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Finally, after thirty awkward minutes with myself, Gerard and the guys came back with pizza. They didn't know what I liked so they just got be a plain cheese one, which was fine with me, although I wasn't very hungry.

When they came in the garage, they noticed me sitting on the couch, and Frank getting everything ready. Mikey raised his eyebrows at me, "I fell and hurt my ankle." I said, pointing to the injured part of my body. He just nodded, smiling.

"She wouldn't stop screaming. It's just a hurt ankle, and she was acting as if she was fucking dying." Frank said in monotone.

I glared at him. He didn't know it, but I wasn't glaring in the same way as before.

That little kiss we shared earlier affected me. Even if it was just to shut me up. I still hated Frank, but there was something else now.

I didn't like him, did I? No, that's stupid. How can you like someone you hate just because they kissed you?

I don't like Frank, I refused to.

After we ate our pizza, the guys played some songs for me. They were amazing. I can't believe how talented they were. Gerard had an amazing voice, and the rest of the guys were great at what they were playing.

They started with Our Lady Of Sorrows, then Headfirst For Halos, next was Vampires Will Never Hurt You and finally they ended with Demolition Lovers, which I gotta say, was my favorite. It was really sweet, and whoever wrote it, the person it's about should feel really special.

About an hour after that, we went to sleep. I was so tired. We slept in the garage for some strange reason. I laid next to Bob on the couch. Gerard and Mikey brought in another couch and they shared that. There were two single chairs in there which Ray and Frank took.

Gerard P.O.V
"Mikey?" I whispered hoping not to wake anyone up.

"Yeah?" Good he was awake.

"Do you wanna annoy the crap out of Frank and Lizzy?" He nodded beside me.

We got up, and woke Bob and Ray too. We knew that Frank was a really heavy sleeper, so he wouldn't wake up. But Lizzy on the other, we weren't sure of.

Mikey and Ray carried Frank upstairs into the guest room, and Bob carried Lizzy up. Surprisingly, she was also a deep sleeper.

We got them to the guest room, and they were still asleep.

Even though we didn't want to, we undressed Lizzy and Frank so that they were left wearing only their underwear.

We had Frank laying on his side and Lizzy squeezed up next to him, her face facing his chest. We then wrapped their arms around each other. Of course we took pictures and ruin their little lives with them if we wanted to. Laughing, we left them there in bed, nearly naked, sleeping together.

The next morning...

I woke up in the garage to hear screaming coming from upstairs. Me and the guys laughed and went to make coffee.

Normal P.O.V
I woke up but didn't open my eyes. I was about to when I noticed something.

This didn't feel like a couch. It felt more like a bed. I moved my hands, and they were on someone else's body.

But not just a body. A NAKED body.

I opened my eyes to see of all people, Frank Iero sleeping next to me, in only his boxers, his arms around me. I looked down. I too was only in my underwear.

I'm gonna kill them guys.

Feeling really shocked, I screamed. Loud.

"AH! GERARD ARTHUR WAY GET YOUR ASS UP HERE NOW!" This woke poor little Frank up

"What...the...FUCK!?" We split and stood on the other side of the room. We couldn't look at each other, as we were almost naked. I saw my top and quickly pulled it on. Frank had left the room by this point.

I couldn't help but think though...

Oh god please don't think it!

...he did...

Don't think it Lizzy, you're stronger than that!

...look nice in just boxers.

You should listen to yourself once in a while.
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