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Just two days later was the flight to L.A. I wasn't happy about moving, why would I be? New Jersey was a place where I was happy, and I had made some great friends. I didn't want to move back.

I remember when I first moved here, I wanted to go back to L.A. I couldn't stand being so far from my mom. I couldn't see her when I was upset. Now both my parents were there, yet I wanted to stay here. If they were here, would they be upset that I wanted to stay? I hoped not.

I zipped up my last bag. Everything else was in the car. I didn't really have much with me. I had to go back home to get my stuff, it was pretty emotional for me, but I was glad Frank was with me.

"That's it. The last bag." I said sadly as I put it in the boot of Joseph's car. The guys gave me sad smiles, but Frank looked as if he was going to burst into tears. I hated seeing him like that, it made me want to cry.

Everyone was coming to the airport with us. I didn't want to say goodbye now. But then again, I didn't want to say goodbye at all.

We all got into our cars. Julia sat with Joseph at the front and I sat in the back with Frank. Linda was in her car with Mikey, Ray and Bob and Gerard was in his car with Eliza.

The journey there was pretty much silent apart from the whispers from my Aunt and Uncle. They were really excited that I was going back to live with them. They had a son, but he was older and had moved out. David his name is and he's 24.

Frank and I didn't speak a word. I think we were too scared to say anything. I was scared I would break down in tears if I said anything. Leaving New Jersey and my friends was hard, but leaving Frank was harder.

When we arrived at the airport, we were running a bit late. We were just in time to check in for our flight. It was my fault really, I tried to walk as slow as possible. My heart rate increased when we reached the point Frank and the guys could no longer go with us. It was time for the goodbyes, and time for the tears. I hated this, I didn't want to do this.

"I guess this is it." I said, the lump in my throat was quite evidant as I spoke, "I hate goodbyes." I laughed weekly, "I wanna speak to you all... seperatly please. It'll be easier for me." They nodded, and I dragged Gerard away from everyone else.

"Hey Gerard." I smiled.

I knew he didn't like this. He was uncomfortable with this like I was, "Hey Lizzy."

Before I said anymore, I pulled him into a hug, "I never gave you my Christmas presents did I?" I laughed again. He shook his head, saying there was no need for him. I silenced him and told him he would get his present, "You've been like a big brother to me Gerard. I can't thank you enough for all the help you've given me." I handed him his present.

When he opened it, he smiled widely at the Misfits CD and the Doom Patrol comic, "Thank you Lizzy." He hugged me again and planted a kiss on my cheek, "I hope I'll see you again soon." He turned to his girlfriend who was in tears, Linda had an arm around her, "She's pretty upset you're leaving. You're the only friend she has that's not a boy... Goodbye Lizzy."

A tear escaped my eye, "'Bye Gerard."

I spoke with everyone else. Gave them their presents, they thanked me. Speaking to Eliza was one of the hardest things I had to do. Gerard stood with her as she cried. We both cried. Actually Gerard looked kinda scared. None of what we were saying made any sense to him with all the crying, but we understood each other fine.

I spoke with Linda briefly. I told her she was like a mother to me, and in return she told me I was the daughter she never had. She also told me that she did know about me and Frank, but I changed the subject quickly, but I think she understood.

Frank, I had saved until last. I didn't know what I wanted to say to him. I thought I did, but I didn't really have a clue.

The first thing we did was hug each other tightly. We never wanted to let each other go, but we had no chose. There were things we had to say, and this was the only time we could.

"I'm gonna miss you Frank." I blubbered.

I heard him chuckle, but I knew he was crying too, "I'm gonna miss you too." He took hold of both my hands, "Do you have any idea how much you've changed my life? I've become a different person since I met you."

I smiled, "I could say the same thing... I have... a Christmas present for you -"

"Sweetie, you didn't have to."

"But I wanted to. You're going to take this, you're gonna thank me, and we'll say no more about it." He nodded. I handed one present and an envolope. He opened the present and smiled when he saw it was a Black Flag CD he didn't have, "Thanks Liz." I smiled as he opened the envolope. Inside were two pieces of paper. His mouth dropped when he read the first one.

