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Chapter 56

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Gerard's P.O.V

I pulled open the door of Kat's room silently and looked back to where she lay in the bed once more. She looked so happy and peaceful, led there with her baby in her arms. She smiled once more at me and I stepped out to where our family was. Silence flooded them and they looked up at me anxiously. I tried to keep my face as straight as possible but couldn't help but start beaming, “IT'S A GIRL!” Bob ran at me and enveloped me in a bear like vice. “Thank you Gerard, Thank you so much.”
Around us our family were kissing and embracing each other in excitement and pure joy. I hadn't seen my friends smile as much in months.
Ellie reached out for me, her eyes watery and I hugged her. “Everything's okay? Kat's okay? It's a girl? Seriously?” She mumbled in exasperation. William grabbed her around the waist and pulled her off of me. Mom and Mikey came towards and we hugged each other, before Mom turned and kissed me on the cheek. “I'm glad your happy baby. This is how I want you too be from now on, Happy.” I hugged her quickly,
“Thanks Mom,” her hair tickled my cheek as I spoke into her ear, “I love you.” She sighed and held me at arms length, I smiled down at her and she shook her head, laughing.
“I'm an Uncle!” Bob was going around the group embracing one by one. He stopped when he came to Trace. He looked him in the eye and Trace looked awkwardly away. “Thank you Trace, you've looked after her really well this last couple of weeks, thank you.” Bob grasped him and Trace hugged him back shocked. I laughed at the scene and came to stand in-front of Trace myself. “Thanks, you really did look after her, better than I can anyhow.” I put my hand forwards and he shook it happily, “I don't know about that, It's your name she calls when she's asleep, not mine.” I smiled slightly and turned away from him as Ellie and William came to talk with him.
I walked back towards the door and pushed it open slightly. Kat looked at me pointedly and I motioned at Bob who was stood on the other side of the crowd. He pushed trough them, but nobody seemed to realize as they danced around happily. As he stood beside me, Bob took a deep breath and nodded, I think to reassure himself that this was it, his future, his family. He took a step inside and stopped.
He looked shocked as Kat sat there, her baby cradled to her chest. “All right bro?” He didn't answer and looked even more shocked. Baby let out a small whimper and Bob jumped. I smiled, poor Bob. “Mm” he walked forward slowly as if in a trance and stopped beside the bed. I closed the door gently and lent against it watching the scene unfold before my eyes. Both siblings were crying now and Bob ran a finger gently down his nieces cheek. He laughed and kissed Kat on the cheek, “You did it, I'm so proud of you, and she's beautiful.” Kat looked up at him before glancing over at me, I smiled at her, my heart felt as if it might implode. So much adrenaline was running through my veins I felt as if I could fly. Never in my life had I been so happy. I paced silently to the other side of the room and pulled the blinds back. The sun wasn't as bright but was just as brilliantly beautiful as earlier. Birds nestled in the trees outside, their young families gathered beside them and I couldn't help but smile. Behind me, Bob held his niece gently, as if he thought he might break her and the possibility may have been true as to compare his bulky size with the tiny fragile baby.
Kat lay down against the pillow and I played with her hair mindlessly. She looked up into my eyes with her great shining greens and I pressed my hand against her face she pushed against it and kissed my palm. My thumb traced her jaw and I kissed her lips gently. It only lasted seconds but that kiss, our first true kiss, was if I'd never touched her before in my life. We both glanced up at Bob how was rocking her baby from side to side and humming to himself. There was a knock at the door and I pulled myself upright, my fingers still playing with Kat's hair. Her bangs suited her face and made her look so much older than she was. Because no-matter how much she didn't look or act like it, a near-sixteen year old girl lay on the bed beside me, her first child being held protectively by its uncle, and her middle aged lover now held her hand as her other friends gathered around the tiny bed. Kat frowned looking around at her friends who all cooed and awwred over the newest arrival to the family. She stole a glance at Ellie, who mouthed something, it looked to me like 'he had to go,' and as I scanned the group I realised Trace had left. Kat looked puzzled and upset as I looked down to her but her smile soon returned when Ray took hold of her daughter, who pulled down on Rays finger. “I'll be right back,” I left the room quickly and saw Trace walking slowly down the corridor to the exit, his head bowed and his stance stiff. “Trace,Hold up.” I jogged down to him and he turned to face me slowly, his face sullen. The nurses at the desk looked away from the overly tattooed boy that stood in-front of them as I came to stand beside him. “I've got to..,”
“I'm sorry, really. I treated you really badly on tour and I'm sorry, it was because I was jealous, you and Kat, you've got a really good relationship and I'm sorry if I've affected it in any way.” He looked shocked at my outburst of remorse. “Don't leave on my account, please. She wants to see you.” He sighed, his eyes looking watery below his frown. “Thanks Gerard, but I've got to go, I've got a problem at home and need to get back there. Tell Kat I'll ring her, yeah. And tell her I cant wait to meet the baby.” I smiled at him, but a problem at home, that couldn't be good. “Thanks Trace.” We turned away from each other and I began to walk back towards my family. “Gerard?” I turned back around and Trace hadn't moved. “I love her, make sure she knows.” And with that he turned and left the hospital. How could I tell her? I had to. I owed Trace that at-least. But how?
I walked slowly back towards the room, my shoes squeaking against the shiny white tiles. Something wasn't right, but I wiped away my frown as I re-entered the room to the laughter of everybody else.
Ellie was sat on the bed beside Kat and William lent against the window sill. Frank sat on Jamia's lap in one of the two chairs and Mikey held Alicia on his own lap in the other seat beside Frank and Jamia. Ray lent against the wall and Bob stood beside him, Bob's face a startling red colour in contrast to his shinning white teeth which he showed off brilliantly with his never ending smile. Mom was rested on the bed at Kat's feet and was holding the baby. “She's so pretty, but absolutely tiny.” Mom cooed at her,
“I told her she hadn't been eating enough.” Ellie laughed, she'd tried so hard to get Kat to eat but she just refused, eating only when she wanted. And due to this the baby was tiny, no wonder Kat's bump had never seemed that huge, it's cargo wasn't exactly massive.
“Can I hold her now, please Kat? I'll be careful, I promise,” Frank looked so excited perched on Jamia's lap, who sighed and shook her head pleasantly. “Go on then, but be careful Frank, she's not a doll.” Kat glanced at her daughter who seemed to look up at her own mother from where she lay in my mother's arms. Mom gave the baby carefully to Frank who took her a little to roughly at first. He sat back down on Jamia's lap and played with the baby's tight little fists.
“Hehehe. She's so cute. Hello little baby, I'm uncle Frank, and how are you?” he sat as if awaiting her answer, “Well that's good the, I'm glad your enjoying it. She says she's very happy.” He retold the rest of us and I couldn't help but laugh as I came to stand beside Kat. I took her hand and squeezed it tightly. “I'll tell you later.” I whispered and she looked up at me and nodded. Frank now had the baby's arm held high as if she was waving and went as if to drop her head. Jamia quickly through out her hand and caught her head and she hit Frank on the shoulder playfully, “Don't do that, you nutter, you could have hurt her.”
“But she said she didn't like me holding her head.” Jamia looked a little startled and gave Kat's daughters head back to Frank who quickly gave the baby over to Ellie. Ellie cooed over the baby while throwing frequent knowing glances up to Will, Will looked so scared that when Ellie passed the baby to him gently he took a few seconds to look the tiny girl over. “All right there kiddo? You, little miss are so god damn lucky right now. Welcome to the family.”

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