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Chapter 1

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I was a average teenage girl. I enjoyed my ordinary life. There existed only one unusual thing about me. A meager detail about me that no one knew except me and evidently the United States governme...

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I tossed my long auburn hair out of my face as I glared down at the paper in front of me. I shifted in the miserable wooden desk. I was almost finished with my English final and with that almost finished with my sophomore year of high school. I glanced down at the paper and read the final question, which was labeled Extra Credit. The question read, Name each character that dies in Hamlet. In my neat girlie handwriting, I quickly wrote down, Polonius, Ophelia, Laertes, Claudius, Gertrude, Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. I then quietly got up to put the test on the teacher's desk. As I laid it down, the bell rang singling that school was over.

I calmly walked to my locker, while avoiding getting hit by kids running through the halls. Once I was at my locker, I grabbed my charcoal backpack and swung it onto my shoulder. By the time I was outside the school, most of the other students were gone. I walked away from the school, towards my home. My home was in Boston, Massachusetts. I lived there with my adoptive parents. My real parents had died in a plane crash when I was a baby. I've lived with the Danes ever since.

I was almost off school property when an expensive looking black car pulled up along side of me. The back passenger door opened, but no one got up. I stopped where I was and glared at the car and the open door. It didn't move and no one exited the car. Finally I slowly and attentively walked up to the car and got in. I slowly pulled the door shut behind me. I wasn't sure what I anticipated when I got in that car. I'm wasn't even sure why I got in the car. But I did.

Inside the car, sitting contently on the black leather interior was a man. A man dressed in a military uniform. There was a lot of medals pinned to his jacket. His hair was starting to gray but he still looked rather young. I remained silent as I looked at him. I felt the car pull away from the curb and continued down the street. He was the one to break the silence that had engulfed the car. "Lorna Dane, my name is William Stryker. I work for the United States government." He stopped as if he excepted me to say something in return. I remained silent but I slowly put my hand on the door handle, prepared to jump out if necessary. Stryker continued to speak. "Ms.Dane, I'm going to put this bluntly. I know what you can do." His voice held no shock or disgust in it as I except when someone learned about my secret. My hand stiffen around the door handle but I kept my silence.

Stryker didn't seem too alarmed by my silence. "I'm putting together a special team. A team of people like you. You won't have keep your power bottled up anymore. You won't have to be afraid of someone discovering your secret. You won't have to dye your hair anymore."

I got uncomfortable at the mention of my dyed hair. No one knew that except my parents. I wasn't a natural brunette. My real hair color was a pale green. I kept my hair dyed to avoid people's questions and stares. There was also a part of me that wanted to fit in and not be different but I would never admit it. All this prompted me to ask, "What exactly to you know about me?"

"You have the ability to sense and control magnetism, including manipulating metals. You can also manipulate the Earth's magnetic field to allow yourself to fly, generate magnetic energy pulses, and create force fields. But that's just the things you've discovered you can do. You have so much more potential." Stryker said.

I immediately became angry that this man knew so much about me. "Sorry, but I'm not interested." I said coldly.

"Medical school is very expensive. Do your parents have that kind of money? We'll pay for your college. All of it. All your expenses paid. But only if you join." Stryker said quickly.

I took no time to thing about it. "When do we leave?"
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