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Lauren P.O.V
When I woke up this morning, I felt so good. I had a huge smile on my face and the most gorgeous man alive arms around me. We were both naked in bed.
If you haven't figured it out yet, me and Gerard had sex last night. It was so good. I wanted him to hold me forever.
I turned round and he was still asleep. His breath on my neck. I lightly kissed him on the lips which caused him to wake up.
He stared into my eyes and smiled.
"Hey beautiful." He said, his voice still sounded a little tired.
"Morning, gorgeous." I kissed him again but didn't pull away. Gerard removed his hand from my waist and dragged them thorugh my hair.
I didn't want to pull away, but he did.
"Lauren, last night was the most amazing thing. But I need to ask you something."
He paused for a second before he continued.
"Does this make up boyfriend and girlfriend, now?"
I stared at him, trying to see whether he was joking or not. When I saw that he wasn't, I thought I'd better say something.
"Oh, Gerard. You think that I'm gonna have sex with you and then not be your girlfriend? You're silly, of course it does."
He looked so happy, I never wanted his smile to fade. He kissed me lightly before deciding to get up.

Gerard P.O.V
I loved waking up next to Lauren. She looked so beautiful with her hair all over the place. I woke up to her kissing me lightly. God her lips are so soft.
I kissed her a few minutes before asking her if we were going out. She stared blankly at me before saying that we are going out.
I was so happy. So was she. I kissed her again before I decided that we should get up.
"Come on Lauren, we gotta get up some time today. I wanna shower!"
"Go, have a shower then."
"I would, but I want you to come with me"
She laughed before turning round and got out of bed - naked, may I add - and went towards the bathroom. I wasted no time and ran to the bathroom with her.
We were in the shower for at least an hour, most of the time we were making out.

Mikey P.O.V
When I woke up, I almost forgot that Lauren and Gerard were gonna tell each other how they felt. I wonder if they did actaully say anything. I looked at the clock. 10:30. I got up, had a shower, got dressed and woke Frank up.
"Dude, go away, I was sleeping!" He said into his pillow.
"Frankie, man, you gotta get up, we gotta go see Gee and Lauren."
The minute I mentioned Gerard's name, Frank was up and in the shower. Obviously, Frank just wanted to know if they did 'it'. Seriously, it is all the kid thinks about, getting laid, it drives me crazy sometimes!
So once Frank was ready, we went to their room to find out what happened.

Lauren P.O.V
Just as we got out of the shower, there was a knock at the door.
It was Mikey and Frank.
"Hey, did you have sex?"
"Frank! Sorry about him. It's all he thinks about."
I rolled my eyes and told them to come in.
When Gerard came out from the bathroom, Frank asked him the same question.
"Frank, is that all you think about?" Gerard asked.
Gerard and I looked at each other, not knowing whether to tell them yet or not.
As we were secretly making our choice, Frank sniffed me.
"Hmmm, she has had a shower, but there is a slight hint they had sex!"
I turned back to Gerard, and I swear I was as red as he was.
Gerard sat on the bed, looked at me, and we both nodded. Gerard started explaining what happened after the movie...

"Frank, dude, calm the fuck down." Mikey said softly.
Frank did a little 'victory' dance before sitting back down.
"You used protection, right?"
"Yes, Frankie, we did."
"Good, 'cos I am sooo not ready to be an uncle yet."
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