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Weeks had passed since waking up next to my enemy, and not a lot had changed.

Band practice.


Fighting with Frank.


Maybe thinking about kissing Frank again.


Fighting with Frank.


Band practice.

Tomorrow was Saturday 31th October. I was staying round Frank's with the rest of the guys, although Frank tried to protest. It was really just a sleepover, for mine and Frank's birthday. His being halloween, and mine being two days after. I wondered why they weren't gonna have a party, but apparently, not many people like them, which was odd because they were cool guys.

The next day...

I was currently packing some stuff for tonight. The only time I had stayed out was when I slept at Gerard's first day they met me, and since then I've had to put up with the horrible colors of my room. Luckily though, Shania never got me another Zac Efron poster.

For an odd reason, none of the guys could come pick me up, so I had to make my own way to Frank's. I got Gerard to tell me where he lived, just in case Frank told me wrong. And I was actually surprised that he didn't tell me wrong, and that he lived quite close to me.

I knocked on the door, and a lady answered the door. I assumed it was Frank's mom.

"Oh hi, you must be Elizabeth. Come in." I thanked her.

"Are the guys here yet?" She shook her head.

"Sorry Elizabeth, they're not. Frank said to be here at 7:00." I'm gonna kill Gerard!

"Oh okay, and can you not call me that. Call me Lizzy."

"Sure, call me Linda. Frank said you liked being called Elizabeth." I thought it might have something to do with him.

"No I hate it. He knows that, but...we don't exactly see eye to eye." I told his mom.

"I noticed that. When the guys are here, and they talk about how nice you are, he comes back with such bad things. Yet when he talks to me..." She trailed off.

"What does he say?"

"I don't think I should say dear, it's not my place." I nodded. Just then a very hyper Frank ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where he saw me and his mom talking.

"Mom, who was at the -- oh hey Lizz -- Elizabeth." He spat out quite cheerfully. I raised my eyebrows at the weird boy.

"Frank take Lizzy to your room while you wait for the guys." Franks mood changed back to normal and I followed him to his room.

Not one of us said a word to each other the whole time.

An hour went by slowly and finally the doorbell went. I ran down with Frank and opened the door to reveal Mikey, Ray, Bob and grinning Gerard.

"Hey, how are you two?"

"Gerard Way I am going to murder you!" I slapped him.

That went on for a while until he apologised.

We played truth or dare for hours in Frank's room. I made out with Gerard and Mikey. Gerard and Frank had made out, and it. Was. Really. Hot. It was fun, until it was my turn. And it was Gerard deciding what the truth or dare was.

"I pick...dare." They guys, except Frank, 'ooh-ed' me. They started laughing.

"Okay." Gerard began. "I dare you to...make out --"

"Oh god."

"Make out with...our little Frankie." Oh shit.
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