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Lauren P.O.V
Waking up in Gerard's arms was nice. I wanted to lay there forever just so I could have his arms round my waist and breath on my neck.
"I'm never gonna let you go..." Mumbled Gerard. I couldn't help but laugh. I wonder who he was dreaming of. I could only wish that he was dreaming of me.
I looked at my watch which read 6:15. There's still a while until we have to go to school, but seeing as I'm awake, I'll have my shower now. I hope they won't mind.
Thankfully I didn't wake anyone up as I went from the basement and went looking for the bathroom.
I found it in seconds and had a fifteen minute shower. When I went downstairs wrapped in a towel I saw someone sitting at the counter in the kitchen.
Please it's one of the guys.
Of course it wasn't. It was a women, proberbly their mom. She turned around when she heard me coming down the stairs.
"I'm really sorry I used your shower without asking, I wouldn't normally do it." Me apologising, hopefully she won't be too mad.
"Oh don't worry about it sweetheart. You must be Lauren, I'm Donna, Gerard and Mikey's mother. Do you want some coffee?"
I nodded. She seemed nice.
"What are you doing up this time of the morning? Do you want some pancakes?"
"Yes please, and erm...I was awake so I thought I may as well get up."
"You're a very nice girl aren't you? Mikey's told be a bit about you, but Gerard won't stop talking about you."
I blushed at that moment. Why would Gerard be talking about me?
"Aww I've embarressed you now. Oh I'm so sorry."
"Don't worry about it. What's Gerard been saying exactly. I've haven't even known him a day, he doesn't know that much about me."
"It's not really my place to say, sweetheart."
Not her place to say? What has he been saying?
"Mom, what time is - you went."
Gerard was a red as can he can possibly be. I laughed and turned to my coffee.
"Oh sweetie, I forgot you're only wearing a towel. Go to Mikey's room and see if you find anything to wear."
"Oh yeah, thanks Mrs Way."
"Please call me Donna."

Gerard P.O.V
Oh my god! Where is she?
I woke up and Lauren wasn't next to me like I hoped she would be.
I went upstairs to find my mom making pancakes.
"Mom, what time is -"
I didn't really know what I was saying next because I cut off my the most beautiful girl in the world. Lauren.
But only Lauren. Lauren in nothing but a towel, and it was one of the small ones. Oh my god I could feel myself going stiff and had to sit down quick before anyone noticed.
She laughed before taking a sip of her coffee and went upstairs to get some clothes on. My god I wish I would go with her and touch her and kiss her and take that towel from her...shit!
"Gerard, you better get ready in a minute, you don't want to be late for school."
"I think it's best if I stay sitting down for a few minutes"
"But Gerard --"
"Mom! Really, it's...a guy...thing." Shit! That's not the kind of thing you want to say to your mom!
"Oh my, you have a crush on her don't you. That explains all the talking and the 'sitting down', don't look at me like that Gerard, I'm your mother, I know what 'sitting down' really means."
At least I didn't have to explain it to her. I sighed with relief.
"So is this your first erection?"
"I'm...sorry Gerard...ha ha ha" She couldn't stop laughing. I was so thankful that Lauren, or any of the guys had to heard this.
She stopped and looked at me.
"My little boy is growing up." And with that I walked back to my room.

Lauren P.O.V
Looking through Mikey's clothes I noticed that he had good taste in bands. I was wearing his one of many Iron Maiden shirts, and a pair of this many black skinny jeans.
I then went back downstairs and Gerard was no longer in the kitchen. That saddened me a little.
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