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The walk back to the Way houshold was a bit more lively than before. Gerard and Ray were in deep conversation about something to do with a band, Mikey and Bob were talking about...something. All I know was that they did it on purpose, so Frank and I would say something, but we wouldn't.

I know we had known each other just today, but it must have seemed odd to everyone that we weren't insulting each other, as we had been doing all day.

We walked through the front door, taking off our shoes, and making our way to the living room. We talked about a lot of stuff, mainly them getting to know me and vise versa. They seemed like really cool guys. Why did I say I wasn't gonna make any friends?

Getting to know each other went onto talking about the type of music we liked, which in turn got Mikey talking about a band they were in.

"You're in a band? That's so cool. What are you called?" I asked excitedly.

"We're called My Chemical Romance. We've got a few songs. Gerard is our singer, I'm bass, Ray and Frank play guitar and backing vocals and Bob here is drums." I nodded.

"That's so cool. I'd love to here you play some time." Gerard then suggested that they play for me tonight. Their parents weren't home, so it would be alright.

I nodded, suddenly feeling really excited. I had never been to a concert or anything. I know this wouldn't be a concert, but it would just be so cool seeing these guys play, I just know they're gonna be awesome.

"Hey, does any one want some pizza?" Ray asked, out of the blue. Everyone answered yes.

"Okay then, lets go." Bob said, and we all stood up and made our way to the front door, that is, until Gerard stopped us.

"Wait a minute. Not all of us have to go. No. Two of us can stay here." He looked at me when he said that. "Lizzy, you can stay. about Frank, you stay here too. You guys can go to the garage and set up everything." Before either one of us could reply they were out the door in a flash. Great, I thought.

We just kind of stood in the door way for a minute or two, until Frank finally broke the awful silence that had stayed between us since the end of school, "We better get the stuff ready then." He opened the door to the garage and went in, I stayed by the front door.

"Are you gonna get your ass out here and help or am I gonna have to drag you here!?" He sounded pissed off. He gets annoyed easily, I noticed.

"I think you're gonna have to drag me yourself Frankie boy." He came out the garage and slammed the door shut. It scared me a little. He walked over to me so that he was centimeters away from my face.

"Listen here you little bitch. For once do as I fucking say, and get your fat ass out there and help." My jaw dropped. Fat ass?

"Oh, I'm sorry little Elizabeth, what I meant to say was, fat ugly ass, oh and your screwed up face as well." I slapped him.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME!?" He smirked at me, and turned back towards the garage.

"DON'T FUCKING WALK AWAY FROM ME!" I started to follow him, I wanted to hurt him right now, but I didn't realise that there was a step and fell, hard on my knee.

"OW! Fuck that hurt." I really did. I pulled up jeans and my knee was bleeding. "Great." I couldn't touch it, it hurt so much.

I held onto the wall and tried to stand up, but fell down again in pain when my ankle felt like it was broken. The whole time Frank just stared at me.

"WHAT!?" I screamed. He laughed to himself silently and made his way over to me. He picked me up, even though I fought against him to put me down.

"Put me down!" He wouldn't. He was carrying me bridal style and dropped on the couch that was in here.

"Stupid Elizabeth, can't fucking walk without hurting herself." Frank said, as he was sitting next to my laying self.

"Don't call me Elizabeth." I stated.

"Would you rather I call you Whore?"

"Yes. I would prefer that."

He still sat there. It didn't look like he was gonna move any time soon either. He then looked round to my injured leg and tried to see the damage.

"Don't touch me you bastard!" I yelled.

"Would you stop fucking yelling, you already give me a headache!"

"Well, why don't you just stop being such an arrogant --"

"Lizzy!?" He yelled.

"What!?" I yelled back. Wait did he call me Lizzy?

Frank came closer to me and instantly attached his lips to mine. He lingered for a second before pulling away and saying, "Shut up."

And with that, he went back to the living room, leaving me shocked on the couch in the garage.
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