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I tugged lightly at the white dress I was wearing. It felt silky against my skin. I also noticed this morning how thin it made me look.

I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I glanced at Frank. He looked so sexy in his tuxedo. I could just take him right now, but I had to remember the 150 people staring towards the front where I stood.

My smile increased as I heard the vicar say his final words, "You may now kiss the bride." A tear escaped my eye. How everything was, it was just so beautiful.

I leaned over to Frank and grabbed him in a passionate kiss. He wrapped an arm around me and kissed back.

Friends and family that had gathered here today, dressed up for the occasion put there hands together and applaude the happy couple. Cheers erupted throughout the room. I pulled away from Frank and saw everyone standing, our friends in the front roow.

This was such a happy day, and I didn't want it to end. It was just amazing. A mid-August wedding was beautiful. The sun was shining brightly, and everyone was having a good time. What more could you ask for?

I felt Frank take hold of my hand, the hand that wasn't holding some flowers, and dragged me down the aisle. We were laughing as we ran past many members of Frank's family.

We pushed open the doors, exposing us to the sun. The day was truly beautiful. I better day couldn't have been picked.

Everyone else joined us out side, and we stood either side of the church waiting for the newly weds, Linda and Anthony Iero. Frank had told me they were married before, but divorced, and now they were back together.

Frank placed his arm around my waist again and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be back here.

When I moved back to L.A, me and Frank tried to keep up talking to each other as much as we could, but it was hard on both of us. Talking on the phone just wasn't enough. Everytime I hung up the phone I would burst into tears. Julia and Joseph tried to help me, by getting over him, but I wouldn't let myself. I loved Frank and nothing would change that.

After eight months, Julia finally had enough of her 'depressed' neice. She put me on a plane back to New Jersey just after Mikey's birthday. I had been here ever since. It was a surprise for everyone when I turned up on Frank's doorstep. There were tears between me and Frank, but they were happy tears. We were finally together, and had been since the day I moved back to New Jersey.

Now almost two years had passed since then, and I found myself being on of Linda's bridesmaid at her wedding, Frank was the best man.

My dad had been buried next to mom, where I wanted him. When I went to discuss his will, he had left nearly everything to me. Dad had a well paid job and I was left a lot of money. I got more than Luke or John. I got our holiday home in Florida, where Frank and I had spent some time together. In the will, I was given a letter from dad telling me how much he cared for me, and that he wished mom was still here. He also said Frank was a lovely boy. I was sure he was hinting at something...

People were still coming from the church, and we waited patiently. I watched as Mikey and his long term girlfriend Alicia came out hand in hand. Ray came out with 'just a friend' Christa and Bob came out with fiancee Megan. I smiled at the couples. This must be what Frank and I look like to them.

I saw Gerard come out, his hand holding his girlfriend Lindsay's. They had been dating for about six months. Gerard had been single for a year after him and Eliza broke up. It was mutual thing. Eliza was here too with her 'just a friend' Daniel. I knew they were gonna get together soon, but I could still see in her eyes that she still cared for Gerard and vise versa. They just couldn't be together anymore. They were better off as friends. I was happy their friendship wasn't ruined.

As Linda and Anthony exited the church, large amounts of confetti were thrown onto them. Most of it landed on the concrete ground, but some landed in Linda's hair.

I raised my hand and wrapped around the beautiful silver locket around my neck. This was one of the presents Frank had given me the day I left. It had a simple silver chain with a large heart locket. Around the edge of the heart were real diamonds. When opened, there was space to fit two pictures. The left side held a picture of my mom and dad together, the right held a recent picture of Frank and I. I smiled as I remembered thinking once that we were a younger version of my parents, though Frank believes we're a younger version of parents.

"That locket is beautiful on you. I pick jewlery well." His voice interrupted my thoughts. I smiled at him and thanked him for it, "There's no need to thank me beautiful. You deserve it." He kissed my cheek and I blushed. Even now I blush at his touch.

"Did I tell you I love the ring too?" I asked, though I knew I had told him many times. The ring I was talking about was a white gold diamond heart promise ring. It contained three diamonds. It had two hearts facing each other. There was a diamond inside each heart with the other diamond in between the hearts. It was beautiful.

"Yes you have told me, a lot." He chuckled and kissed my cheek again. We turned our heads to see Linda and Anthony getting into a very nice Rolls Royce. They were off to Hawaii tonight for two weeks for their honeymoon.

"Do you think in a few years we'll be here like they were?" I asked looking at the beautiful church after the couple had left.

Frank sighed, "Hmm, no probably not."

My head snapped to face him, and his face broke into a grin, "I want our wedding to be even better."

I smiled, "So... you see us getting married?"

He grinned again and nuzzled into my neck, "Of course I do. I think about it most days. You in an even more sexier dress than this." He tugged at the material, trying to slide a hand up the dress. I laughed and slapped his hand away, "Me looking more handsome, if it were possible." I laughed again, "Everything will be better. I'm not saying mom didn't have a nice wedding because she did, but ours will be better."

I turned in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my head against his chest, "What else do you think about?"

"Well, I was thinking when we were a little older, maybe around 5 or 6 years, we can start a family. Live in a big house with lots of kids. I love kids Liz, you know? We'll be great parents. But, I want us to be married first before we start our family."

I smiled, "And you see all of this with me? Do you think we'll last forever?"

Frank gently moved me away from him so that he was looking in my eyes, "Of course I see all of that with you. Who else is there? It's always been you Lizzy. And honey, I know we'll last forever."

We smiled at each other in the stupid way we always did. I stretched up on my toes and placed my lips to his, "I love you Frankie."

He kissed me, "I love you too little Lizzy."

We watched as everyone got into their own cars and started going home or to wherever it was they were going. Linda did want the party after the wedding, but to book a later flight would have cost them an extra $500, so they didn't have it.

I saw Gerard come over to us with a smile. He still looked as young as when I first met him. He was almost 21 now, where as Frank and I were reaching only our 18th birthday, "Hey guys. What's up? Are you coming back to my place with the rest of us?"

I turned to Frank as he seemed to have the answer, "Hey man, yeah we'll catch up with you guys." I looked over at Lindsay and Eliza talking away by some trees. I was glad that they got on, the three of us were best friends. Of course I was friends with Alicia, Christa and Megan, but I felt closer to those two.

When Gerard first introduced Lindsay to the group, I thought Eliza was gonna have a tough time getting used to her, but they clicked. They were really close, and Gerard couldn't be happier about it.

"You ready to go?" Frank asked me when Gerard walked back to his girlfriend. I nodded and he took my hand walking over to his car.

He opened the passenger door for me. I thanked him as I sat myself down. Just seconds later, he got in the driver's seat. When he started the car, he broke the comfortable silence, "So... you know we have the house to ourselves for two weeks." He smirk made me weak. It was a good thing I was already sitting down.

Frank and I were looking to rent an apartment near Linda;s, but of course we couldn't yet as we were still just 17.

I smiled when I realized what he had in mind, "Yes we do."

Frank placed a hand on my thigh, bringing up the dress so he could stroke it. The beating of my heart increased, "What should we do with all that free time?" His voice was seductive.

I tried to ignore him, "We still have to go to school."

Frank groaned and slid his hand further up my dress, "Baby, don't do that. You know what I'm talking about." Of course I did, but more importantly, I could see what he was talking about.

"Frank not now, we have forever." I told him.

And we did have forever. Nothing could seperate us, we were young and in love and I wanted it to stay that way forever.Frank had changed my life for the better. I couldn't imagine my life without him now. We had forever to do all the intamate things, we didn't have to do them now.

... We were still two hours late to Gerard's though.
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