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Chapter 57

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“So he'll ring me?” Kat asked for the third time.
She lay with her head propped up against a pile of pillows. She was tired but refused to sleep and she stifled another yawn as I watched her. It was 6 o'clock and everybody had been leaving slowly for the last hour. Kat and I were alone now for the first time since the birth and I held the baby in my arms as I walked around the small room. Her eyes were slowly closing and she would soon be asleep. “I've already told you, he'll call you when he's ready. Please stop worrying.” She closed her eyes briefly and sighed. “Kat?” She nodded in response, “Trace, well, he told me to tell you that he loves you.” She smiled sadly and stared out the window. The sun was still high in the sky but the blue sky had now become a burnt amber shade. “Did anything happen between you two? When I was away I mean?” She looked at me as if I was mad,
“Never, Gee, I would never do anything like that too you. ” I smiled at her at and went to sit down beside her. She ran her fingers over her babies face, her nose, her lips and her now sleeping eyes. “What about a name?” I looked at her and her expression told me she was thinking.
“Well, me and Ellie said about the name Hester?” I looked down at the baby in my arms and her lips moved as if she was smiling. “Hester? I like it, Hessy for short?” Kat smiled at me and I felt as if the breath had been taken from my lungs, “Hessy,” She nodded and we both giggled, “Hmm?”
“What's up?” I looked back at Kat and she was thinking again. “Gee, what about Lena? For a middle name?” Like Helena? She'd chosen a name close to my grandmothers.
“Hester Lena, I love it, weird but not out there weird.” I passed her newly named daughter to her and she cradled her close to her chest as the child slept.
“You remember I said about the whole, you being her dad thing?” I nodded, of course I remembered. “Well do you still...?” I smiled, pride flooded my body and I felt like screaming. “Of course, I'd love too. I love you both more than the air I breath.” I kissed her, careful not to squish Hessy between our bodies, “Hester Lena Way.” Kat's eyes closed and she fell gently against the pillows. “Goodnight love.” I kissed her forehead gently and slipped off the bed. I carried Hessy over to the window and watched the sun hide itself beneath the horizon from the chair where Mikey and Alicia had sat that afternoon. Hessy breathed gently against my hand as I rocked her while she slept. “Happy Birthday Hester.”

Hey guys sorry about the long wait I've been really busy lately and haven't had a chance to update, should have a few more chapters this week hopefully though, thanks for reading and keep on reviewing, kat xxxx
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