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Chapter 59

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Kat's P.O.V

I hugged another unknown relative and grabbed Alicia by the arm, “Who the hell are all these people?” She laughed and led me over to the dining table where the drinks were being served. She handed me a plastic cup filled to the brim with punch and took a long glance at me. “Are you okay Kat? You don't look too good.”
So I was looking as good as I felt, great. I hoped Gee hadn't noticed. They'd been planning this party since the day Hester was born and I'd been up for it, but today my head seemed to be on fire and I couldn't concentrate, let alone make pointless conversation with people who'd I'd never met before. I was happy. Of course I was. But now? All I wanted to do was lie down on our bed downstairs and sleep. “I'm just tired, don't worry.”
A pain seared through my chest, a now familiar feeling in my life of motherhood. I opened my eyes. Alicia was staring down at my t-shirt, “Kat,” it was soaked-I looked as if I'd been in a wet t-shirt competition and lets just say if I had been I probably would have won. “Gerard, he's got Hessy. I'll be down stairs.” She ran off into the crowd of my new family and I ran off in the other direction towards the stairs. Okay, so I got some pretty weird glances, but who wouldn't. I ran down the stairs two at a time, music thumped from wall to wall and my feet fell heavily against the stairs. As I came to the last step I stopped. The pain in my breast got worse and I grabbed the handrail. After a couple of seconds My hand fell on the rooms door handle and I opened it.
I stood frozen in the doorway. Will was led on the floor, his jeans around his ankles and Ellie, well I'd rather not repeat where she had her head. “GET OUT!” MY voice was hard and they both jumped. Ellie's face turned a dark crimson and she pulled herself up from the floor. I turned my head as Will lay uncovered before me. “BOTH OF YOU OUT! NOW!” They both ran out quickly, muttering apologies as they left. I slammed the door behind them and felt hot tears prickle my eyes. I collapsed onto the bed and began to sob. Stupid bloody hormones! Stupid Gerard for carrying Hessy off when I'd told him she needed t be fed soon! As I lay on our bed sobbing, my t-shirt covered in my own milk, My heart felt as if it might be chipping around the edges.
“Hessy, come on be quiet for Daddy, Shh.” Gerard's whispers and Hester's wails echoed through the basement as he pushed thee door opened. “Oh god, Kat are you all right? What's wrong?” He placed Hessy in her crib and ran over to the bed were I lay in floods of tears. His rough palm was laid against my cheeks and it brushed away some of the tears. He kissed my forehead gently. “Liccy told me what happened, you should have changed.”
“Its all my fault Gerard, I'm a bad mother.”
“No your not, It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have carried her off, If I'd left her with you you could have fed her but I wanted to show her off so bad.” He ran his fingers through my hair and I looked up into his eyes. His hair had grown again and it hung healthily around his shoulders, at-least he'd learnt to wash it. “It hurts so much Gee.” Hessy whimpered and we both glanced over to the crib.
“What does love?” I shook my head, it was so stupid, I didn't know anybody else who went through pain just because their baby needed feeding.
“When she needs feeding, everything starts to hurt. And today? When I couldn't feed her, this happens.” I pulled at my t-shirt and he glanced down at the large stain upon it. “Okay, can you grab her please?” The pain was there again and I knew this time she had to be fed. Gee carried her over to me and I pulled myself up . Gee knelt beside me, our daughter in his arms and waited until I was ready. I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and unclasped the front of my bra. I slipped it off and took Hessy from Gee. I laid her next to my chest and waited for her to suckle.
The hair on her head was fair now and her eyes a bright blue, just like her fathers. Everyone had said how much her face was like my own, but Ellie and I both knew how much she looked like Simon. Her big nose and rosy lips had nothing to do with me. “Come on Hessy,” She still hadn't moved but blinked at me instead. I looked up at Gee, I wasn't uncomfortable doing this in-front of him like I had been around the nurses. “Just relax,” He stroked my hand, the one that wasn't hold Hessy and she finally latched on to me. “Thank God.” She suckled quietly, her fists banging against my chest, the pain died down and I hardly felt it as she fed. “You'll never guess who was in here?” Gee raised his eyebrows questioningly, “El and Will,” He looked down at Hessy,
“Were they...?”
“Well, lets just say Will will be smiling for at least a week, Ellie however might not.” Gee smiled cheekily, “I meant what I said at the hospital, I cant wait to have you to myself.” I stroked his cheek and held his face in my hand. He took my hand from his face and held it in his own. He knelt up on the bed and took my face in his hands. I tightened my arm around Hessy as Gerard kissed me like he had earlier in the hospital. My head was filled with mist and my toes felt like they were melting. “Huh, Gee, watch it, Hessy.” He pulled away and we laughed as Hessy wriggled in my arms. “Can you burp her a minute, I need to get a new shirt.” He took Hessy from me, although she was already asleep so he instead placed her in her crib. I went to my suitcase which still led on the floor but it was empty. “Where's my..” I looked at Gee and he motioned to the new wardrobe which stood beside the en-suite. I pulled open the doors and realized that somebody had unpacked all of my stuff. Gerard's stuff was hung to the left side of the wardrobe while mine was on the right. “You did this?” He wrapped his arms around my nude waist.
“Mm this is your home now and I thought it was about time we unpacked.” I grabbed a shirt and weighed it in my hand. “Do we have to go back up? Hessy's asleep and we're finally alone.” I know but Gee, I owe to your mum, an hour tops, I'll have to come back down to feed Hes' again anyway. That reminds me can you carry the Talkie with you incase she wakes up.” I switched the base talkie on and handed the other too Gerard. I slipped the shirt over my shoulders but Gerard caught me before I could button it. “Gee, come on..” He kissed my neck and his finger traced beneath my breasts, “Gee,” I moaned, he was like heroin, catching me when I least wanted him too, “Please, don't.” His mouth traveled down from my neck and it began to follow his fingers. I caught his mouth and slid my tongue past his. “Come on, upstairs, now.” I pulled the shirt together and buttoned it from the bottom. As I came to the last few top buttons i tried but they would not fasten. My chest was too big. True it had swelled but for my shirt to not fit? I left the last few open and Gerard chased me up the stairs.

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