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Chapter 60

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Sat at the kitchen table my eyes began to close again. None of us had had an easy night. The party had finished early this morning and Hessy had screamed for two hours after. She'd cried and cried until Gee laid her in the bed next to us and had sang her too sleep. She lay in my arms now and whimpered to herself. Coffee was being poured into empty mugs every few seconds and the smell of bacon was making Ellie feel ill.
“Is there a bottle for her anywhere?” Gerard asked, draining his third mug of coffee of the morning, “In the fridge, here.” He took Hessy from my arms and grabbed a bottle from the fridge. “Shit my cell.” He grabbed the bleeping phone from the counter and took the call, “Seriously? But it's Kat's first day home, I wanted to take her and Hessy out,” I stood up and took the bottle from his hand and Hester from his other. “It's okay, don't worry about us.” I kissed his cheek and sat back down in my chair and began to feed Hes'. “Fine, but I'm bringing them with me.” I looked up at him questioningly. “Ray wants me in the studio this morning. Do you want to come with me? We can grab some lunch after.” I nodded and drank the last of my coffee. “I'd better..” I motioned at Hes' and he seemed to agree. I passed Hessy to Ellie who was staring groggily into the remains of her cereal and began to search the cupboards for the simulator. I found it beside the fridge, hidden in a plastic carrier. “Can you dress Hessy Gee, I'll be in the bathroom.” I hurried out of the kitchen and down the stairs to our bedroom, before locking myself in the en-suite.

Alicia's P.O.V

From beside my pillow, my cell bleeped. I woke with a start and grabbed it. The number was with-held and I answered it quickly, unaware of the callers identity. The voice on the other end was tired and breathless. “Its happened.” The only words spoken by the caller but all I needed to hear. The dial-tone bore into my ear as realisation sunk in. Today was the day. I shook Mikey who slapped back my efforts and mumbled at me. “It's here Mikey, Its here!” He shot up in bed beside me and pulled me into him. Our sobs were joined as we held each other in the early October morning.

Gee's P.O.V

I carried Hes carefully down the stairs. She held tightly to my fingers with her tiny palm and I was careful not to knock her head against the wall.
“Kat are you nearly finished in there?” I knocked on the door as I placed Hessy on the changing mat which had been placed on top of the chest of drawers. “Kat?” There was still no answer but I could hear the tap running. “Kat, are you alright? What's going on?” Hessy started to moan so I played with her quietly, still waiting for Kat's answer. As I lifted Hes up the door swung open behind me. “Is everything okay?” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.
“Fine. Hormones.” She lay the bottles into the nappy bag and came to take Hes from me. I watched as she changed her quickly. Everything had come so naturally to her. “All done. Lets go.” I swung the diaper bag over my shoulder as I followed Kat and Hester up the staircase.
As we reached the hall my cell bleeped in my pocket.

Not going to be around for a while,
Alicia and me are going away.
Ill see you soon.
All my love to Kat and Hes

Great, just what we needed. No Mikey. That was all my plans gone to pot.
“What's up?” Kat and Ray asked. Hester now in her car seat, hung over Rays arm.

Authors note
I am so sorry for the long wait guys, school has been so hectic and I haven't really had the time.Im really happy at the moment and I think I'm going to be getting alot more writing done. This stories still got a long way to go. Thanks for being such good readers.
Please review. Kat xx
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