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It was close to Christmas now, and to be honest, I didn't want it to come this year. Since Shania came into our lives, December 25th has meant nothing to me. Well, almost nothing. I still had my dad, but now...I don't think I can ever forgive him for what he did to my mom.

I was having trouble buying presents for my friends. I have never had to do it before, and now I'm worried about what money I'll need. I get $35 a month for helping round the house, but if I wanted to buy something special, I would need more than that. I had been saving for a while.

Gerard, I guess was easy. He liked Iron Maiden, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Misfits, Brue Springsteen. All I had to do was pick, and I buy.

Mikey wanted the Anthrax CD he didn't have. Their first one I think it was, I can't remember the name. But I wanted to get him something else too, not just a CD.

Eliza. She may be the hardest to buy for. We hadn't really talked since the 'breakup'. I'm sure I'd think of something though.

Ray had told me his favorite band was Iron Maiden, so I was on the look out for any CD's he didn't have also.

I knew Bob loved Black Sabbath, and like Ray and Mikey was looking out for the CD's.

And Frank...I was gonna get him a Black Flag CD, but I wanted to get him something else, something...speical, really speical.

It seemed odd, because although we pretty much knew our feelings for each other, we weren't together yet. Frank had ended his relationship with Jade though. She didn't take it too well, as 'no one had ever dumped her before'. But of course, she went straight with the jocks after.

"Seventeen days until Christmas." Frank said once more that day.

Him and me were in my bedroom working on a project for science. We had a week to do it.

I sighed, "I know Frank, you've been saying that all day."

I heard him chuckle, "Why aren't you excited?"

Shrugging, I sat up on my bed, "It just isn't important to me anymore. I don't have a real family to celebrate it with." He said nothing, "But I still need you buy you guys something."

He smiled, "I already got everyone something. But...I'm not gonna give you yours in front of everyone." He told me.

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Why?"

He gave me a nervous smile, and didn't look at me, "'s not something I want the guys to see you open."

I couldn't help the smile appear on my face, and I turned away from him, not letting him see my flaming cheeks.

For the rest of the day, I couldn't stop thinking about what Frank had bought me.
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