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Chapter 58

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The September breeze blew gently through the trees that lined the side-walk. I popped the boot and Bob grabbed a few of the grocery bags which he carefully steered inside as I locked up Wills Car and grabbed the last of the nappy bags from the pathway.
“Are you going straight away?!” Ray screamed down from the top of the stairs, I walked towards him and handed him the bag. “Not yet, I want to see Mom first.” Ray followed me up the stairs and I held the door open for him.
Inside the house was a medley of noise and movement, nobody was sat still or silent, everybody had gathered to threw the welcoming home party for Kat and Hessy and they were all busy preparing. Mom and Ellie could be heard arguing in the kitchen about the most approximate time in which to cook a nut loaf and Jamia and Alicia were splattered in paint, sat upon the floor in the hallway painting a huge banner. I found Frank and Bob blowing up the balloons in the dining room, a tank of helium held between Franks knees. As you moved around the house you heard random outbursts of high pitched squeaking and as I entered the dining room now, Frank swallowed a large quantity of the gas and broke into a rather impressive version of Akons lonely. “Mom!?” She appeared at the kitchen door, her apron covered in flour, “Where are Mikey and Alicia? They were supposed to be coming with me.” She shrugged and grabbed the shopping from Ray.
“They didn't show up I guess, you'd better get going though, she's expecting you soon.” Will rounded the corner now, in his arms the car seat we'd bought only weeks before. “I'll come if you want mate?” I could see Mom nodding out the corner of my eye, “Yes, why not take Eleanor with you?” “Keep her out of my way,” I heard her mutter under her breath.
Will and Ellie followed me out to Wills car and he pushed the car seat into the back before Ellie slid in after it. I slammed the door shut and walked round to the drivers door. Will sat beside me in the passenger seat and I started the engine. As we drove away from my childhood home the September sun beat down on the cracked, time-broken pavement.

Nurses shoes squeaked on the tiled floor as they rushed from bay to bay, some vomit splattered others holding crying babies in their arms.
Will and Ellie trailed behind me their arms around each other as I carried the car seat under my arm.
As I glanced into the window of Kat's separate room I watched as Kat held her daughter as Hester wept. She rocked her gently and Hessy's whimpers died down as we entered the room. “Your late.” Kat turned away from me as I kissed her cheek gently. “Sorry, those two held me.” I nodded at Will and Ellie who were snuggled into one of the unoccupied chairs, the one being occupied by several bags of clothing and baby gear. “What's wrong with them?” I shook my head and took Hessy from her arms, she continued to pack the last of her bags and unbelted the car seat. “Hmm, maybe there's something in the water, Mikey and Alicia are all loved up aswell.” I placed Hessy into the chair and she only whimpered a little as we belted her in. Kat wrapped her arms around my waist, “I don't think I'll be needing any of the water anyway, I cant wait to get you on your own Mr Way.” She kissed my limbs and my body seized up. She only dropped her hands from my waist when Hessy cried out. “We'd better get her home.” I grabbed the car seat and threw one of Kat's bags over my shoulder. Will grabbed two of the other bags and Ellie the last before she pulled opened the door and we all paraded out into the hallway. Kat wrapped her arms around my waist and, smiling, we all walked out into the September sunshine.

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