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Philosopher's Stone

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Returning to school, letters from strangers... a schoolyard fight, finding the Philosopher's Stone & Voldemort

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AN 1: There may be a few of you out there that are mad at me for how long and how short and how many errors my chapters 'are', 'seem to be' and 'have'. I don't have spellcheck, I don't tend to stick to the scheme of what people call 'normal chapter lengths'. My style may be different, but atleast it isn't a song-flic.

AN 2: I don't any of it that came from the beautiful mind of J.K.R. and if you don't know what is hers, you should brush up on your Harry Potter stories or if you are too cheap like I am, buy the dvds and check up that way.

Apparating from Hartner Manor - the teens apparating alongside the adults - Drace, Dora, Narcissa & Morgen seen off Harry, Draco & Blaise - Ron had gone to his parents house halfway through Christmas day, to be with them for alittle while - as they wandered over to the train. Drace turned toward Mrs. Malfoy, "You know, I think this is one of the only times I have seen you weeping so openly Cissa."

Sniffling alittle, Narcissa looked toward Drace, smiling weakly and blushing, "I guess its the fist time I have really felt safe my Lord. Its like Lucius, Draco & I are finally a family for once," she said, looking more happy now that she had said it out loud.

Drace - his arm tighterning around Dora's waste - said, "I'm glad for you Cissa, truely I am. And how about you Morgen, anyone around that you wouldn't mind," he wiggled his eyebrows, "... getting to know alittle better, hmmm?"

Morgen smirked and looked away, her face brighter then the Hogwarts Express, but she did say a quick, "maybe there is someone, but he is taken," under her breath, then truned back to the train, as the horn sounded, telling the people it was about to leave.

"Well," said Drace, pulling out a portkey, he looked to the others and said, "Dora and I need to get going, I have a Wizendmont meeting today, which will proberly go well into the night again. First one of the year too." Taking out his wand, he conjured two crest rings and handed one to Narcissa and the other to Morgen, "These will allow you to get into Hartner Manor when I'm not with you, that goes for flooing there as well. I do hope you two have fun, out & about today... well goodbye ladies," with that said and done, he & Dora took ahold of a manky old bowler hat and vanished, in a whip of wind, the others apparating shortly after, for their shopping trip in Diagon Alley.

Hogwarts Express
"Harry, Draco, over here," said Ron, as he ducked into a conpartment, Hermione already inside - another thick book in her hands - looked up and greeted the boys and the newest member of the friends, as the others put away their things, taking their robes out and hanging them from the racks.

"Hello, I'm Hermione Granger of Griffindor and you are...?"

Finishing chewing what he had in his mouth, Blaise - being a charmer - took Hermione's offered hand and kissed the knuckles like a gentlemen and said in a crisp voice, "My name Miss Granger, is Zabini, Blaise Zabini of Slytherin, it is a pleasure to met you," he half bowed to her, then moved around, taking something out of his bag, as the others snickered behind him.

Surprisingly, Hermione blushed and started biting her lip, as Blaise sat across from her, taking out a book of his own and winning points in Hermione's book for proving that not all Slytherins were bigot morons. Noticing that the book he had was something that she had missed taking out of the library three times already, she was very inquisitive and tried peering at it. In the end, Blaise and Hermione sat beside each other, reading the book together and at somewhat the same speed - another point for Slytherin - as the others played exploding snap and planned out their pranks for the year. Thinking to himself, Blaise couldn't help but feel his friendships made today, may not last the year, atleast not with him being a Slytherin... 'I only hope they forgive me one day'.

A few weeks later
Ron, Draco & Harry were sitting around in the school library, minding their own business, when Hermione came by, dropping a huge book on the desk between them, telling them about what she figured out being under the trapdoor, with Hagrid's huge three headed dog, named Fluffy. That night, all four of them snuck out that night, running over to Hagrid's hut and announcing they know about the Philosopher's Stone.

After inviting the kids in because o that tiddily bit of information, he said in a sort of haste, "I'm sorry children, I really must insist you go I hae things to d..." but was inturupted by a scratching sound in a cauldren nearby and again by Harry, then by Ron & Draco, as he removed the rather heated object, placing it on the table.

"Hagrid, what is that?" asked Harry, peering at the strange object as it moved about, Hermione peering over his shoulder as well.

"I know what that is," said Draco & Ron in unison. Then Ron added, "But where'd you get it?"

Looking somewhat pleased and alittle shocked, Hagrid told them about the feller down the pub and not long after the strange object broke apart, to reveal a small baby dragon. "Awe isn't 'e cute, 'es knows 'is mummy," said Hagrid, right before the baby dragon burped and huge fireball engulfed the last half of his beard. Coming out of the mild shock, he said, "Whos' that?" he asked, pointing to the window.

The others in the room looked up, upon seeing who it was, all three males voiced, "Nott," then saying their goodbyes, rushed from Hagrids hut and toward the castle. Finding their head of house waiting for them with young Theodore Nott, the former having a stern look upon her dile and Nott looking smug at the four of them.

A short time later, McGonagall had removed 30 points from the four friends and given the five of them detetion, they set off towards Hagrids hut, with the caretaker, Mr. Filch. After a small argument between Filch & Nott about their punishment, Hagrid, the four friends and an overly worried Theo, walked into the Forbidden Forest.

