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I had to be careful the next morning when I woke up and went to shower. I had to remember to always lock my door when I left my unconstructive bedroom. I didn't want my dad or Shania flip out. But then, I should be expecting this. Dad knows what I like and don't like.

After I had a relaxing and refreshing shower, I went back to my room to get dressed. Today, I decided to wear a grey Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt with black writing, roses and a dead girl on it. I wore black skinnies with skeleton hand prints on the back pockets, and my converses.

Once I had done that, I blowdryed my hair and straightened it before applying my normal amount of make up. Dark eye shadow and heavy eyeliner, and a little bit of lip gloss. I smiled when I was happy with my appearence, and then focused on getting my bag ready.

By the time I was done, it was 8:05. I was going to late, I knew I was. I sighed, realizing there was nothing I could do to stop me from being late.

When I grabbed a piece of toast, I went out the front door, and started the half hour walk to my high school.

As I was on my own, I had time to think about yesterday's events. Hopefully I wouldn't run into Eliza like yesterday. If she could drench me with water as an act, I'd hate to think what else she would do. Although, I had never considered that she may be jealous about me being her boyfriend's fake girlfriend. She may seriously be pissed off, but who knows, unless I ask her myself.

I also thought about Frank. Were we really gonna forget everything and be friends? Frank might have been kidding about it. I don't know. We seemed like best friends yesterday, but today could be so different. But then, if we were friends, he might realize he likes me and dump Jade. But that could happen in my fantasy world, and unfortunetly, we live in reality.

As I thought of impossible, I was suddenly grabbed by my waist, and I let out a high scream.

"Woah, calm down, it's just me." They let me go, and I turned round to hit them, when I saw it was,

"Frank! What are you doing? You scared me to death!" I shouted.

All he did was laugh, "I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. When I called you a shit load of times and you weren't answering, I just had to scare you."

I punched him in the arm, "Jerk." I said, walking off.

Frank grabbed my arm and turned me to him, "Hey, come on. I thought we were gonna be friends?"

I stopped and sighed, "Yeah, I'm sorry. I just had this thought that you didn't actually want to be friends." I shrugged, knowing it was stupid.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Don't be silly Lizzy. I had a great time yesterday with you. It was like we were friends for a long time. Last night, when I was thinking about yesterday, I felt guilty that I never gave you a chance before. I'm sorry for that. I shouldn't gotten so angry with you when you spilt coffee on me. I overreacted, and now I can see that you're a cool person."

I couldn't help but smile when he said that, "Thank you Frankie. I'm sorry too. I should have been looking where I was going that day. But it was a new day in a new state, I was getting used to things." He smiled down at me, and leaned down to hug me.

I hugged him back, "We better get going or we're going to be really late for school."

"Whatever, let's just go in during recess. It'll be fine."

I thought hard about his offer. I was still pretty new to the school, did I want to risk getting into trouble?

Ah, whatever, "Okay, where are we gonna go?"


"Man, what is this?" I asked when we neared a big ass tree.

"This is where me and the guys used to hang out in the summer. It's weird we only come here in that time. We just haven't had time I guess. It's just a tree house we made like six years ago. We can stay here until we go to school."

Frank took my hand and led me to the tree where we climbed up. When we got up, I was shocked at how nice it look. It wasn't just damp wood put together. It was like decorated by an artist or something. There were a few rugs on the floor and like curtains around the walls. A portable stereo in the corner. Some books and shit next to it. Pillows thrown about the place and other random stuff. It was so cozy and nice.

"Gerard decorated the place. He like had this vision of how a tree house should look like. He's very creative in what he does. Puts everything he has into it." Frank told me as I still looked at the place in awe. It was amazing.

"Do you sleep up here at all?"

He nodded, "Yeah if we're all together. We had like a door thing to go here, but we took it off so nobody else to take it. But we would put it back on when we sleep here. It's really nice though, we can get away from everything. But like I said, we don't really use the place much anymore and...I don't know why."

I looked up at Frank with a smile. He really amazes me really. I don't know how, but he does. I then looked down at our entwined hands and blushed slightly, so I looked away.

"Come on, we better get to school. We can come back here again sometime if you want." I nodded with a smile as we climbed down from the tree and made our way to school.

"Oh yeah, I never asked; how come you're late? Don't you normally ride with the other guys?"

He shook his head, "No, my mom normally drives me to school. But she had to work early this morning, and I never called Gerard or Ray to pick me up so..." I nodded.


"Oh my god I was never like that!" I laughed with Frank as he tried to sound like me.

"You were. You were all 'I did say I was sorry' with that really serious look on your face. I wanted to laugh, but remembere that there was coffee on my pants."

I leaned into him while I linked his arm and laughed, "I do take things so seriously I can't help it."

Frank stopped when we got to my locker. We had already been to his, "What books do you need?" He asked, after our laughing moment.

"I and math. I can come back for the others at lunch." I spun the combination into the lock and flung the door open, taking out my books.

I shut the door and turned to Frank and saw he was looking at something, or someone.

"What's up?" I asked.

He turned to me with a look on his face that showed he was going to laugh any second, "That guy right oppisite us."

I looked to where he was pointing. It was Matthew Renolds, the school biggest nerd. He would wear his glasses on the tip of his nose, much like Mikey, except with Mikey it

"Yeah what about him?"

Frank giggled, "He's looking at Christy Samuels." Christy was the schools biggest slut, and also had the biggest boobs, "And he got a little excited."

I looked at him again, and almost burst out laughing, "Oh god, that's gotta be embarressing."

When Matthew had gone, me and Frank couldn't hold in our laughter any longer. We had tears running down our faces.

Suddenly I was grabbed by the waist again, "Iero, what do you think you're doing with my girlfriend?" The voce of Gerard asked.

Both me and Frank frowned at this, and the siuation was no longer funny.

Gerard sensed something was wrong and whispered in my ear, "I just ruined something didn't I?"

I nodded, "Yes Gerard you did."
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