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I was actaully suprised.
Chemstry went so fast I was shocked when the bell went.
My old "friends" didn't even try to make contact with me, which I was very thankful for.
Frank and Bob were just so nice to me. I am very happy that they are my friends now.

After school, it was normal for the guys to go to Gerard and Mikey's house. I wasn't sure if I should go, because they didn't ask me. I didn't know if they expected me to go or if they were going to ask.
So I walked out of the school gates on my own - as usual - and as I'm turning the corner to go home, I hear footsteps running up to me.
"Lauren...Lauren...wait..." The voice said.
I stopped walking and turned around. It was Gerard. Oh my god, oh my god. I can hear and feel my heart beating so fast.

It's okay Lauren calm down, breathe normal, breathe normal.

"What's up Gerard?" I asked, trying to keep my voice as normal as possible.
It's weird, I only saw him at lunch, but I feel different round him than I do round the others, and I'm not sure why yet.
"I...I...I was.." Gerard was struggling to get what he wanted out. I started laughing. How can it take this long to say something?
"Don't laugh" He pointed at me but he also had a smile on his face.
"I was wondering...if you wanted to come to my house with the guys." He looked at me. He looked right into icy blue eyes with his beautfiul hazel eyes.
"Really? You sure?'Cos I don't really want to get in your way or anything."
"What you talking about silly. You are our friend now. And we are your friends now whether you like it or not, okay. So come on get your butt over here so we can go to my house."
I smiled and walked over to Gerard and he put his arm around me as we walked over to the rest of the guys.
I felt so good right now. I was walking with Gerard's arm around me. I couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face.
Okay, I may as well admit this to myself.
I may have a little crush on Gerard.
Okay scratch that.
I have a HUGE crush on Gerard.

I've never felt this way about anyone before. I like the feeling but I'm also scared.
He might already have a girlfriend and I don't really wanna make a fool out of myself if I say anything to him or to anyone.
I think I'm gonna keep my mouth shut for now.

By the time I stopped day dreaming, we were at Gerard and Mikey's house.
It was normal looking, not that I expected anything out of the ordinary anyway. There was a black SUV in the drive. I wondered whose it was, but I wasn't going to ask.
When we got inside, there living room and kitchen was like any other you would come across.
I stood there for a second. Not looking in awe or anything, but for that second my feet stopped working. Frank had to drag me to catch up with everyone else.
We all went through a door which let to the basement, which also looked alot like a bedroom.
"Okay before we do anything in here, I'm going to my bedroom for a sec."
By that statement, I guessed the basement room was Gerard's.
"What are we gonna do today then?" Aksed Ray. He sounded enthusiastic enough. He really wanted to do something.
"I want to get to know our darling Lauren first." Said Bob.
"There isn't really much to know" I stated dully.
When Mikey came back down, he was holding a DVD. Which one I don't know but I'm sure I would find out soon.
"Hey Mikey, don't you think we should get to know Lauren?" Frank asked.
"Of course, I mean, why have a friend if you don't know them." This was true what Mikey said, but I don't really like to tell people about me.
"So come on then Lauren, tell us about you."
"Seriously guys, there isn't much to know"
They weren't going to give up that easily, so I guess I'm gonna have to give up.
"Fine I'll tell you about me. What do you wanna know?"
"What's your middle name?" This was Bob's question. Obviously he wanted to do what was right by me, and not give away too much, I thanked him in my head.
"Where were you born?" Asked Ray
"How long have you lived here?" Asked Mikey.
"Nine years."
"When is your birthday?" Aked Frank.
"December 12th."
"What are your parents like?" Asked Gerard.
Yeah the one topic I was hoping to avoid.

"Well my mom is a bitch. She doesn't give a crap about me, same with my dad and my sister. I think that having me was a mistake and they would rather I was dead..."
That part went by more or less like that.
After I was finished, Frank and Mikey couldn't take their eyes off me. Ray just kept looking at his feet. Bob was covering his mouth with his hand. What shocked me most was that Gerard was almost in tears.
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