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"So that was your step mom?" Gerard asked as he wrapped an arm around my waist. I noticed Frank's smile drop when he did this.

I brought my attention to the question asked, "Oh, yeah that's her. Isn't she great?" I asked sarcastically.

"Wonderful, is she the one who did your room?" Mikey asked. I nodded sadly, "Woah. What are you gonna do about it?"

I smiled, "Re paint it. Actually not just paint but...hell, everything needs doing. I can't have pink and purple walls, puple carpet, Zac Efron posters, and definetly not Camp Rock sheet covers!"

The group laughed a little, "When are you gonna start it?"

I shrugged, "When I have time. I don't know. But before christmas, which is in 52 days. I'll get it done by then."

Before anyone could do anything else, there was a knock on my door as someone came in.

It was my dad, and he was not happy.

"Hi dad." I said.

"Elizabeth." Oh no. I was in trouble, "You skipped school today I hear. You're unwell?"

I nodded, "Yes that's right. Dad can you not call me Elizabeth, you know I hate it."

"But then you know when I'm angry. How come these boys are here if you're unwell? Why are they all boys?"

If it was Shania, I may have been able to fool her with any lies that came out of my mouth, but with my dad, it was almost impossible. I struggled to find an aswer.

"It was my fault Mr Simpson." I shockingly heard Frank say, "I was told to bring Lizzy home in case anything happened, like fainting or something. But obviously my friends saw this as an oppurtunity to skip school."

My dad studied Frank for a second, deciding whether to believe his lie or not. I, and the rest of the group stared at him in awe.


"Frank, Frank Iero."

"Okay, Frank, I believe you. Thank you for bringing my daughter home, if she is so unwell, I think it's best if you boys went home." I knew he didn't believe it, but why was he saying he did?

Frank sighed, "Mr Simpson -"

"Call me Tim." My jaw dropped. Never has a boy I knew been able to call my dad by his first name! What the hell was going on!?

"Okay, Tim, as I am in the same grade as Lizzy, the principal as asked if I would stay with her and help with any homework, as she is too unwell to do it herself."

I knew my dad, and I knew he wasn't believing a single word of what Frank was saying, yet he let it go. Why?

He looked at the rest of the group, "You boys best go home and let Frank and Lizzy work together. She'll be fine, you can check up on her this evening if you want. I want you gone in ten minutes." And with that he as out the door.

Our eyes averted back to Frank. We stared at him as if he was some god. Why did he do that?

Even though he wasn't looking our way, it soon became obvious that he felt all eyes on him, "What!?"

"Dude...did you know what you were doing just then?" Gerard asked slowly.

Frank furrowed his eyebrows, "Yes..." He replied just as slow.

"You stuck for Lizzy man, and you called her Lizzy." Mikey stated.

Frank's attention was soon drawn to me. Our eyes burning into each others.

The guys watched us closely, but not daring to say a word, as not to ruin this rare moment.

Suddenly, I jumped off the bed and ran towards him, pulling him into a hug as my arms wrapped around his neck. He hesitated at first, but then wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Thank you Frank." I whispered.

I felt him smile, "No problem."

I was the first to pull away, and frowned at the loss of his touch.

"Hugs now? What next?" Bob teased.

I turned and playfully glared, "Shut up and go home."

They groaned, but soon left, leaving just me and Frank in my girly bedroom.

As I was about to ask him something, my dad came into my room, "Me, Shania and the boys are going our for a few hours, is that okay if we leave you two alone?" He smirked.

I glared, "I'm sure it will be fine."

He nodded, "Okay." He closed the door, and as I was about to open my mouth again, I heard my dad yell, "Make sure you use a condom!"

I blushed furiously, "DAD!" I screeched.

I heard him yell then exit through the front door.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry about my dad. He's never like that I promise."

Frank waved his hand, "It's okay."

We stood in an awkward silence for a minute for two before I broke it, "So...what should we do?"

