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It was quite for at least five minutes until someone said anything. That someone was Ray.
"How can someone be that neglected by their own family. It's not right."
Nobody said anything.
I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. They wanted to know about my family so I told them.
I just sat there on Gerard's bed staring at my green conversers.
Then I felt something sit next to me and hugged me tight. It was Frank. Nobody said anything. We just hugged for a while.
Frank then layed back on the bed and layed down next to him still hugging me. After a while I felt my eyes go heavy. I don't remember anything else.
When I woke up it was dark and Frank was no longer next to me. I looked at my watch and it was 10:34. As I got up, I noticed that there was no one else in the room.
Then I heard voices coming from a room within this room.
I got up quietly and went to where the voices was coming from and listened.
"...has to deal with this knowing that her parents don't give a crap." I heard a voice but I didn't know whose it was.
"I know. Shit. Fuck. I really feel for her I really do."
"I know, but there isn't anything we can do except be there for her when she's down."
"I think we should meet her parents."
Everyone gasped. Even I did. I think they might of heard me because I could hear footsteps coming towards the door. I quickly ran across the room and jumped on the bed and prayed they thought I was asleep.
"Lauren, we know you're awake." This voice was Mikey.
I stayed still, hoping that they thought they got it wrong and leave me alone.
"Lauren, we know you're awake now turn around."
I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed.

"How did you know I was awake?"
"We heard you gasp and jump on the bed." Replied Mikey.
"Why were you listening to what we were saying?" Asked Bob.
"Why were you talking about me? If you wanted to know anything you could of asked and I would of told you. And no! You are not meeting my parents. I forbid you to step foot in my house while they are there. Same goes for my sister and any other family member."
I felt angry that they were talking about me but also upset. I didn't know which one I felt most.
"Please. Lozzy. Let us meet your parents. I don't know about these guys but I want to know exactly how they treat you." Gerard said. Oh my god, just looking at him made me change my mind let alone the sound of his voice.
"Okay. Okay you win. We will meet my parents. When?"
They sat there for a minute thinking.
Suddenly Ray clapped his hands together and said "Tonight."
Everyone agreed, but I wasn't sure. Tomorrow maybe, but I wasn't ready tonight.
By the time I made my decision, everyone was ready to go. I only realised this when Mikey grabbed my arm and dragged me up the stairs and out of the Way's house.

On the way to my house we were all talking as if it was a normal thing we were doing. I guess it was to these five but I hated people meeting my parents because of how they treat me.
Mikey had his arm linked with mine and pulled me backed a little so he could talk to me on my own.
"So. Thinking?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Anything in particular or should I say anyONE?"
"Mikey, what's wrong with you?" I laughed. I couldn't tell him that I liked his older brother. Those two seemed pretty close from what I saw and I don't know Mikey enough to trust him not to tell Gerard.
"Oh nothing sweet little Lozzy. So what do you think of us lot then?"
"You guys are all amazing I can't thank you enough for everything, I mean you didn't know me and you wanted me to sit with you."
"It's okay, I've only known you since lunch today, but I love you already, you are one of my best friends already."
I smiled so much at that moment. Never in high school has someone ever said that to me.
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