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Hearing the slamming of the door Frank went through to get to the living room, I turned back to Gerard. I noticed he was blushing slightly, but I had a feeling my face was a deeper shade of red.

"Erm...that's interesting. This isn't going to end well." Gerard said.

I looked at him with a confused look on my face.

"Frank just saw us kiss, I have a girlfriend, and if he got jealous, he'll tell her and she'll break up with me." I could tell Gerard was really worried about this. I think I would be too.

"You have a girlfriend too? Seriously, is there a reason why you're not telling me about them?" I asked, slightly annoyed.

He sighed, "I'm sorry. I know we should have but...I don't actually know why we never told you. My girlfriend has been away visiting her family, so I haven't really seen her..."

"Okay, fine. I'm sure she won't break up with you though. I'm sure if we explain things right, she'll understand."

Gerard nodded, agreeing with me, "Yeah, but what if she doesn't understand. Everyone will think I like you and you like me, and I'm sure you don't want the whole school knowing you're secret crush on Frank."

I bit my lip nervously.

Just then, I heard the front door slam shut. Me and Gerard quickly looked at each other with wide eyes. "Was that Frank?" I nodded.

Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his house and saw that Frank was driving off somewhere, after what Gerard said, I'm guessing his girlfriends place.

Quickly jumping into his car, he sped off down the road after Frank. I was nervous, I had no idea who or what Gerard's girlfriend was like, for all I know she could fucking kill me!

Wherever we were heading wasn't far away, maybe ten blocks from the Way household. Gerard stopped the car and looked through the front window to see a brunette hugging Frank and closing her door. Frank then went back to his car, without noticing Gerard's, and speeding off.

"Come on." He said, getting out the car.

I nervously did the same and followed him to the door where Frank had stood only seconds before.

Gerard knocked twice on the door, slowly. I could tell he was nervous, I mean this was his girlfriend, the girlfriend I knew nothing about. If I did, I would never have kissed him.

I felt so guilty now.

The door slowly opened to reveal a shaken, sobbing brunette. Shit, I feel so horrible.

"What the fuck do you want!?" The girl snapped.

"Eliza, I'm so, so sorry, I really am, but please listen to what we have to say?" He pleaded.

"This is her? This the tramp you fucking kissed!?" She yelled, pointing at me.

I had never felt this bad about anything before. I never knew he had a girlfriend.

"Eliza? Listen to me, I swear on my life, I never knew Gerard was dating someone, and I would never have done that if I knew. I only did it to piss off Frank." I told her without thinking.

The girl I now knew as Eliza softened her expression. "Why?"

I don't know why, but I explained the situation to her, and thankfully she understood.

We must have been talking for an hour before we left.

"Thank you for understanding Eliza, I never thought you would." I said giving her a hug.

"It's okay, I do understand, and sorry for calling you a tramp, I was upset" She said, laughing. I told her it was okay.

She then hugged Gerard and kissed him.

"So, I'll see you at school Monday?" She asked, we said we would.

"Yeah, just remember what we said." She nodded.

I smiled, I couldn't wait until Monday.
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