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i know its been forever but i had an epiphany so here ya go.

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xxfobgal2341xx: OMG you should've been there Park!

magpie321: YEA it was amazing they are so cute!

Ipanikd@YurDisco: so you met FOB AND Panic! I wish I could've been there!

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xxfobgal2341xx: Hey Nightmare hows life?

Ipanikd@YurDisco: you know him? who is this? HELLO!!!!!

UrNightmareB4Xmas: Hi Gal! lyfs gr8. I'm a guy whats it to ya Panik?

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xxfobgal12341xx: it doesn't matter so we've talked once big whoop. Don't you have homnework
to do Park? Go do it!

UrNightmareB4Xmas: ...uhhh...

Ipanikd@YurDisco: UGH FINE!!!! MORE DETAILS LATER!!! Luv ya Bye hun!

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MousyBoy: YAY CAPS LOCK!!! WOO!!!

UrNightmareB4Xmas: Shut up Ry!

xxfobgal12341xx: Wait Ry??? As in Ryan? Like Ryan Ross???????? :p

MousyBoy: Yes?? Who are you and how did you know?

xxfobgal12341xx: You gave me your email I thought it was wrong... it's Maggie!

MousyBoy: No joke from the show?

UrNightmareB4Xmas: WHOAH SLOW DOWN!!! I met you at the show? Its Pete!

xxfobgal12341xx: This is too much I gotta tell Maggie and Park! BYE!!!!!

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MousyBoy: ...we're screwed

UrNightmareB4Xmas: ya think!?!?

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hattrick202: Why are we screwed?

hattrick202: SHIT!!!

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"So it was Pete we were talking to? I feel so rude!"
"Life just got a lot more interesting!" I sighed before hanging up the phone. This is how my morning started. It's been almost 6 months since the concert and I now had the emails of not only Pete freaking Wentz but of Ryan gorgeous freaking Ross as well. Could life get any better? Of course it could've. Did I know that? Of course I didn't! But I started to expect to unexpected.

The next Fall Out Boy show was coming up in a week and Parker Lilly, my best friend since Kindergarten was flying in to come watch it with us. Maggie and I, well lets just say that we had no idea what trouble this could bring. We didn't know that Parker was trouble now. We didn't know that her hair was blonde with pink and blue streaks. And we definitely did NOT know that she would have 3 backstage passes and meet and greets for the show. That night really WAS going to be interesting.

/Yes yes its been forever but I had this brilliant idea and thought STORY!!!! Read and review I wanna know if my idea really was as good as I thought. Peas and tankies!! :p
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