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Every Thing Happens For A Reason

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Things start make a little more sense.

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I cried myself to sleep last night just thinking about it kills me, I wanna talk to Patrick ,but I can't it hurts him as much as it does me.
Patrick was still asleep so I left him alone I took a quick shower and put on a jeans and a t-shirt,I think I was the only one up sadly I was wrong.

"Morning Lex." Victoria said right before she took a sip of her coffee.

"Morning." I said in a weak voice.

"Hey Alex you feeling better?" Pete asked.

"Yeah,much better thanks for asking."

"Yo Alex is Stumpmister up?" Gabe yelled from across the room.

"No we had a long day yesterday so I let him sleep."

"That's right I heard you took him birthday shopping buy him anything fancy?"

"Ha ha no not really if I do buy him something fancy I wanna keep it a surprise."

"Any ideas on what your gonna buy him?"

"Nope not a one... well there is one."

"What?" He asked excitedly

"Well I wanted to buy him a drum kit and get some custom made drum sticks,but please don't tell him Gabe."

"Don't worry I won't pull a bitch move."

"Thanks." I laughed.

I made myself a fresh pot of coffee and sat down waited for it to brew by the time it was ready Patrick woke up.

"Hey baby good morning."

"Morning." He grumbled.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm Fine I just need some coffee."

"Here I made you a cup I said as I handed him the mug."

"Thank you so much." He said.

Patrick was in one of his morning moods so I didn't wanna bother him I asked Pete what were gonna do today

"Uh were playing a show today aren't we?" He said kinda confused

"Yes shit for brains we are." Answered Joe.

"Jeez I'm sorry I forgot I'm still half asleep."

Couple hours later

I was sitting back stage with Ashlee bullshitting I don't really like her why? Well I can tell she
doesn't like me why? Well I used to go out with her husband , yes I went there, now whenever I look
at Pete she thinks I want him I don't even know why I went out with him we were too close it was kinda
weird for us that's why we broke up.. I think

"So Ash how's motherhood treating you?"

"It's great I love having two men in my life."

Okaay that sounded kinda slutty I thought to myself ,but I know what she means

"Aww how sweet." I said. "Bronx is starting to look a little bit like his daddy." I giggled while I played with Bronx while he was
in Ashlee's arms she looked at me as if I told her your a shit head and I can't stand you.

"A little." She said.

I wanted to ask her why is she such a bitch but then she would tell Pete
and Pete would get mad at me then Patrick would get mad at me so I kept
my mouth shut and walked away I found a little lounge to hang out in
so I chilled back there and took a dip in my thoughts.


"Does it feel like it's been a month." I asked.

"No not really, but it has been the best month of my life." Said Patrick as he pulled me in for a kiss.

"We better get going." He said.

"Yeah your right were gonna be late and everyone will kill us."

We hopped in the car and we were on our way to the set of Fall Out Boy's new video Thnks fr th mmrs.

"Took you two long enough!" Screamed Alan the director of the video.

"Come on Patrick let's get you into wardrobe."

"What do you want from them Alan their newlyweds." Said Pete in our defense.

"So Alex how does it feel to be married? Ew I just shudder to think of it!" He teased.

"Come on Pete you know you wish you have what we have." I said while I started to play fight with him.

"Maybe I do maybe I don't." He said.

"Well I'm gonna go and see what there is to eat around here." I said as I walked away.

"Wait!" He yelled.

"Did you tell him yet?" He asked as he looked at my stomach.

"No.. wait how did you find out?!" I screamed.

"Shh you'll make a scene!"

"Well tell me." I demanded.

"Your Friend Sophie can't keep a secret plus she thinks I'm hot so I pretty much had her in the
palm of my hands."

"I can't believe her!" I yelled in a hushed voice.

"Don't worry I won't tell him."

"Pete please don't I haven't gotten around to telling him promise me you won't tell him."

"I promise you can trust me." He said as he pulled me in for a hug to seal the promise.

"What's going on here?" Patrick asked in a paranoid voice.

"I'm just congratulating Alex on your marriage." Pete said.

He was actually a good liar, I almost fell for it and I was apart of the lie.

