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When I got home that night, all I wanted to do was sleep, yet it was impossible.

I treat different patients everyday. Female, male, the terminally ill and the ones who will live. I give shots to little kids because they trust me more than the other doctors. I do everything I can to help, and then when I get home, I want to forget it all.

But that girl, Ivy, seems to be stuck in my mind for some reason unknown to me.

Okay, so she's pretty. Scratch that, she's extremely pretty, she has amazing eyes and soft black hair. I'm sure she would be absolutely breath taking without her bruises.

But, she is a patient and also a minor. It would be illegal to get involved with her. Hell, it wouldn't matter if she was legal, it's still illegal to do anything with your patients. Although, I never would get involved with my patients. No matter how pretty.

The next day at work, Brenda immediately came up to me with a coffee.

"Here Gerard, I thought you might like some coffee before your shift." She smiled warmly as I took the coffee from her.

"Thank you Brenda, that's very kind of you. I do need it though. I couldn't sleep very well last night."

"I'm sorry. This should wake you up." She rubbed my arm before walking off. Brenda was so nice. She knew never to ask me about my personal life, as it was...well personal. I hated people asking about my life outside the hospital. No one here was a real friend. Brenda and Laura were the only exceptions.

I checked firstly on Mr Jones. He was here after having a heart attack. The second in three months. I had to tell him, that if he didn't improve his diet, he wouldn't survive another heart attack.

"Oh, I see. Well what do you recommend Doctor?" He asked when I told him.

"Well, going on a diet at first is your best option. I won't tell you which diet, that's entirely up to you. Stick to it until you have lost 28lbs, then keep following it, but also do some exercise. I'm saying this in your best interests."

He nodded, "Thank you Doctor. When will I be leaving?"

I smiled, "Later on today." He thanked me once more when I left. I went to check on Ivy.

That name was so inordinary. I only know one other Ivy, and that's Laura's grandmother.

I took my clipboard with me, noting down anything she may need, such as medication. I entered her room and found that again she was awake.

"Do you ever sleep?" I asked her jokingly, "You're always awake when I come in here."

She smiled back, "Of course I sleep Doctor. You told me to, and as my doctor, I should do as you say, am I correct?"

"Well, I wouldn't say to sleep if I didn't think you need it. And I've told you, call me Gerard." I winked at her again, like yesterday. And again, she blushed, "Do you need anything this morning, has Nurse Bradford been in to give you breakfast?"

She nodded, "Yeah, but I didn't eat much. It hurt to." I nodded, understanding.

"Can I ask you something?" I nodded once more, "This may seem totally inappropriate to ask, seeing as you're my doctor, but how old are you?" She blushed when she asked.

I smiled at her being so nervous, "Why do you ask?" I don't normally like telling my patients about myself. Again with the distance thing.

"I just think you are far too young to be a doctor. You are really good at your job, so you can't be an intern."

I thought, and realised it wouldn't seem so bad if she knew, it's not like if I tell her, she'll find out everything about me, or that I will find out everything about her. So what's the harm?

"I'm 28." I replied, before exiting the room with a smile.

I didn't see her for the next five hours. I had no need to. When I was at lunch, I sat on my own this time. I normally sit with Brenda and then Laura comes over to chat. But I felt the need for some alone time.

I didn't really eat much. My mind seemed to constantly be on Ivy Bellamy. She was just so different to who I normally treat. She wasn't very shy to talk to. Well, she turned shy when she blushes. That thought, I smiled at.

As I was thinking of her, the sudden thought hit me like a ton of bricks.

No, no, no, this cannot be happening.

I think I may have a tiny crush on Ivy.

Ivy's POV.

28, He didn't look a day past 18.

"Oh Ivy, my poor baby" my mom screeched as she came into my room.

She hugged me as much as she could before Tim pulled her off.

"Cathy, let the girl breathe" Tim laughed.

"Sorry baby" She said to me, kissing my forehead lightly.

For the 5 hours they were here we just talked. It was nice to have that time. Tim really is like my dad. I hate my real dad. He walked out on my mom when i was 3 and never came back. Tim is perfect for her.

"Um sorry to intrupt, Visiting times are over now" It was Gerard.

My mom was first to say goodbye, She hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead before Letting Tim say goodbye.

"Get well soon" He whispered as he hugged me. tehy both left soon after leaving Gerard the only person in my room.

"I need to take some blood samples for testing, just to make sure you haven't got a deadly desiese" he joked.

"Wonderful" I said, Sarcasm dripping.

"Do you want my hand" He asked.

"Yes please" i said, taking his hand before turning away from the needle.

A Felt the first sharp scratch, I Gripped his hand as he filled up the needle with my blood.

"I Need to do 2 more" He said, Grabbing another needle.

"Oh God" I Groaned

The next needle hurt more than the first.

"Ow" I said softly.

"I'm sorry, it'll be over soon honest, Then i'll go get you some Candy or something" He said, not taking his eye's off My arm.

"Last one" He said pulling the other needle out and putting the last one in.

The last one didn't hurt at all, maybe to the fact that i was almost passed out.

"There we go All done, I'll take this to the lab and get some candy on the way back, What sort" He said, putting the blood in a bag and waiting for my answer.

"Skittle's please" I Grinned.

"Ok, I'll be a while so try and rest a little" he said walking out through the door.

I Leaned back into my pillows and closed my eye's willing sleep to claim me.
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