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We're at the club now, and it's really good. They have the best music playing. I'm kinda sad that we have to leave tomorrow morning. But school comes first. (Remember that I'm very scarastic.)
I've been dancing with Gerard before I really needed a drink. When I got my diet cola, I accidently knocked over someone. I have to stop being in such a hurry.
"Oh my god I am so sorry, are you okay?"
"Yeah, apart from the fact that I have cola down my top!"
"I'm really sorry let me get you cleaned up."
Me and the girl went to the bathroom so she could clean herself.
"I'm Lauren, by the way." I held out my hand, hoping she wasn't angry enough not to shake it.
She did shake it. "I'm Alicia."
"Nice, to meet you, are you here with anyone?"
"Yeah, erm it's me, Jamia, Krista, Lindsay and Katelyn. You?"
"Erm, me, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob."
"Wow, all boys, are they single? They sound hot."
"All of them except Gerard. He's my boyfriend." I couldn't keep the smile off my face. I really loved him.
"Cool, erm is it okay if we meet them?"
"Sure, come on, where are your friends?"
"Hey, Alicia, I just saw these really cute guys out there...who's this?" said one girl, she was shorter than Frank. This made me laugh.
"Oh this is Lauren, she knocked me over, and somehow we're now friends." She laughed.
"Oh cool, I'm Jamia."
"I'm Krista."
"And I'm Lindsay."

I'm going to spell her name as Lyn-z

We were talking for a while until Mikey knocked on the door to make sure everything was okay. How did he know I was in here?
"Everything's fine Mikey. Hey, come in here I want you to meet some new friends of mine."
A few seconds later Mikey decided to come in and his eyes immediatley landed on Alicia.
"H-h-hi, I'm Mikey."
"I-I'm Alicia."
They shook hands, both not taking their eyes off each other.
Then an idea came to mind. I'm gonna get these two together by the end of the night - hopefully.
"Okay, shall we go back out there then?"
"Oh, cough yeah sure." Aww Mikey was so cute when he's in love. I couldn't help but laugh.

Mikey P.O.V
I couldn't find Lauren anywhere, so I thought she may have been in the bathroom, which she was.
She told me to come in, which was weird. She wasn't alone. She was with these other girls, but my eyes were drawn to one.
She was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her.
We stared into each others eyes for a while, until Lauren ruined it. I know I have literally just met her, but I wanna ask her out, even though we are going home tomorrow.
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