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Wait For A Hospital Stay

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Gerard Way has been a doctor for five years and is known as one of the best doctors in New Jersey. He makes sure he never gets too close to his patients in case something terrible happens. He also...

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"Doctor Barnes could you get me 125mg of Penicillin for Miss Johnson please?" I asked my older colleague.

"Yes of course sir."

I noted down on the forms on the clipboard in my hand what I was to be giving this patient. Jennifer Johnson was only 21 and an alcoholic, therefore she has liver disease. The pills I'm giving to her, should do something. I've told her many times to stop drinking. But does she listen? No!

It was 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon, and today, unlike most days, has been slow. Patients all ready here were fine and there haven't been any sudden deaths or close deaths. Also no one had been rushed into hospital, which I was happy about, as I hated seeing people unwell.

I know, I'm a doctor who hates seeing sick people. That thought always makes me laugh.

Also, I was deathly afraid of needles, yet somehow I am able to use them. Weird huh? I think I'm only scared if the needle is used on me, not other people.

Right now, it was five minutes until I was due a break, but something told me that I would have to wait longer.

Suddenly my pager starts beeping.

"Shit." I said to no one in particular. I raced down to the front desk, just in time to see a very badly beaten teenager on a gurney, being taken to a room, or the OR.

"Excuse me, what happened here?" I asked one of the nurses.

"Sir, it appears the young girl has been in some sort of trouble with some friends at school and...well take a look for yourself. A teacher says a group of five were harassing her during lunch. She tried to get away but a bus hit her."

I nodded, "Take her to the OR, report back to me as soon as she's out."

"Yes Doctor."

They took the young girl away, and I thought no more about it and went for my break.


A few hours later, the same nurse, Nurse Bradford told me about the young girl from earlier.

"Is everything okay?" I asked her.

She nodded, "She's fine sir. She has a few broken ribs and wrist. She may also suffer from some sort of memory loss, but other than that she is fine. She's resting now."

I smiled and nodded, but as she turned away, something inside me wanted to know her name.

"Brenda?" The nurse turned back to me with a smile, "The young girl, what was her name?"

"Her teacher told me Miss Bellamy."

"No, I meant her first name." Brenda looked at me with a confused look. See, I never asked for patients first name. I was never interested. Someone would always tell me, even though I never wanted them too. This was my way of distancing my self from patients.

"Ivy sir. Ivy Bellamy."

"When she wakes up could you tell her I am her doctor and that I will check on her later?"

She nodded, "Yes sir."

"Thank you Brenda. You know, you can call me Gerard if you want." I told her with a smile.

I know what you're thinking. 'You have a crush on Brenda.' Well, no. Brenda was 55 years old, and like a second mom to me. She helped with everything when I was an intern here.

Brenda was fairly short. Around 5'3''. She had dyed dark brown hair and hazel eyes, much like mine. She was always a happy person to be around, and very funny. She has just recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to her husband John Bradford, 62. I hope one day I can find someone to love just as Brenda has.

"Okay, Gerard. I'll make sure Ivy knows who you are."

"Thank you." She then turned away.

I sighed before going checking up on Mr Jones, "Ah! Mr Jones, nice to see you again..."

Ivy's P.O.V.

Beeping. A Steady Beeping was all i could hear. Well that and someone pottering about in my room. I guess I'm in hospital, well from what i can remember i think i am in hospital. My eye's slowly fluttered open. I Could see a nurse walking around my room with her back to me. I Cleared my throat to get her attention.

"Oh My, Your awake, I'll go and get your doctor, hang on for me a minute" She said, running out of my room.

A few moments later a different doctor walked into my room.

"Ah, Ivy, I'm Doctor Way or Gerard if you prefer, It seems as though that little fight at school left you with some bruised ribs and a broken arm, A few broken ribs as well, How are you feeling" This 'Doctor Way' Asked.

"It hurts around my ribs, I Can't feel my toes and my arm feels like It's weighed down my bricks" I said, summing up how i felt.

"Like Shit basically then" He laughed. "Well, i can give you some pain relief" He said, grabbing a needle with some clear liquid in it.

"Um, I'll think I'll pass" I Said, I hated needles.

"Don't worry, i hate them too, Horrible things, But it's will help you get better i promise, You can hold my free hand while i do it if you want" He said, giving me a little smile and holding out the hand that didn't have the needle in it.

I Grabbed his hand, it felt nice, my hand in his, While i shut my eye's and waited for the pain. I felt a sharp scratch and that was all.

"All done" Gerard said, letting his hand slip from mine. "Is there anyone we can call for you" He asked putting the needle in the bin.

"My Mom and Step-dad, There number 1 on my speed dial" I Said trying to sit up.

"Don't sit up, You'll hurt yourself" He said, placing a hand on my shoulder and pushing me back down gently. "Can i get you anything?" He asked.

"A Drink and something to eat please" I Replied.

"What kind" He asked While grabbing the folder at the end of my bed and writing something in it.

"Um, Orange Juice and A Blueberry Muffin Please" I replied.

"Okay, well you stay and rest While i go and find you some food" He said, walking out of my room and Closing the door.

My Mom would be so worried about me, I Really want to see her. Then again, she would just fuss and i don't like that.
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