Frank looked lost in thought, then his face broke into a smile, "Why are you smiling?" I asked before he could answer.

"What? I can't smile? Just 'cause I'm a happy person..."

"Whatever." I whispered.

He shook his head, "Anyway, I think we should...get some money, go to the store, get a load of paint and whatever, and re do your bedroom because I hate it. We should also order us some pizza."

My eyes widened, "Frank, you don't have to stay here -"

"No, I want to stay here." We both blushed, "I mean, we have to get along at some point right? If we're alone it would be easier." I nodded agreeing with him.

So that's what we did. I got some of the money I had been saving, and Frank used some money, even though I told not too, but he insisted.

We got black, white and red paint. New bed sheets and curtains.

We set all the stuff in my room before going downstairs to order a pizza.

"Hey, can I have one vegetarian pizza and..." Frank covered one end of the phone, "What do you want?"

"I'll have a vegetarian too." I answered quickly.

He nodded, "Make that two vegetarian pizza's..." He spoke more before hanging up, "I didn't know you were a vegetarian." He said before sipping from his can of cola.

"Yeah have been for about...ten years. My mom was one too and she didn't like that I ate meat, so she took me to this farm where they slaughtered animals. Since then I haven't eaten meat."

"Wow, I've been one for as long as I can remember. I didn't like the fact that animals were killed just to feed us. I didn't agree with it at all."

It was silent for Frank asked, "Shall we paint your room? It'll look cool once I'm finished with it, trust me." I rolled my eyes and we went upstairs.

We weren't there for long, as we had to get the pizza's, but then we spent three hours just painting the walls and ceiling. I also got a lock for my door, so my dad or Shania couldn't see it.

It was actually fun. Me and Frank talked as if we had always been friends. There was not one insult said between us, although I'm not sure if he was thinking them about me. I hoped not though.

"Your room is too big. We're never gonna get this done."

"We will. Now shut up and paint Frankie Boy." He took this the chance to paint black on my nose, "Frank! I've showered!"

"Frank, I've showered!" He mocked jokingly. I ran after him, chasing him around my room, paint brush in hand.

Suddenly I tripped over my own foot, and I thought I was going to fall, but Frank caught me and stood my back up, both of us laughing.

But when we looked at each other, the laughter stopped. Frank moved some hair away from my face and behind my ear, "Are...are we flirting?" He asked.

I thought a moment before saying, "A little bit, yeah."

His eyes moved from mine to my lips and back again, "Good." He said before attaching our lips.

I dropped the paint brush and my fingers made their way to his soft hair as his hands rested on my hips.

He pulled back a little, "You have a boyfriend." No I didn't.

"So, you have a girlfriend."

He smirked before reattaching our lips together, his tongue running along my bottom lip. I happily gave him access and he searched every inch of my mouth.

I moaned, and he smirked again.

Slowly, after our heated make-out session, he pulled away, "I think I should go." He said, although he never made any attempt to leave.

"Yeah, my dad will be home soon. And Shania."

He nodded before slowly removed his hands from my hips. I removed my hands from his hair and placed them beside me.

Frank cleared his throat, "I'll see you tomorrow school."

I nodded, "Yeah."

I led him out of my room before locking the door behind me and going downstairs towards the front door.

He slipped on his shoes before looking at me again as I held open the door, "So...where does this leave us?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. Where do you want it to leave us?"

He looked like he was going to say something else, but stuck with the safe option, "I should think we'll act civil towards each other...or friends?"

I nodded and smiled, "Yeah friends."

He smiled too before leaning down to kiss my cheek, "Bye beautiful." And he left without waiting for a reply from me.


"So what did you and Iero do while we were gone?" My dad asked when he saw me in the kitchen.

"Nothing much. What's for dinner?"

He shrugged, "My order us pizza. You want what you normally have?"

I shook my head, "No, I want a vegetarian pizza."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Since when were you a vegetarian?"

I smiled to myself, "Since today."

My dad rolled his eyes playfully and ordered.
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