at that. Not too long after that, as the group paid for their things, mayham at the bookstore drove them away, rather quickly - the mayham being when Dora pulled a small book from a large stack of thick, expencive looking books, toppling the stack and causing a chain raction taking three shelves with them - the group headed towards Zonko's for the kids - and for Drace to get Sirius & Remus back for changing his hair bright green while he slept - the kids buying up a great many things that Drace and even Mad-Eye ignored or turned their backs on, so not to see it.

The Dragon's Head, Lounge Room
After a long day of wandering around Diagon Alley, the group at large, retired to the first second level, lounge room - the level where most of the bedrooms were - and wrapped their gifts, spoke about what they got their loved ones & kept secert what they got for their friends in to room.

Blaise picked out a book called, 'Magical Garderning, The Whys & Why-Nots' for his mother, an exploding snap game for Harry, with an offical playing board, a book about famous Quidditch stars for Draco, a book on great Quidditch moves for Ron and alittle something for himself, in the form of a small round orb that showed your mood when you held it in your palm.

Ron took it upon himself to be the black sheep in the room, buying mostly exploding snap cards for people - even himself surprisningly - except when he and Draco pitched in together and - without Drace knowing, not that he would have stopped them, they were so full on with wanting to use their own doe - bought Harry proper Seeker gloves and a Silver Snitch for practicing.

Draco had stopped by the owl store and bought his own young Hawk-Owl named Mott - after liking Drace's owls - and picked up a large bag of owl treats for Harry for his owl, a trick wand for Ron from Zonko's, that turned into a rubber snake when someone tried to use it some odd art for his parents - from a shady shop just between Diagon & Knockturn Alleys - that showed a snake, wrapped around the sun and elclipsing the land, as well as a small joke sign for Blaise, that sung, 'welcome to Blaise's room, please watch your step'.

Harry, not really knowing what to buy - having only been in the wiziding world for not even a full year - just bought alot of books, consisting of, 'Notice-Me-Not, Advanced Charms' for Draco, 'Dark Breeds, How to Reconise Tainted Plants' for Blaise and 'Rules & Regulations of Quidditch' for Ron, as well as two sets of wand polish and new quills for Remus & Sirius.

Drace & Dora both bought items for later that night and they had both bought a new hipflask for Moody, with 'notice-me-nots' & 'zero-refill' charms placed on it. Moody however, just bought them a pair of wand houlsters, Ministry Senior Auror issue, somehting he had gotten every year on his graduation annervesery - something Dora wouldn't get for a long time to come - for each year he had remained in the service of the British Ministry.

Christmas Eve
Drace sat at the head of his grand dining room table, guests from his mingled family on the left, Harry at the other end of the table with Draco, Ron & Blaise. Dora to Drace's right, followed by Mad-Eye Moody - who for once wasn't picky and paranoid about eating food someone else made - Sirius & Hestia, Remus & Emi, who were stopping over for dinner, before heading back to Emi's house, where Hestia's parents and her parents would be for Christmas Day... and maybe facing the firing squad if the ladies parent's don't like the last two marauders. Standing up, Drace held his hand out for quite, as he said, "Welcome, all those of this extended family. I'm sorry I didn't have room for our fledglings, but as it is, magic can't do everything," alittle muttering and nodding of heads, "Anyhow, I would like to say, Merry Christmas to all of you and make a toast." Clearing his throat, Drace said, "May this union of your familes and Clan Hartner, bare ripe fruit and may we always do what is right be the family."

"Here, here," said Lucius, still manging to surprise Sirius with how open he had become since the Malfoys had become part of the Hartner's, extended family / clan.

Bowing his head slightly, as everyong took a sip of their drinks - firewhisky for the adults and either pumpkin juice or citrus mix for the teens - then saying as another thought when he sat down, "And compliments to the cooks, thankyou my house elves, for your fine cooking skills," around of applause and everyone dug in. The roast duck and lamb being the most loved at the table that night.

After Sirius, Remus & their Girlfriends left
Standing around with Lucius in one of the spare studies, after the teens were in bed and hopefully asleep, Dora had taken Narcissa & Morgen off somewhere in the house for a tour - proberly to show off her new fledgling toyboy Zach - Drace poured another round of firewhisky, while Lucius continued talking about his days at Hogwarts. "You know, I actully miss my time back then. Even when my father was pushing me to be an evil bigot like him... it made me more stronger, sure, but it also made me miss this," he pointed around at photos on the wall of Drace's family line, be that a really long line of family, as there was three walls covered with moving images. Some being of squibs who popped up some generations - like most purebloods were seeing more of now - some with his direct children, like Karla and some of her first clan members and Krista and her mate, down too another painting like the one in the entryhall, of Drace and his army, but this one being of Drace and the other four decendents of The Great Five.

"Don't worry Lucius, you are trying, so atleast you have time to make up for neglecting your duties as a father & husband. Be glad that you have woken up to it now and not on your death bed," said Drace, retrieving another bottle of firewhisky - their second bottle since an hour before, at 11pm. "I wish my offspring would contact me. I mean I know they are out there, but not speaking for... well lets just say we haven't spoke for so long that I can't remember the date."

