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Alicia P.O.V
It's been four months since Lauren left New Jersey and out of our lives. We, being me, Jamia, Mikey and Frank, all talk to her via email and cell. We really miss her. So so much.
Now that Lauren has left, Gerard and Lyn-z are properly dating. It sickens me. I can't believe that Gerard just went from one girl to the next that quick. I thought he loved Lauren. Obviously not.
Me and Mikey are still together. Mikey didn't speak to Gerard properly for two months when Jamia told him what he did. He's really happy for Lauren's pregnancy though.
She's having twins. Lauren is having twins. We're so happy for her. It's a boy and a girl. She doesn't know what to name then yet though.
Me, Mikey, Jamia and Frank are all going to see her this weekend. Suprising her. She'd love that. Gerard and Lyn-z don't know we still talk to her. They still don't know that she's pregnant with Gerard's twins! The only way he will find out is if Lauren decides to tell him herself. I don't think she will do that though.
She says she's not going back to school. She doesn't see any point as she would have to leave to have her babies. Which is cool, I totally support her descision.
We all really love her. Never do we want to lost contact with her. Ever.

Mikey proposed a couple of months ago. I said yes, obviously. We've only been together two months then, but we love each other so much. Lauren and Jamia are going to be my bridesmaids. The wedding is after Lauren's had her twins. She's going to bring them with her, Mikey said Gerard and Lyn-z aren't going to be at the wedding. He didn't want them there. I can't blame him really.

Mikey P.O.V
Me and Alicia are engaged. I'm so happy. I really am!
We're going to have the wedding after Lauren has given birth.
I don't want Gerard or Lyn-z coming to our wedding. I hate my own brother for what he did to her. My best friend. I chose my best friend over my own brother.
Lauren is living in Conneticut. She says she's happy there, but I'm not so sure.
We're going to see her tomorrow, as a suprise. We really miss her.
I was so happy find out that I was going to have a niece and a nephew. I can't believe it. I haven't told Gerard or Lyn-z about the twins. I don't think he would care. He loves Lyn-z. Lyn-z says that he was in love with her at the time Gerard was seeing Lauren. I hate Lyn-z. I will never forgive her. I thought Gerard loved Lauren. Lauren would of died for him. It's pretty clear now that Gerard wouldn't of.
They were going out for about 10 hours before Gerard decided to throw it all away. I used to look up to him, but now. I can't.
We're in a band now though. Me, Gerard, Frank, Ray and Bob.
I play bass, Gerard is the singer, Frank plays rhythum guitar and backing vocals, Ray is lead guitar and backing vocals and Bob is the drummer.
I came up with the name for the band. My Chemical Romance. Catchy huh?
We have a few songs actually playing one of our songs for Eyeball Records next week. It's so cool. I haven't told Lauren. I don't want her to know just yet. But she will be happy for us. All of us, except Gerard. Not that I blame her.

Gerard P.O.V
Four months Lauren has been out of my life. I haven't heard a word from her. The first few weeks I tried calling her but she would never answer. I'm not suprised. I wouldn't blame her if she hated me for the rest of her life. We loved each other and I threw that away.
But I'm with Lyn-z now. I love her now. She's my life now. I proposed a week after Lauren left. I know I'm a bad person. But I have no chance with Lauren. I've moved on with Lyn-z. She my fiancee and I'm going to be with her for the rest of my life.
The wedding's in three months. We love each other so why wait for a year or more?
I feel nothing for Lauren now. Sure, if she came back in my life we can try and be friends. I would like that. But it can never go further.

Frank P.O.V
It's Saturday. Today I see my best friend for the first time four months. I didn't even see her on my birthday - bitch! Joke! But I did get a package in the mail. I got a Black Flag hoodie an Iron Maiden top and these skeleton gloves. Oh I also got a new lip ring. She really know what I like. I love her so much. She's the sister I never had.
Jamia has been with me to comfort me. She knows how much Lauren means to me. I love Jamia. I'm thinking of proposing after we get back home. I really hope she says yes.
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