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loves blossom

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Alittle story about a romance between Luna and Neville

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Neville was watching as the members of the DA were practicing their curses and spells in the Room of Requirement. They all seemed to be doing well, especially Luna. For someone who acts as if she is not very bright and not always there Luna was a very powerful witch. Neville of course knew this; he was with her when the Ministry 6 had battled in the Department of Mysteries. Luna was the love of Neville’s life. Although she didn’t know it. Well he assumed she didn’t know about how much he loved her.

It had all started a few years ago. Neville was walking in the hallways when he saw a young girl without any shoes. It was wintertime and the castle was very cold. He went up to her and asked her why she was walking around without any shoes? She told him that someone had taken all of her shoes and she was looking for them. This upset Neville very much. Who would take a person’s shoes? He decided to help her look for the shoes and just by chance, he saw a pair of trainers up ahead on a windowsill. ‘Are those yours he asked?’ ‘Yes they are’ said Luna very happy. ‘I am so glad you were here to help me find them’. ‘My feet were getting quite cold’. Luna put on her shoes and sighed. ‘That is much better.’

‘Do people take your things all the time’ asked Neville? ‘Well it seems that most of the people in my house seem to like borrowing my things’. ‘I wonder who it was that needed my shoes and left them in a window’. Neville was shocked that she was taking it so well. ‘Aren’t you angry that your things keep being taken’ he asked? ‘No not really if someone needs them then it is ok as long as I get them back eventually’.

‘Luna it is not right for people to take your things without asking for them’. ‘What would you have done if we had not found your shoes’ he asked? ‘I don’t know’ said Luna. ‘You are going to have to tell Professor Flitwick what is happening’ said Neville. ‘No, I can’t do that’ said Luna. ‘They might get mad at me and I will never get my things back’.

‘You see they have stolen your things and have you afraid to say anything’ commented Neville. ‘I know I am not as brave as a Gryffindor but will you still be my friend’. ‘Your friend?’ questioned Neville.’ Yes, I always thought that you were a very nice person and I would like to be your friend’.’ Of course Luna, I will be your friend’.’ Good’ said Luna. ‘Now could you help me find my winter coat I am freezing.’

They did eventually find the winter coat. It was hanging on one of the suits of armour. Neville and Luna became closer friends as the days and months went on. When Neville was in his fifth year and Luna in her fourth they both decided to join a defence group that was led by Neville’s dorm mate Harry Potter along with his girlfriend Hermione Granger. Harry and Hermione had started this defence group as they felt that they were not learning enough about defence against the dark arts. The teacher that had been hired to teach didn’t teach at all, all they did in class was read a book.

When the group started Neville would have trouble with the spells and curses because he didn’t feel confident doing them. He had always been thought a very weak wizard, what people didn’t seem to realize was all he needed was someone to believe in him. That someone seemed to be Luna.
Once the two of them partnered up, Neville started to improve greatly. The only time he would faultier was when he had to curse Luna. He didn’t want to hurt her so he would not put all of his power into the spell. This of course caused the spell not to work. This would embarrass Neville but Luna would always encourage him.

One night after everyone had gone and Neville was by himself he started to fire off the spells they were working on and Luna noticed how well he did them.’ Neville!!’ she called out startling him. ‘Why is it that when we are all together you can’t seem to make these spells work but when you are by yourself they work perfectly?’ ‘I don’t know’ said Neville sputtering. ‘Here let’s try them together’ said Luna. ‘You try sending a stinging hex at me and I will try to block it with my shield’ said Luna. Neville tried to send the jinx at Luna but missed. Luna looked at him with a puzzled look on her face.

‘Neville you were just doing that hex before you knew I was here’. ‘Why is it that you can’t do this hex since I arrived?’ ‘I know you can do it so show me what you can do.’ Neville tried again and it was better but not what Luna had seen. ‘Neville are you afraid of hurting me?’ she asked. Neville blushed. ‘Oh, Neville I have my shield charm up so you will not hurt me’.’ Come on do your best ‘said Luna encouragingly. Neville sent a stinging hex at Luna and her shield held. ‘That was really good’ said Luna running up to him. ‘I knew you could do it’. ‘Thank you so much’ said Neville. ‘No thanks needed we are friends aren’t we.’
‘Yes I guess we are’ said Neville. ‘Good’ said Luna kissing Neville on the cheek. ‘Good night’ she called as she left the room of requirement. ‘Good night’ Neville called after her.

Neville felt so good he thought he might just be able to do a Patronus. He tried it crying out the incantation Expecto Patronum. He was very surprised he actually was able to do it. What was really surprising was the form it took. Neville’s patronus was in the form of a brown bear. That really surprised him. The bear just looked at him and roared then disappeared.

This was how it went for the rest of the year. Whenever he worked with Luna he would do very well as she was always encouraging him. Neville always wanted to ask Luna to go with him to Hogsmeade but could never find the courage to do so. Whenever he felt afraid to do something, he would always question why he was sorted into Gryffindor. Unfortunately, he was not the only one who thought this. Most people who first meet Neville would assume he was in Hufflepuff. It was only his friends that would encourage him and tell him that he was sorted into Gryffindor for a reason.

