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He wasn't supposed to be here. The guys said he was in New York visiting his uncle. Did they lie to me, or did he lie to them?

I seriously wanted to break down then and there. But I'll wait until I'm in my own room.

I wiped away any stray tears and was about to leave, when I heard talking coming from Jade's room. I went back to the gap in the wall and saw her talking to some other guy. He must of sneaked in when Frank left.

"Dude." I whispered. The jock and slut started kissing and clothes were being pulled off.

I knew this is what I meant to get before, so I pulled my cell out my pocket again and pressed the record button.

I started recording the horrible scene. The horrible noises filling my ears and the sight was really unbearable, but I needed proof for Frank to see that his girlfriend was a slut.

After a good ten minutes, I couldn't take anymore, I had to get back to Gerard.

I ran out of the laundry room, out the front door, and into Gerard's car where I broke down in tears.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" He asked concerned.

"She was with two guys. She's cheating on Frank." I cried more.

"And you're upset because...?"

"The second guy was some jock from school, he snuck in when the first guy left." By now Gerard had wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back.

"Ssh. It's okay. Can you tell me who the guys were? Did you get the recording?" I nodded.

"I got both of them. The second guy was, I think, Charlie Matthews, and the first guy...the first guy...he-he..." I broke in down again.

"Honey, don't tell me, how you're acting, I think I know who it was. Ssh. It's okay." I cried a little more.

Finally I stopped. "Can we go now?" I asked, wiping my face with the sleeve of my hoody.

"Back to mine?" I nodded.

When we got back to Gerard's, the rest of the guys were there, including Frank.

"I thought you were in New York?" Gerard asked when he saw him.

Frank shrugged, "I decided not to go today. I'll stay longer next week."

I knew it was obvious I had been crying, but I don't care. I sat on the floor with the rest of the guys, and I noticed that all eyes were on me.

"Lizzy, have you been crying?" Ray asked.

"Yeah, so? What's wrong with crying, when something's wrong. Just 'cause you're a guy doesn't mean that you can make fun of me when I cry." I snapped. I didn't mean to, but I was so angry I had to.

The eyes never left me. God what's with the staring? "What!?" I snapped again.

"Lizzy, it's cool yeah, you can cry if you want." Ray finished.

"Thank you." And I cried once more into Mikey's chest.

After a good cry I went into the kitchen for a drink. I didn't notice that someone was watching me.

"Hey." The voice said. I turned around and jumped when I noticed that Frank was only inches from me.

"Hi." I looked down and sniffed.

"Listen, I - We, haven't had a chance to talk about that night --"

"I know what you're gonna say Frank. I feel the same too, it was a mistake and that it shouldn't have happened. Lets get past it and go back to hating each other."

I was going to leave when he grabbed my arm. "Why are you like this? Do you like me? You're jealous because I have a great girlfriend like Jade --"

"What!? She's not so great Frank! She's cheating on you!"

"See what I mean? Jealousy!"

"Whatever! If Jade was such an awesome girlfriend, then why did you kiss me!? Huh!? Answer that assface!" Then, just like that, Frank left the kitchen and stormed upstairs.

I could feel tears, but I weren't going to let them fall.

"Hey, you okay?" I heard Gerard ask. I nodded.

"We just had a disagreement that's all." He hugged me. I started thinking, why can't I have a brother like Gerard. He was so sweet and kind.

Then I heard footsteps coming downstairs.

"That's Frank." Gerard said.

Then, my mind thought of something, maybe to make Frank jealous. "Gerard, if I do something, you promise it won't change our friendship? This is to make Frank jealous, hopefully."

He hesitated for a second, probably knowing what I was going to do, "Er...okay?"

Then, just as Frank came into the kitchen, I attached my lips to Gerard's, I could tell he was a bit shocked at first, but then got into it.

He ran his tonuge along my bottom lip and I granted him access. I won't deny it, I was really enjoying it, and I think he was too.

My arms were round his neck and his were on my hips, but brought one hand up to the back of my head to deepen the kiss.

Shit, he was a good kisser.

Then, someone ruined this moment by clearing their throat. Me and Gerard broke apart and turned to Frank.

"Excuse me." and he passed through us to get to the living room.

I think I may have just made things worse.
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