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It wasn't until lunch the next day that I saw Frank. And it now Gerard and I could put our plan into action.

Eliza actually came into school today, instead of waiting until next Monday.

We all sat the table we usually sit at. I sat in the corner, Gerard next to me and Bob next to him.

Oppisite me was Frank, and Jade sitting on his lap. Ray next to them, and Mikey next to him.

"We need a bigger table." I said randomly. Honestly, this table was made for six people, but it was more like four, the table was that small!

The guys minus Frank and Jade chuckled. I only said something so maybe Frank, or someone would notice that me and Gerard were in fact holding hands!

"Like, oh my god!" The screeching sound of Jade's voice said.

"What is it honey?" Frank asked.

"Like the ugly new girl is holding hands with your ugly best friend!"

Frank's eyes narrowed in on our hands which were placed on the table.

For reason's unknown to me, or anyone else, Frank looked sad, "So...what about Eliza?" He asked, almost whispering.

Gerard cleared his throat, "Well, as you told her last night that we kissed, she dumped me. And...I've kinda like Lizzy for a while anyway." He blushed, oh my god it was so cute.

"Really?" I could tell Frank was struggling to find words of how he felt about this, but I had no idea why!

"God, Frank I'm his girlfriend, what are you find so hard to understand?" I asked.

He shook his head and looked down, not even paying attention to the barbie sitting on him.

I continued eating my lunch, as did everyone else. The rest of the guys knew about the plan too.

To be honest, I don't know what this plan was suppose to do. Frank didn't like me like I like him, I don't know what I was suppose to be doing by pretending to be dating Gerard.

Our eating stopped when I saw Eliza walk up to our table, looking pretty upset, "So it's true!?"

We looked up at her and Gerard spoke, "What's true?"

"Don't give me that shit Gerard! You and her, dating!" I felt like smiling, she was so good. I bet she does Drama...

He sighed, "Yeah we are. You have a problem with that?"

She screamed in anger, took a bottle of water which was sitting next to Bob and chucked the whole lot on me!

"Fucking whore!" She screamed before storming off.

I heard Jade start giggling at the sight of me.

To keep this act going, Gerard comforted me and pulled me onto his lap, and tried to make me feel better.

"Are you okay sugar?" He asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. It's not my fault your ex girlfriend's a bitch." I joked, pretending to be upset.

"I can't believe Eliza just did that! I have never seen her that angry before." Mikey said, now joining in with the conversation.

"Me neither. She was always really nice. I guess she's jealous of you Lizzy." Ray laughed.

I laughed a little. I looked towards Frank, and he looked so upset. Why?

I kinda felt bad now. I've only been here just over a month, and I have never seen him like this.

Even Jade's constant whining wouldn't make him at least act happy.

"Frankie! Are you even listening to me?" She complained for the tenth time.

"No." He said bluntly.

"Well, fuck you Frankie, come find me when...ow!" She yelled when she teared her shirt on the door knob, "Ugh!" She must have forgotten what she was going to say and just walked off.

Frank never went after her.

He just secretly wrote in his book. What it was, I didn't know. But I was sure gonna find out.
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