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I went to the canteen in search for Ivy's blueberry muffin. It seemed weird calling a patient by their first name, but it just seemed right with Ivy.

"Doctor Way. Nice to see you, how has your day been?" The lady at the till said. Laura her name was.

"My day has been very good thank you Laura. Please call me Gerard. How about you?" I asked as I handed her the $1.50 that was for the muffin.

"Boring as usual. I need to do something different with my life." I felt sorry for her. I was where she was once. Working somewhere I didn't want to be waiting for something better.

"Whatever it is Laura, go for it. Nothing can stand in your way." I smiled before walking off, back to Ivy's room.

I went in and saw she was awake, she smiled at me slightly.

"I only had enough money for the muffin, but I could get you some water?" It was more a question then a statement.

"That's okay, thank you Doctor Way." She took the muffin from me and ate it silently.

"Please, call me Gerard." I've been saying that a lot lately. Maybe I'm getting bored of being called Doctor all the time. Of course I would never give up this job, I love it.

But it struck me as odd, that I would let a patient call me by my first name. I never wanted them too. I felt I got too close to them if they knew my name. But Ivy was...different?

Her pants were on the chair in her room so I picked them up and pulled her cell out.

"Can I call your parents?" She nodded.

Ring ring, ring ring "Hello?"

"Hello Mrs Bellamy, I'm Doctor Way calling from Greenville hospital in Jersey City. Your daughter was admitted to hospital earlier today."

"Oh my god, is she okay?"

"She's fine, just a few cuts and bruises," I winked at her, "but she will need to be kept here for a few weeks. Let her ribs and arm heal."

She exchanged a few more words before hanging up, "Your mom said she will visit tomorrow with Tim because she's really busy with work right now." Tim was her step-dad.

I looked up at her as she nodded, and I noticed that her cheeks were a slight pink and she avoided my gaze.

"I'll let you get some rest okay? I'll check on you later. Bye sugar." Sugar? What the fuck?

She turned a deep shade of red and nodded as I left the room. I'm pretty sure I was the same shade of red as her.

Ivy's P.O.V

I Fell asleep soon after Gerard Left. It felt weird calling him by his first name. He's not like other doctors, He's a lot different, He had long Black hair, His eye's were a muddy hazel color, He was extremely pale and unlike most other doctors, He was actually nice.

I really wanted to see my mom. She's probably busy with work though. She's always working, never has anytime off. Tim works as well, Not as much which is nice cause he's cool, but i really want my Mom around more.

"Ivy, I've come to give you another injection before i go home" Gerard said, poking his head round the side of the door.

I Groaned letting him know that i wasn't up for the idea.

"Come on, Give me your hand" He told me, Holding out the hand without the needle in it.

"This one is different so the needle is bigger" He said as i closed my eye's and Squeezed his hand.

The Scratch wasn't really a scratch this time, I Let out a little whimper as it pierced my skin.

"All Done" Gerard said as he threw the needle in the bin. "Well I'm off, I'll see you in the morning, Try and rest, It will help you get better" He said, Smiling at me slightly.

"I Don't want you to go" I Said quietly. It's true, But it sounded really childish.

"Well, The sooner you close your eye's the sooner I'll be back yeah" He sounded kinda like a dad On Christmas eve, telling his child the sooner they went to sleep the soon Santa would come With Presents.

"I Guess, Can you stay until i fall asleep" I Asked again.

"Sure thing" He said kindly, Sitting in the chair across from me and grabbing my hand.

He started rubbing His thumb in little circles on my hand, soothing me completely and sending me to sleep.

I Could feel my hand being placed back on the bed sometime later. He placed a small kiss on my forehead before leaving.

Well he really was Different.
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