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Chapter 1

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Sakura followed Sasuke into the living room after he put on some jeans.
"Look,superstar,call somebody tp pick you up and leave.",he said.
"Oh,ok...",she trailed off suddenly remembering what happened yesterday.The jerk had broke up with her,and she was a huge mess.
"Here.",he said holding up her stuff to her.She bit her lip and she grabbe dher stuff throwing it on the sofa.He looked at her wierded out and grabbed the clothes holding it out for ehr again.She grabbed it again,and threw it on the sofa.He sighed getting annoyed and did the same thing.She grabbed it and threw it back on the sofa.
"OK!What is your problem?",he asked.
"Please,I need to stay here!",she said.
"No way.",he said.
"Please!Please!".she continued to repeat.
"Why should I let you?",he asked.
"I'll give you something in return.",she said.
"And what could I possibly want from you?",he asked.
"Fame.Fortune.More...",she trailed off.
"I have money.I don't want fame.You're leaving.",he said.She sighed as he turned around and ran up grabbing him by the arm.
"Please,I just don't want to be seen yet.",she said.He stared at her for a moment,about to answer,but he shook his ead pulling away.
"No,you have to leave.",he said.She sighed and fell to her knees looking up.He turned and he narrowed his eyes.
"If you want,I'll be some kind of maid.Servant.Slave.Whatever you want,I'll do it.",she said.He sighed and crossed his arms and he pursed his lips.
"Fine.",he said.She smiled happily standing up.
"Thank you so much!",she squealed.
"Alright,enough of that.You're too loud.",he said turning around.The doorbell rang and Sakura stopped smiling confused.Sasuke walked to the door and he shut it quickly quickly walking to Sakura.
"Hide!Take all your stuff and hide!",he yelled.She grabbed her stuff quickly and ran into the room closing the door behind her.Sasuke hurried to the door and opened it again.
"Yo.",he said to the girl giving her a kiss on the lips.It was his girlfriend,Kiki.
Kiki wasn't really her name,but everybody called her that.She was super beautiful.She had long black hair,very soft and lucious as Sakura's and the same light and milky skin as Sakura.Her eyes were light brown.
She wore a jean skirt with a red tank top and red heels with her hair up and some dark glasses with red bracelets and earrings.
"Hey,baby.",she said walking in and taking off her sunglasses throwing her purse aside.
"I'll be out in about twenty minutes.Just wait here.",he said.She nodded and he walked past ehr and into his room.
"Who's that?",Sakura asked.She was sitting on the bed laying back casually.
"My girlfriend.",he said.She sat up with a grin.
"Oooh,you've got a girlfriend.",she teased giggling.He rolled his eyes and walked into the bathroom after grabbing a clean towel.
He came out a couple minutes after with a towel around his waist.Sakura sat up with a sigh,before her eyes went wide and she went red.
"What the hell?!I'm a girl!",she yelled.He ran over to ehr quickly and pushed her down putting his hand ove rher mouth.
"You be quiet.If my girlfriend hears you,you're done for.",he whispered.She gulped becoming even more redder.
"What is wrong with you?I have a towel on.",he said.She grabbed his hand pushing it away and shook her head.
"No,you don't.",she whispered.He looked down,and sure enough there was no towel.He looke dback with wide eyes and his towel was on the other side of the room laying down.He squeezed his eyes shut and looked back at Sakura.
"Just get under the blanket and don't come out until you hear the door slam.",he said.
"Slam?",she whispered.
"Yes,slam!",he yelled.She nodded and pulled the blanket over her quickly.He sighed and took out some boxers.He put them on and put on some ripped jeans with a white-shirt with a black dressy shirt unbuttoned and sleeves pushed up with some black converse.
H eopened the door and came out slamming the door as he said making Sakura jump.Shew as still blushing red.....
"You done?",Kiki asked walking up to Sasuke.
"Yeah,let's go.",he said.

Actually.I want to freshen up.Cna I go to your bathroom.",she said walking past him.
"No!",he yelled.He grabbed her arm pulling her back making them bump into eahother.She smirked and giggled.
"Oh,so you want that.",she said placing her hand on his stomach going down to his pants.
"No,I just have to do other things later very important so we have to hurry.",he said.She frowned and started to unzip his pants.
"That's no fun.",she whined.
"I know,but it's important.",he said.
"Fine,but at least a little.",she said.He sighed and looked at her.
"Fine.",he said.She smiled and bought their lips together making-out with him.he grabbe dher legs picking them up and walking them to the couch setting them down.
Sakura stood up from the bed now calm,but mistakely tripped herself over when she was getting off.She fell tot eh floor with a huff and thud.
"Ow!",she yelled.
"What was that?!",Kiki said as she had heard Sakura make the huge noise.Sasuke's eyes widened and he stood up putting his zipper up running his hand through his hair.
"That must've been the neighbors.Always making such loud noise.
"No,I think it was from your room.",she said standing up and walking over there.
"Kiki,I think we should go now!",he said grabbing her and pushing her to the door.
"Sasuke,my purse.",she said.
"Who cares?I have my wallet,so I'll pay for it.",he said closing the door behind him.They left to the movies as they had planned.
"Well,I heard the door close so I guess I could come out now.",Sakura said rubbing her face as she left Sasuke's room.She walked to the kichen digging through his food for she was really hungry and she had a huge headache.
After she got cereal,she looked through his cabinets trying to find some pain killers or advil or whatever.
"Doesn't this guy get headaches?",she muttered as she sat down unable to find something.She ate her cereal and then walked to his room again to take a shower.
She took a long hot shower.It made her feel absolutely better.But she had seemed to stay there for too long.She checked her watch she left on the counter to see it was already around noon.And she had started to feel dizzy.
"Gosh,I think I soaked too long.",she said getting out of the shower and walking out into his room.There on the bed was Sasuke layed back.She closed the door,her eyes barely open,and her body moving weakly.He sat up and sighed.
"Finally,you been in there for two hours.",he said.
"Really?",she asked as she see him moving around too much,and felt her cheeks flushing.
Sasuke narrowed his eyes at how she didn't even seem half-awake and how her cheeks were so red,compared too her light porcelien doll skin.
Suddenly,Saura started to fall and Sasuke jumped running after her and catching her.
"Damn it.",he said as he picked her up in his arms and set her on the bed.
"..S-sasuke...",she whispered.His eyes widened and he sat by her grabbing him in her arms and bought their faces close together.
"What?What is it?",he asked.
" me...",she whispered before completely being knocked out.
"What?",he asked very confused.He sighed and just started to fan her out.

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