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We're back at home now. Seeing Lauren again was great, she's getting so big now!
I'm proposing to Jamia tonight. Us and Mikey and Alicia are going to the movies and I was gonna do it on the way back in the middle of the street where our song will be playing. Rose petals will be on the floor, I'll get down on one knee and do it! Mikey and Alicia know. They're so happy that I'm growing up.
It is now time to go to the movies.

"Come on sweetie lets go. The movie starts in half and hour!" Yelled Jamia. She loves her movies. She likes being cuddled up to me.
"Yeah I'm now coming."
I let a sigh. I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and was talking to myself.

"Okay Frankie boy, you can do this, you love her with all your heart. You want her to be your wife. She's gonna say yes! Of course she is, because she loves you too. Okay, I'm ready."

I had the ring in my pocket, and I'm ready to go.

After the movies.

We're walking back to Jamia's. God I am so nervous. I need to do this right. Excatly the way I saw it in my head at home.
"I can't belive you're going to propose to her, Frankie, I never thought you'd get married." Mikey teased.
"Hey keep your voice down, she might here you. And of course I'm gonna get married. I am so ready. Even if I am only 18."
We turned the corner to our street and I send a text to the person would be playing our song. Unintended by Muse.
Alicia walks back to walk with Mikey and I walk with Jamia. The love of my life. The person I wanna spend every waking second with.
The music starts.
"Aww Frank, it's our song. Oh my god there's so many rose petals on the floor." She laughed. I loved how she laughs. It's the most beautful sound in the world apart from her voice.
"Yeah, I had someone out them there. I know they're your favourite. Oh and I had someone play our song too." My god could my heart beat any faster?
Okay, I'm gonna do it now!
"Because I love you. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you and I need to ask you something..." I got down in one knee. "Jamia Nestor, will you make me the happiest man alive, and marry me?"
Alicia and Mikey looked on. Alicia was crying she was so happy for us.
I wrapped my arms around Jamia's waist and lifted her in the air before kissing her passionatly.

Mikey P.O.V
Me and Alicia were really happy when Jamia said yes. Frank couldn't be any happier if he tried.
I can't believe little Frankie is gonna get married soon.
I'm getting married soon as well. I can't wait. We have another six months until our wedding. Frank of course is my best man. I've already bought my tux. I look good in it. I really do.
We're back at Jamia's now. We're having a celebration. But first we called Lauren.
Ring, ring, ring
"Hey Lauren it's us!"
"Hey Mikey, guys what's up?"
"Can I tell her, please Frankie baby, let me tell her."
"Yeah, of course, baby."
"Tell me what? Frank you haven't got her pregnant have you?" She laughed.
"Oh my god, contratulations you guys I'm so happy for you!"
It went on for about two hours. We all drank to Jamia and Frank, Lauren of course drinking orange juice and the rest of us drinking champagne.
Lauren had to go so we weren't talking to her anymore tonight.
Then it came to me. I don't know where the thought came from, only I knew I was ready for it.
"Erm...Alicia, can I talk to you in private for a sec?"
We went upstairs so that Jamia and Frank couldn't hear us.
"What's up Mikey?"

A moment later...

"What?" Alicia was shocked by what I just said.
"Are you serious?"
I nodded.
"I really want this Alicia."
"How long have you been thinking about this?"
"Like..." I looked at my watch. "Two minutes."
Her eyes widened.
"Are seriously serious about this? I mean I'm ready, I've just been waiting for you to say something."
I nodded again.
"Yes, I am serious. I wanna start a family."
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