Lucius nodded and put his hand on Drace's shoulder, "Don't worry, you have more family now and we won't go no wheres," Lucius had started to sway as he said the last word.

Shaking his head, a smile plastered on his face, Drace took the glass from Lucius' hand and said, "Come on mate, I'll take you back to your room." Almost having to carry him all the way, with Lucius singing some god alwful song about snakes in the grass reaching upto the moon and making an eclips. "Geeze Luc, you know you way too damn much, lean off my mate... not that much, oi watch it," a smash was heard through the hallways, as a ming vase fell off its stand as Lucius lent into it and tried to balance himself.

Laughing like the drunk fool he was, Lucius took out his wand and tried to do a simple repario, but being drunk, he slurred his words so badly, that he managed to cast, "Riddikulus" and half the wall changed from Slytherin colours - bluey-green with silver inlaid in the walls - into colours all found in a rainbow, that seemed hellbent on changing to something in the 'neon' colour range every 3 minutes, making him laugh even more, as managing to get into his room, say goodnight to Drace and shut the door.

Shaking his head, as he watched Lucius' try to repair the vase, only to change the decorations on the wall and stumble into his room, Drace took out his wand and cast the repair spell, while looking around at the wall. Muttering to himself, "I wonder how that'd look in Sirius' & Remus' room," then headed towards their rooms, doing just that. That night Drace went to bed with a wicked smile on his face. Sometime after, Dora joined him.

Christmas Morning
Drace was woken up by a 'tapa-tapa-tapa' at the window buy his side of the bed and very gentle, he dragged himself out from under Dora's tight grip, subtituting himself, with a pillow, as he opened the window to recive what appeared to be one of Hogwarts owls. Taking the shrunken package and giving the owl a treat, Drace opened the letter addressed to him;
Drace, This is a gift for Harry. His father gave it to me a long time ago and I think it might be good for Harry now. May he always use it well.
Looking over the letter another two times, he placed the package on the table and waved his wand over it, canceling the shrinking charm and using detection charms on it, after finding none, he walked to the bathroom and dove under the shower, before coming back and getting some manner of clothing on, as he headed towards Harry's room, not really expecting anyone to be up that early, even on Christmas, but surpirsed when Harry answered the door after a few soft knocks.

"Moring Uncle Drace, Merry Christmas," said an overly excited Harry.

"Merry Christmas Harry," said Drace, handing over the package and saying, "This came to you by owl a few moments ago, but there was no letter saying who it was from. Just that you use it well and apperently it was your fathers."

Harry's face lit up at the last tad bit of info and rushed to his bed, sitting down on it to open the package. Drace stood by one of the posts of the bed, watching Harry's inquisitiveness, at the object within. Standing up, Harry looked to Drace, his face, one of puzzlement. "Whats, what is this Uncle?"

Drace's eyes bugged out and he had to sit down, before he said, "Thats your fathers old Invisibility Cloak Harry, I thought it burnt down with your Father's, parents house. Obviously it didn't,' said Drace, rinning the material between his fingers.

Looking up at Drace, Harry did a double-take, "Its an... its an Invisibility Cloak, wow... how do I use it?" not waiting for a responce, not that Drace could respond, his damnabl seer ability had kicked in, taking him down the track of 'what-ifs' with Harry wondering in the Hogwarts library, under the cloak and in the restricted book section, then back again, as Harry was shaking his shoulders. "... Uncle Drace... Uncle Drace are you okay?"

Clearing his throat and nodding, Drace said, "Yeah Harry, I'm fine, just alittle seer power playing up. Say, how about you go wake up the other teens and I'll go fetch the adults." Nodding, Harry goes out the room and to his left, while Drace heads to his right and up the stairs at the end of that level.

1 hour later, Large Ballroom
"Merry Christmas friends, family... fanged friends & fledglings," he said the last two, as he seen that Di & Jasmin, as well as his & Dora's fledglings had come up from the basement. One, meeting everyone, Two, to feed from the spelled cups of blood, waiting in the fridge & Three, to retire quickly again, it still being to bright for their liking. Though vampires don't sleep often, they still sleep around the holidays like Christmas & Halloween, more for tradition then self.

The fledglings bowed to the living in the room, getting a slight gasp from Morgen, Blaise & Draco. Di bowed and said in a sing-song voice, "Merry Christmas to you all of Clan Hartner, Family Tonks & Moody." Again she bowed, followed by all the fledglings and her sister. After they had retrieved their blood and 'blood related' food - rations for the day so they don't get temptered to come upstairs and open a few throats - they headed back down stairs.

After all the gifts were opened - in which time Harry, Draco & Blaise chased Ron around the room while flinging exploding snap cards at him for buying them all a deck of the cards - everyone settled in for a holiday with new friends and family, before the students packed their things and prepared to go back to Hogwarts.

End of Chapter 09

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