That reason became apparent one afternoon late in his fifth year after he and all of his fellow fifth years had completed their OWL’s. He was walking along one of the corridors when he saw a group of Slytherins bothering Luna and Ginny Weasley. He garnered all his courage and approached the group of students. There were around four of them so of course they over whelmed him. However, he did try. They were taken to Professor Umbridge’s office where he found Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ginny’s brother Ron. While they were there Harry, Hermione and the Professor left to go into the Forbidden Forest. Harry and Hermione were trying to get rid of the Professor so they used this rouse to do it.

While they were gone Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville together overpowered the four Slytherins and escaped. They later found Harry and Hermione coming out of the forbidden forest without Professor Umbridge. What happened they asked the group of four that were left in the Professor’s office? They all told their stories of what they had done. Ginny told of how she had performed the bat-bogey curse and the others told of their adventures. Ron handed Harry his Firebolt, which had been confiscated by the Professor a couple of months ago.

Harry and Hermione said that they had to leave and thanked everyone for their help. This did not go over well with the other four. ‘We are going with you ‘said Neville. ‘We want to help.’ (They were going to rescue Sirius) Harry tried to argue but it was no use so the six of them had to figure how they would get there as they only had three brooms. They found a way some flew on brooms the others flew on Thestrals.

They got to the Ministry where it was believed that Sirius was being held. They made their way down to the department of mysteries. This is where the prophecies are stored. They looked around for Sirius but could not find him. It was then that they determined that it was a trap.

They found that the Death Eaters were waiting for them to have Harry obtain the prophecy for them. What they did not take into consideration was that the six teenagers were not going to just let them have the prophecy. They fought them and considering that Death Eaters were all fully qualified and battle experienced they fought well. Ron and Ginny were injured early in the battle but Neville fought very bravely and was the one that Harry trusted to look after Hermione after she was hurt. The one regret Neville had was he was not able to avenge his parents attack. He would have loved to have been able to battle Bellatrix.

After they all got back to school, Neville was one of the people who everyone wanted to talk to. The girls were now quite impressed with him but he only had eyes for Luna. Luna somehow was not injured at all. As the girls huddled around Neville, she just sat by and smiled at him.

The smile hid a very upset young woman; you see Luna was in love with Neville. She never told him because she knew what people said about her how she was loony and spacey. Those that didn’t know her would be surprised to know that she was at the top of her class.

Luna sat and watched as all of the fan girls swarmed Neville. He wouldn’t be interested in me she thought. He can have anyone he wants why would he want me? The thought of Neville with anyone else made Luna very sad. She felt he was one of the best boys she had ever met. He was a gentleman. She wished that he would love her like she loved him.

Summer vacation arrived and they all travelled back to London on the Hogwarts Express. When they arrived in London Luna said goodbye to all her friends. She asked Neville to write to her if he could. Neville was very pleased that she wanted him to write to her. Maybe she is interested he thought to himself as he and his Gran travelled home. His Gran noticed that Neville was distracted. She asked what was on his mind. He told her about how he liked a girl and how he was wondering if she liked him too. ‘I am sure she does’ reassured his Gran. ‘You were very brave at the Ministry’ she commented. ‘I am very proud of you’ she told him. This was the first time she had ever told him that she was proud of him. She told him that this girl he liked would be very lucky to have him.

Neville tried to explain that Luna was as brave as he was and how beautiful she was. His Gran asked what her surname was. He told her that Luna’s surname was Lovegood. ‘Lovegood ‘exclaimed his Gran! ‘Is she related to the publisher of the Quibbler?’ she asked.’ Yes I believe she is’ responded Neville. ‘Well ….’ She did not say anything else on the subject.

In Neville’s sixth year the DA was not re-established and this was upsetting to Neville, as he felt better about himself after his participation in the DA. In addition, it was a reason to see Luna. He could see her without raising any suspicions when they were both there. Also with Professor Snape teaching DADA that year he needed all the confidence, he could get. You see Neville was deathly afraid of Professor Snape. He had been since first year. So sixth year was very hard on Neville. At the end of the year, he and the other members of the Ministry six were involved in the defence of Hogwarts after Draco Malfoy had found a way for the Death Eaters to enter Hogwarts with out having to go through the wards. This was when Professor Snape killed Professor Dumbledore. This shook the foundations of the students and staff of the school. Never in recorded record had a Professor been murdered by another Professor. The only good thing that came of this for Neville was the fact that he was given the opportunity to comfort Luna during the funeral that all the students and staff attended. He sat holding Luna’s hand during the entire time. He felt that at least he was able to do something.

The Ministry six did do quite a bit during the Battle of Hogwarts. They disarmed quite a few of the invading Death Eaters. They assisted the Professors in evacuating the school and allowing the younger students to remain safe.

It was this that carried over to Neville’s seventh year.
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