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A few passed and it was now the day after New Year's. I didn't celebrate with the Iero's on Christmas or New Year's Eve. I just couldn't, knowing that none of my family would be with me. I spent most of the day in Frank's room.

What was going on with me and Frank was strange, but nice. When I had woken up the morning after... he wasn't there lying next to me. We had tried talking to each other about it, but were always interrupted by someone. We then decided not to talk about it, but agreed that it was a night we'll never forget.

I think Linda knew what had happened. I could tell by the way she looked at me. She didn't look at me in a horrible way or anything, but just the look in her eyes told me she knew. I think Frank might have told her. They were pretty close.

I wasn't sure if the guys knew. I kinda hoped they didn't. It was already awkward enough between me and Frank without having the guys know.

What was strange about me and Frank was that we acted like a couple. I had been told by Gerard that we did. Frank would always kiss my cheek, or the corner of my mouth when he greeted me in the morning. When I hung out with the guys, I would always snuggle up to him or he would surprise me by sneaking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

Frank hadn't given me my Christmas present. No one had given me Christmas presents, though Frank did give me some lovely flowers. I told him I didn't want anything, but he told me that they were for Christmas, they were for 'cheering up a friend when she's down.' Many of the flowers had died now, but a few were still fighting to survive.

When Linda, Julia and Joseph returned from their motel... the morning after, Julia had some how persuaded Linda to let my dad be taken back to L.A. I was glad. That was his home, back with mom. He was there now. He had been taken to a hospital for a post mortum.

I woke up that morning, as usual in Frank's bed. I had protested that he share the bed with me. He would always agree, but every morning I found him sleeping on the floor on an air bed. Once or twice I have accidently stood on him. Let's just say he didn't plan on standing for the day. I felt really bad.

I looked around the room, but Frank was nowhere in sight. I sighed and threw the covers off of me and stood up. I went downstairs wearing a pair of Frank's black boxers and my t-shirt that had been washed a few times.

When I got half way downstairs, I jumped when I saw Frank come up. We smiled and he kissed me cheek, "Morning." He greeted.

"Morning." I repeated. We stared at each other with goofy smiles on our faces for only another minute before Frank said he needed to go to the bathroom. With a wink from him, he ran upstairs. I felt my face heat up. He was always doing that, yet I reacted the same way.

I was about to open the door to go into the living room when I heard whispers.

"I can't believe their not together yet." The voice of Mikey complained, "Have you seen how they are with each other?"

I heard a sigh from, I think, Gerard, "I know Mikes. Just give them time. Lizzy is still probably mourning the loss of her father. Frank doesn't want to push her. He's waiting for the right time. He already fucked up their friendship once, he doesn't want to do it again."

There was some silence before Mikey spoke, "They're in love aren't they? Everyone can see it. Do you think Lizzy knows how Frank feels?"

I waited for Gerard's answer, "I should think so. I mean they slept together. If she doesn't know, then she's pretty stupid." I heard a small laugh. I frowned. Frank had told them, and they called me stupid. I have great friends.

Mikey gasped, "They slept together!? When!?"

Gerard shushed him, "Keep quiet you idiot. They might hear you. Frank told me. I wasn't suppose to say anything, but I guess I fucked that up huh? It was a few weeks ago, a week before Christmas. That night Linda went to a motel with Lizzy's Aunt and Uncle."

"Wow." I'm guessing Gerard nodded, "What was Frank like when he told you?"

Gerard laughed, "It was weird man. You should have seen him Mikes, it was weird, but I was so happy for the guy. He told me a couple days after. They hadn't spoke much, but were close. I knew something must have happened because Frank kept walking around with a stupid grin on his face, it was creepy... He told me that he'd never felt so much love towards a girl until he met Lizzy, and spending the night with her made him love her more." Tears pricked my eyes as I listened.

"He said it was really beautiful, that she was really beautiful and that she made him feel things he never thought he would feel. Being with her made him realize how stupid he was for thinking he thought he loved Jade at one point. What he and Jade had wasn't love. He had only figued that out! He said when he held her, he never wanted to let her go. He was really careful with her, he didn't want to push her. He wouldn't have been upset or mad if she had stopped him... Hell, Mikey, he cares for her a lot more than we thought. He told me, and I quote: 'My whole heart beats for that amazing and beautiful young woman.'"

Tears fell down my face as I listened. Did Frank really say all those things? That couldn't be true. Frank seemed like someone who kept their feelings hidden.

I realized that I had to move in case Frank came back down, so I wiped the tears and entered the living room. Any talking had stopped when I opened the door.

"Hey." I greeted.

"Hey, is something wrong?" Gerard asked with concern. I noticed that it was only Gerard and Mikey here.

I shook my head, "No, nothing's wrong." He gave me a look that told me he didn't believe me, but he let it drop.

Frank came down not long after. He had gotten dressed, and he looked very handsome, but he always did. He wore his usual pair of jeans with a rip in the knees and a plain black t-shirt. This look of his was sexy. I blushed when he saw me looking. He smiled and laced his fingers with mine and took me over to the couch.

I saw Mikey roll his eyes but smiled, going into the kitchen with his brother.

Frank layed down on the couch with his back against the arm of the chair. I layed in between his legs with my head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, "How are you this morning, beautiful?"

I smiled. Did I mention I have been complimented by him very often? "I'm fine, but tired." I replied just as I yawned.

He chuckled, "Tired? Well then, why did you get up? Silly Lizzy." He kissed the top of my head.

I nuzzled my nose into his chest, "I couldn't stay in bed all day. I have things to do."

"Mm, like what?"

At that point my stomach growled. We both laughed, "Well breakfast appears to be on of them." I said getting off the couch. Frank grabbed hold of my hand and I pulled him up too, we both continued to hold hands as we went into the kitchen.

I let go of him for a moment to grab a glass and fill it with chocolate milk from the fridge. I sat down at the island and reached for a red straw. I placed it in my glass and drank.

I knew Frank was staring at me, but I didn't meet his gaze. I heard Mikey clear his throat, "You know, I thought it was cute at first, but now it's just annoying." He laughed as he left the kitchen.

I looked at Gerard, but he only shrugged, "Ditto." And with that he left the kitchen.

Me and Frank laughed at them. I was sure Gerard and Eliza were like that once... but it was different, because they're actually together. I turned back to my drink, and smiled when I saw Frank had added a straw to the drink and he sipped away happily. I joined him. This was so cliche a guy and a girl sharing a drink. If this were a movie we would be dressed up and in some restaurant. He laced his fingers with mine.

Just then I heard the front door open. Linda must have been out with Julia and Joseph again, they had been going out a lot lately.

"Oh, Lizzy you're up." Linda smiled at the scene in front of her. It was no secret that Frank and I had progressed in our relationfriendship.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asked, turning in my seat and letting go of his hand. Frank however didn't want to lost body contact and rested his chin on my shoulder.

Linda's smile faltered a little, "You Aunt and Uncle have some news." She turned to them and I waited for the news.

Julia smiled happily, "Now that your father, my brother, is back in L.A. Joe and I plan to go back home soon to plan the funeral. As you have no one else - family speaking - and because you're under 18..." She smiled wider, "You're moving back with us."

Julia and Joseph looked so happy. Linda looked happy but also sad. I couldn't imagine the look on Frank's face.

As I let the news sink in, I felt Frank take my hand in his once more.
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