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We all went shopping today, in New York. It was great. It was even better because me and Gerard were holding hands the whole time. Ray and Bob know now as well. Everyone is really happy for us. I heard from Mikey, that Gerard liked me when I knocked him over on the first day back at school!
I never thought I would be with someone as sweet, caring, and gorgeous as Gerard.

First we went to the huge mall, and went straight to Hot Topic. It's my most favourite place in the world!
I didn't have any money to buy anything though. I only had enough to come here, let alone shop!
It's a shame because I saw this amazing outfit. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I just couldn't buy it! Doesn't matter though, maybe next time.
"Hey there's a Starbucks, do you guys wanna get some coffee?" Asked Frank, he seemed a little desperate to get me out of Hot Topic, I didn't know why, but he did keep looking at Gerard really weird.
So, anyway, we got some coffee, but when I went to sit down with the guys, Gerard was missing.
"Hey, Mikey, where's Gerard?"
"He, erm...he went --"
" -- to the bathroom." Finished Bob.
Okay, they were being really strange.
Then I thought of something.
Was Gerard seeing someone else? Already?

No Lauren, get that stupid thought out of your head now!

I was being a little silly, maybe he is actaully in the bathroom. Maybe Mikey just didn't know where he was. Yeah that explains it.

Gerard P.O.V
I'm finally her boyfriend. She's finally my girlfriend. Could this day get any better?
We went shopping in the mall, and Lauren, dragging me with her, ran straight into Hot Topic. It's her favourite store.
Anyway, I saw her looking at this really cool outfit, that she would look amazing in. She tried it on, and I was right, she looked gorgeous. She said that she didn't have any money, because her parents wouldn't give her any. Not that I'm suprised.
I saw how much she loved the outfit and told the guys to get her somewhere else, rather than here. Frank suggested Starbucks. They went to get some coffee while I went back into Hot Topic, and bought Lauren the outfit. It was a bit pricey, but she's worth it.
Actually to tell you the truth, although we've only known each other for a week, and been going out since this morning, but I think I'm falling in love with her.

Bob P.O.V
On the way to the mall, I found out from Lauren, that she and Gerard are going out. I'm so happy for them, they've liked each other since they met. I can't help but be a little jealous though. No I don't like Lauren, but I mean, I want someone to care for me and for me to care for them. I just have to be patient.
When we went for coffee, Gerard went back into Hot Topic to buy Lauren the outfit she liked. I know she's going to love that he got it for her. Lauren's a really sweet girl. It's nice to finally hang out a female. She's definatly one of my best friends for life!

Lauren P.O.V
Gerard finally came back, but I don't think he went to the bathroom. How do I know this? Because the bathroom was in the oppisite direction to where he came from. I'll talk to him later about that.

Ray P.O.V
"Did you get it?" I asked, in a whisper.
Gerard nodded. I didn't see any shopping bags with him though.
"Dude, where is it then?"
"In the car, I'm gonna give it to her later, before we go out again."
Cool, I could tell Gerard is falling in love with Lauren. I could tell Lauren was falling in love with him.
They weren't sitting next to eachother at the table, but they kept there eyes on each other at all time.

Lauren P.O.V
Before we got back to the hotel, we decided that were gonna go to a club down the road. No not one of those clubs that play shit, a club that plays proper music - rock!
I didn't know what I was going to wear, my clothes are not club material. That outfit in Hot Topic would of been perfect!
When we got up to our room, Gerard was a little bit werid, he was hiding something, but I'll talk to him about it when I'm out of the shower.

Gerard P.O.V
Lauren could tell I was acting different in our room. She barely said a word to me before going in the shower.
When she was in the shower, I ran back downstairs to my car to her outfit. I ran back upstairs and I swear I was gonna collapse. We were on the 5th floor after all!
I went in the room and she was out the shower. She was wearing a towel. Again. Fuck does she look good wearing a towel.
"Where have you been?" She asked, with a little anger in her voice.
"Went to the car. To get something."
"Really? What?"
"This." I gave her the bag that said Hot Topic on it. Lauren, gave me a werid look before looking in the bag. She didn't smile.
Oh crap!
Lauren put down the bag, walked over to me and kissed me passionatley.
"Thank you, Gerard, so so much, I love it."
"I knew you would."
"You didn't have to buy me anything though." Her smile was beautiful.
"I saw how much you liked it, I had to get it for you."
"You're so sweet, I love you..." Her smile faded so fast, and took her arms from around my neck and put them by her side.
"Oh my god, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that, it's too soon to be saying that --"
"Woh, Lauren, Calm down." I put my arms around her wasit and hugged her.
I whispered in her ear "I love you, too."
She held me tighter and looked into my eyes.
"Really." Still whispering.

Lauren P.O.V
Oh my god. My life is complete (minus a family). I told Gerard I loved him. I honestly didn't mean to say it seeing as we've been going out eight hours. Yes I've been counting. But I do love him and I was so happy when he said it back.
I have the most amazing boyfriend and the most amazing best friends in the world.
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