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Alicia P.O.V
I can't believe Mikey asked me if we should start a family. Of course I wanted to, but I wasn't sure if he was ready.
I was so happy when he said he wanted to, but we're gonna leave it until after the wedding.
We went back downstairs to tell Jamia and Frank.
"Guy, we have some good news." Mikey said.
"What is it?" Asked Frank.
"Well, after our wedding, we're..."
"You're what?"
"We're gonna start a family."
"Oh my god that is so great!" Jamia said.
So we started celebrating again, this time without Lauren on the phone.

Gerard P.O.V
I got a text from Frank saying that he's engaged. I was happy for him. Everyone seems to be getting married now.
I'm in the living room with my beautiful fiancee. She was asleep. God she's gorgeous when she's sleeping.
I took my arm from around her and let her lie on the couch, I put a blanket on her and went upstairs to go to the bathroom.
On the way there, I got another text saying that after his wedding, Mikey and Alicia were gonna start their own family. Agian I was happy for them. I'm not invited to their wedding. I can't believe Mikey would rather his best friend be there than his own brother.
So, yeah I was on my way to the bathroom.

Lyn-z P.O.V
I was asleep on the couch, but I woke up. Gerard wasn't there so I went looking for him. When I got out of the basement, I saw the Way's home phone blinking. There was a message on it.
Being the curious girl I am, I listened to the message.
"Hey Mikey, it's Lauren. I take it your not in. Well erm. I went for my ultrasound today and I'm having twins, a boy and a girl. I'm really happy and I hope you are too. You haven't told Gerard have you? You can't tell him Mikey. Please. I trust you. I don't want Gerard knowing he's going to be a father, he ruined that chance when he cheated on me with that slut. Please Mikey, call me yeah?"
I can't believe it. When they were together, he got her pregnant and he doesn't even know.
I heard footsteps and I had to do something and quick.
Beep. Message deleted
"Hey, sugar, what you doing up?"
"I wondered where you were so I tried to find you."
"Oh, why are you by the phone?"
Should I tell him? If I do he might leave me and go back to her. No Gerard wouldn't do that to me. I need to tell. They're his kids, he needs to know.
"No reason."
[[The End]]
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