"Oh Lexi you hungry?"

"Yeah Pete would you care to join us?" I asked with a worried look on my face.

"Nah I'll leave you two love birds alone."

"Cool let's go Alex." He said.

(Patrick's POV)

Alex didn't look so well after she talked with Pete I really hope Pete isn't out to
ruin my marriage when I've only been married for a month.I shouldn't worry I trust Pete and Alex.

"Man you sure went to town on that burger." I laughed.

"Yeah I was starving that was the first thing I ate all day and it's four o'clock." She said while sipping on her sprite.

"Yeah I was pretty hungry too." I said as I pulled out my wallet.

We payed the waitress and left once we got back in the car Alex had that look on her face

"Hey are you alright baby you don't look so good." I said in a concerned way.

"Yes I'm fine it's just." She sighed. "There's something that I've been wanting to tell you." She said in a low voice.

"Like what?" I said in a paranoid way.

"Well." She gulped. "Patrick I'm pregnant."

My eyes popped out of my head the car sort of swerved and Alex gave out a scream

"ALEX! Baby are you okay?!" I screamed while breathing heavily.

"Yes sweetie I'm fine are you alright?" She asked with her hand on her forehead and another on her stomach which reminded me, she was PREGNANT.

I pulled into our driveway and opened the door for Alex who threw up as soon as she got of the car I wanted to do the same , but I didn't want to worry her or make her feel weird.

As soon as we got in the house I poured me and Alex some water.

"Here." I said as I handed her the glass.

"Thank you." She said in shaky voice.

"Well?" She said.

"Well what?" I asked with worried and confused look on my face.

"Patrick! Are you telling me that you already forgot that I'm pregnant!?"

"No no of course not! You think I'm that much of an ass! That's the only thing that I've been thinking about since the second you told me!"

She looked down at the floor and didn't say anything. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her.

"Baby I'm sorry I yelled I'm just a little shaken up from your news."

"It's okay I understand."

"Soo your pregnant." I laughed.

She giggled. "Yeah I am."

"What are we gonna do?" She asked.

"Were gonna have this baby and pray to god it will look like you and absolutely nothing like me."

She laughed. "But I want the baby to look like you especially if it's a boy."

"Fine if it's a girl she'll look like you if it's a boy he'll kinda look like me."

"Deal." She laughed as she put her hand out I took it and grabbed her in for a kiss.

A few weeks later

(Alex' POV)

I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach it was probably morning sickness
Patrick was still asleep so I figured I'd leave 'em there. I went to the bathroom as soon as
I sat down I saw my panties were drenched in blood so were my pajama bottoms, I had tears in my eyes I opened my mouth to scream for Patrick's name he beat me to the punch.

"Alex!" He yelled.

I'm guessing the sheets were drenched too.

He ran into the bathroom , he found me in bloody pants holding my stomach crying my eyes out.

"No no NO were not losing this baby!" He screamed with tears in his eyes.

I threw on a pair of jeans and Patrick and I jumped to the car. Patrick was at least driving eighty five miles per hour.
I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe I looked at Patrick he was red in the face and had tears streaming down his face.

A few hours later

"Were so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Stump we did as many tests as possible we've lost her."

"Her?" I said with tears streaming down my face.

Patrick got up from his chair and walked slowly to our car holding my hand I kept seeing tears fall
off his face.

"Patrick sweetie I'm so sorry." I said as I pulled him for a hug.

He took a deep breath from after crying so long.

"You have nothing to be sorry for this wasn't anyone's fault!" He started raise his voice which made me cry even more.

"It just wasn't the right time for us to have a child like you always say every thing happens for a reason."

End of flash back

From after thinking about her so long I had tears in my eyes again it's been two years since I've lost the baby. Patrick walked off stage full of sweat.

I laughed. "Hey hot stuff."

"Hey babe." he laughed.

He looked at me at me for awhile.

"You were thinking of her again weren't you?"

"Yes." I said sounding like I was about to cry.

Patrick then quickly pulled me into a hug rubbing my head while I laid on his shoulder

"Patrick." I said.

"Yes Alex."

"Why does every thing have to happen for a reason?"
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