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If Home Is Where The Heart Is Then Were All Just Fucked

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Patrick married the girl of his dreams, but what does he do when he and his love go through some tough times while on the BND tour?

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Alex's POV

I rolled out of bed and noticed he wasn't there. I ignored it and got washed up I walked into the front of the bus Pete, Ashlee, and Bronx were playing. I got a little choked up and then shook it off and smiled. Then I saw Patrick behind his laptop I softly hit his shoulder.

"Good morning." I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning." he said and kissed me back.

"What are we gonna do today?" I asked.

"I think we have the day off."

"Really I'm guessing your pissed off then you hate days off."

"No." I looked at him surprised.

"Really why?"

"Well I get to spend my whole day with you" I blushed then he gave me a kiss "Aw how sweet." I laughed and he smiled back at me.

"Do you want to go shopping for your birthday?" I asked him and that's when he started to whine.

"Aww c'mon Alex you don't have to get me anything for my birthday."

"I know but I want to now is there anything special you want for your birthday?"

"Hmm well there is one thing." He said as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"Patrick you perv!"

"What your my wife, it was perverted when were going out!" I laughed and gave a him a kiss.

"Get a room!" Joe yelled from across the bus. A few minutes later I jumped into the shower.

Patrick's POV

"Can you stop by a mall?" I asked the bus driver.

He looked at me with a confused look. "Your gonna go to the mall? Do you want to get mobbed by a group of teenage girls?"

I laughed. "The wife wants to take me birthday shopping and I'm gonna try my best not to get noticed."

"Wife or no wife your ass is grass." Said the driver.

A little bit later I went to the bathroom door and started knocking. "Alex hurry up your taking 50 years again!"

Andy stood behind me holding his crotch. "C'mon tell her to get her to get out I'm gonna piss my self!"

"Ha ha, Alex c'mon get out of there you said you wouldn't take long." BOOM! The door swung open and Alex had a real mad look on her face she hated being rushed in the bathroom but hey what girl doesn't. Who am I kidding I hate it too.

"Go Andy before you piss your self!" She barked at him he chuckled and went in before she exploded

"I'm really sorry." I said.

She looked at me for at least 30 seconds and sighed "It's okay I can't stay mad at that face for more than 10 seconds."

We both forgot the fact that we were standing in front of the bathroom and Andy heard every word we were saying then I just heard "Aww how sweet."

I banged on the door. "At least I have a girl!"

Then he walked out with a sad look on his face and slowly jumped into his bunk and started to fake cry. Me and Alex laughed I looked at her "Are you ready?" I asked, without thinking her hair was wet and she was in my t shirt and sweat pants.

"Yes Patrick, I'm ready and I think my hair and outfit is pretty cute don't you?" She said sarcastically.

"Actually yes I do." I teased at her she pushed me out of the way.

"Just give me five minutes to dry my hair okay?"

"Fine" I whined. A few minutes later she was done "Are you ready now?"

"Yes I'm ready, how about you?" She asked.

"I've been ready."

"Okay, okay then lets go."

We walked to the mall it was packed for a weekday I looked at Alex. "Okay were here now what?"

"Your gonna come with me and were gonna get the boring presents out of the way." She said.

"Ooo, so there's gonna be exciting presents?"


"Like what?"

"I can't tell you that will take away the surprise silly."

We went to a couple stores and I was very happy with all the things Alex picked out. She has good taste which made me confused because she married me.

"How long have we been in here?" She asked.

"A couple hours."

"Wow doesn't feel like we've been in here that long."

"Yeah the best part is no one recognized me." I turned around a saw a group of girls pointing and screaming at me.

"You spoke too soon." Alex said. One of the girls had the guts and walked up towards me with a camera.

"Do you mind taking a picture?" She asked in a shy voice.

"No, not at all. Whats your name?"


"Well nice to meet you Marie, I'm Patrick." I put my hand out she took it and turned the hand shake into a hug. I laughed "I'm gonna take that as a nice to meet you too."

She smiled nervously. "Uhh who's gonna take the picture?"

I have to say it is kinda annoying when this happens but to know the fact that we're loved by all teenage girls is kinda ironic when I was in high school none of the girls would give me the time of day, including the teachers. Now look at me I've heard some girls say they'll die for us, excluding the fact that me and Pete are married. I took myself away from thoughts and asked Alex to take the picture for Marie.

"It would be my pleasure." She said while giggling. "Cheese burgers!" She said, we both smiled.

"Thank you." Marie said, "And nice to meet you, tour so far has been amazing." I was proud of myself and the guys.

"C'mon Patrick, you ready? Lets go get a bite to eat okay?" We went to a restaurant and the waiter started to flirt with Alex. I wanted kick his ass. "Calm down, you're the only man I'll ever love." She said. We talked for a while, ordered, ate and left. I only gave the waiter a dollar tip even though he was good waiter.

"Asshole" She said.

"C'mon you know if I wasn't an asshole you wouldn't have married me."

"True, very true." Before we knew it, it was 12:30.

"Man! How did it get so late?" I yelled.

Alex giggled. "I guess time flies when you have fun with somebody you love." She grabbed me in for a kiss afterwards. We walked on back onto the bus Pete was changing Bronx's diaper.

"So Wentz, how is fatherhood treating you?" I asked.

"Other than the shitty diapers, it's pretty great" he said in a baby voice looking at his son.

"Nice to know." I said. I looked at Alex she didn't look so good, "Whats wrong?" I asked in a concerned way.

"Nothing." She said, sorta sad. I scooted next to her, "Whats wrong baby?"

"Nothing I'm just kinda tired and I have a stomach ache."

"Why don't you go lay down." I said more than asked.

"Yeah I think I will." Alex went in the back and I watched her walk away.

Pete put Bronx down. "Oh shit she's tired and has a stomach ache, sounds like it's that time of the month. In other words, you and your wife aren't gonna keep me up all night." He said while pumping his fist in the air.

"Shut up you dumb ass she'll hear you and come and beat the shit out of you."

"Fine but you know I'm right." he said while I was walking the back to see what was wrong with her.

"Sweetie are you okay?"

"I'm fine baby don't worry."

I looked at her face it looked like she had been crying I jumped up. "Alex whats wrong c'mon baby you can tell me."

She sighed. "I've been thinking about her again Patrick."

I went silent I didn't know what to say. Her eyes started to get watery I felt mine start too. She noticed, jumped out of bed and wiped her eyes. "Oh Patrick, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do the that sweetheart!"

"No, no it's okay I was thinking about her too this morning." She came back in the bed and laid on my chest while I stroked her back. "It's okay baby you know it wasn't your fault right?"

She went silent. "I don't wanna talk about it anymore I'm sorry I even brought it up. Good night sweetie."

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