"Lizzy... h-how did you afford this? I can't possibly accept that."

I smiled, "Yes you can, and you will Frank. I've seen you looking in magazines, you circled the exact one you wanted, I had to get it."

What I had got Frank was and Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom guitar with an Alphine White finish. I had actually seen him looking at it before we became friends. I knew I had to buy it for him. I hadn't collected it, but had ordered it. This paper was for him to get it from the store.

"You love playing the guitar. I knew you wanted this."

He nodded, but didn't say anything, but checked the other piece of paper, "Lizzy. Three free tattoos? How did you get this?"

I shrugged, "Valentines day is a great day for them. They had many offers, but I chose this one. I know you want a tattoo, now you can have three."

Frank grabbed me into a hug. He bent me over backwards and kissed me hard, "You're the most amazing girl I've ever met." I blushed and he kissed me again.

When we stood back up, he shoved his hand in his pocket, pulling out two small boxes. He handed them to me. Just as I was about to open them, Frank stopped me, "I know your plane leaves soon, so I wanna say some things." I nodded. He looked down then back up at me, "Do you remember that day we saw each other in the grocery store, and you got all mad at me?"

I nodded, "Yeah, you told me we just couldn't be friends." My heart broke a little, fearing he would say it again.

He shook his head, "No, I said we can't be just friends. You took what I said the wrong way. I didn't want you to get mad at me. What I meant was...being friends just wasn't going to work... but hating each other wasn't what I wanted."

"I don't understand Frank - "

"I love you Lizzy." My heart skipped a beat. Did he really just say that? Tears streamed down my face. He loved me, "I'm so in love with you. I've never felt so much love for one person. You've made me so miserable sometimes, but you make me happy. When I said that in the store... I meant for us to be together, not hate each other."

I sniffled, "Frank I -"

"Come on kiddo, we'll miss our plane." Uncle Joseph said, "She'll see you again, she has your number. Talk later Linda. Come on." He pulled me away from Frank who looked heart broken. Tears fell on his eyes, and there was nothing I could do.

"You didn't let me finish talking to Frank." I complained to Joseph, "Do you not understand how much he means to me?"

"Oh be quiet. You're only 15. You don't know what real love is." Julia said.

I elbowed Joseph in the ribs and he let go of me, "I'm gonna say goodbye to him!" I turned around, shoving past all the other people that had lined up behind us, "Excuse me please." I begged people to move. They looked annoyed, but I didn't care. I just had to see Frank.

Where we were just a second ago was empty. I looked around desperatly. Finally, I saw Linda from a distance, and beside her was her son, my love, Frank.

I took a deep breath and shouted, "FRANK!" He turned around, but couldn't see me. He turned back and continued walking, "FRANK!" I screamed louder.

People around me were looking agitated, but I paid no attention. I was gonna have one more go and if he wouldn't hear me, I would get on the plane, "FRANK!"

He turned around and this time his eyes met mine. His whole body turned and his face broke into a smile as he came running back. I started running too, "LIZZY!" He screamed.

When we met, we didn't hug. We stopped about a meter away from each other, "I don't have long. My plane will leave soon." I said sadly.

He frowned slightly, "Okay."

I smiled and I grabbed his shirt, meeting my lips with his in a loving kiss. He circled his arms around me as I did with his neck.

When I pulled away, we smiled stupidly to each other.

After a moment, I broke our little silence, "I love you Frankie." I pecked his lips before he would react. When I pulled away, he was blushing. I had never seen Frank Iero blush before. It was cute.

"I better go... I'll call you." I promised him. His smile went slightly but nodded, saying he couldn't wait to talk.

I kissed him one last time before running off in the direction of my plane. I knew Joseph and Julia would be mad, but I just couldn't leave without saying a proper goodbye to him.


"Do not ever run off like that again! What if your father was here? What on earth would he think?" Julia yelled at me as we found our seats. I rolled my eyes and sat next to the window.

I pulled my cell out of my pocket and saw I had a text. When I opened it, I smiled.

I miss you already. I wanna hear your voice again.
I love you.
Your Frankie xxxxxxxxxx
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