After splitting up, Hermione & Ron going with Hagrid, while Draco & Harry were stuck with Theo and Fang. Theo muttered off a few lines, in where Draco responded, "If I didn't know you better Nott, I'd say you were scared."

"Me, scared, you hve got to be kidding you blood traitor," said Nott. Apperantly after Lucius left the inner circle of the Death Eaters, Theodor Nott the second, Theo's father, took over hte inner circle and therefore, Lucius' postion, power and all that comes with it as being thr right hand of the Voldemort groupies.

Seeing something moving off in the distance and watching as Nott & Fang bolted from the area, Draco & Harry were left behind, fear gripping them both as they walked backwards from a cloaked figure, as it finished feeding a poor, fallen unicorn, its silvery blood dripping from the cloaked figured mouth. Both boys took a few steps back and abruptly fell over the same log, Draco banged his head and went into la la land, while Harry was stuck, facing the cloaked figure, before a centaur - a friend of Dumbledore's - galloped up and jumped over both boys, scarring away the manice. "Harry Potter, you must leave, you and your friend are well known here. You for good, he, for what his father has done."

Hagrid came by soon after, seeing the centaur and that both Harry & Draco were fine - besides the later recieving a large bump on the noggin and a concusion - the other kids headed back to the school and off to their respected common rooms, with Draco being taken to the hospital wing.

Hospital Wing, after class
"I still don't understand why you think Snape is after the stone," said Draco, still not convinced about his Godfather being the one after the stone and still not having told them what Snape is to him. "I wish I could get out of here and go with you tonight," he said in a hushed whisper, all three nodding their heads.

"But look at it this way, atleast you won't stink like that three headed dog for the next couple of days," said Ron, trying to liven the mood and succeeding, as Draco & the others laughed until they were hoarse in the throat.

Gryffindor Common Room - Trapdoor
"Comeon guys, we got to get going... someone shush Neville's damn toad up or we might get caught," said Ron, no sooner had he said it, did Neville pop up, threaterning to fight his friends - and putting himself down to win more points at the house cup at the end of the year - so they won't make their house loose anymore points.

"Do you hear that?"

"The music, its stopped playing. Ew Ron, what is that on your shoulder." They all look up as Fluffy started to growl bark and snap at their heads, as they disappeared down the trapdoor and into a thick mass of Devil's Snare. Later making it through a room of keys, hellbet on hacking Harry to pieces as he rode a broom after one of the flying keys, then through a giant Wizard's Chessboard, with Harry continuing on to his enemy.

Looking stunned at who stood before him, not ten feet away, Harry said, "No No, not you, Snape he... What the hell are you doing here?"

Quillril turned around and smirkd at Harry, "Oh what about your manners Harry, can't forget those now can we. And Yes, its me, but I do agree, Snape does fit the profile of the whole, bad guy in black."

A disembodied voice spoke up and ordered, "Bring the boy down here NOW!" Using an accio spell, Harry was summoned toward his DADA Professor in breakneck speed, standing beside him and looking into the mirror. the voice spoke again, "Let me see the boy, let me talk to him." Obeying his Master, the Prof. removed his turban and showed disturbing form of Voldemort, on the back of his head, like some parasyte.

Harry sneered - a sneer Snape would be proud of - and hissed, "Voldemort."

"Yes Harry, it is me, come now, give me the stone and we ca rule together. There is only power and those to weak to get it. We will be unstopable, now give me the stone."

Hospital Wing, the next day - Great Hall
"About time you came aorund to the world of the living Harry," said Draco, smiling broadly, his bed next to that of Harry's, while he and Dumbledore spoke. "We were alittle worried about you for awhile there mate."

Dumbledore told Harry why things happened as they did and how he beat the DADA Prof with his love based power and that Voldemort would eventuly come back, then turned to leave, stopping at Harry's table and picking up one of candy boxes nearby and retrieving a candy from within... smiling and nodding, he said in a clear voice, "Aleast this one is sweet, a nice cherry flavour and not what I had the misfortune of having in my younger years," said Dumbledore, muttering the flavour as he headed out of the room - leaing the boys alone in the ward - "sodding vomit falvoured beans..."

After a good laugh, the two boys were dismissed and went in search of Ron & Hermione, then headed off to the House feast, where Slytherin were put to shame, by the late rewards that Dumbledore handed out. 50 points for Hermione, Harry & Ron, 10 points for Neville & another 10 points for Draco, for proving that Snakes & Griffins can get along afterall.

Hogwart's Express
Everyone mad a mad dash for the train, while Harry & Hagrid spoke awhile - in which Hagrid gave Harry his parents photo album - then hugged and Harry made his way back over to his friends, settling into a cabint of their own, Blaise already in there - looking like he had been hit with a few beaters bats from the fight, ealier that day - looking happy for going home, well to his, Draco's & Harry's new home. Hartner Manor.

AN 1: Okay, so I was going along with the dvd mostly. I don't have the money for the dang books because I am a poor poor poor man and in no way, have I made any profit of any bit of this I have typed up.

AN 2: The Chamber of Secerts will be typed up soon, I just have to watch the movie a few times to get my creative jucies flowing (shut it sickos).

AN 3: If you liked it, please review and tell me, but if you don't and just say 'it sucks' without saying why, they I suggest you go back to primary school and redo your schooling.

Thanks for reading... and thanks for reviewing... if any one ever does.

- P.P. aka Neil R. S. aka Drace.
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