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I was so glad we weren't fighting anymore. It was such a stupid fight anyway. I shouldn't have taken it out on her.

It had been another week since then, and I was greatly upset. Ivy was well enough to go home in three days.

I don't know if I would see her again. My job keeps me busy all the time. I never know when I'm gonna have time to see her.

I needed to tell her that today. We needed to decide where this relationship stands now.

Without knocking I entered her room and to my surpirse, she was actually sleeping.

I smiled. I had never witness her sleeping, but now I have, and I was happy. She looked so peaceful and calm and nothing to harm her.

I went to her side, and kissed her forhead, lingering for a few seconds. She stirred slightly and began blinking rapidly.

She smiled when she saw it was me, "Hey babe."

"Morning sugar." Like normal, she blushed when I called her that.

"You actually saw me sleeping today?" I nodded. When I rememberd what I had to tell her, my smile fell, "What's wrong?"

I sighed, "I have some news." I said, turning professional. She nodded for me to continue, "You have recoverd a lot faster than what we thought. We've filled out forms to discharge you in three days."

I could see tears brimming in her eyes, "I-I don't want to go Gee. Will I see you again?"

I rushed to her side again, and embraced her in a hug, "Of course you'll see me again. It maybe hard because of my job. But you will see me again. I promise."

She pulled away and quickly attached her lips to mine, shocking me at first, but kissed back.

She fell back on her pillow, and I climbed ontop of her, kissing along her jawline and on her neck, where I noticed a very visible mark.

"Oh god!" She moaned as I sucked on her neck, "I want you Gerard."

"You already have me." I breathed in her ear.

I felt her shake her head, "No, I want you, all of you." She moved her hand out and stroked my hardening length through my pants. I closed my eyes as I let out a shaky breath.

It appears I wasn't thinking with the right head, because I leapt off her and said "I'll be back in a minute." And left her room.

I came back not long after with the foil packet in hand. I went back in her room and kicked the door closed with my foot.

I locked the door, while smirking seductively at my beautiful girlfriend.

I climbed back on top of her and kissed her passionately, my hands pulling off her gown, and my heart leapt when I saw she wasn't wearing a bra like I thought she was.

"No bra?" I asked.

"I took it off when you left the room." I could hear the smile in her voice.

"You're so amazing."

She pulled off my scrubs, and we were just left in our underwear.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? I'm not pushing you to do anything."

She thought about this for a minute, but then she just nodded and said, "I wanna do this. There's no one else I would want my first time to be with." I beamed at her.

I kicked off my boxers, then pulled off her panties. I went to reach for the condom, but she swatted my hand away and picked it up, ripping it open with her teeth, which I thought was hot. She then rolled it along my hard member which I moaned at.

I settled between her legs. I kissed her softly as I entered her. I knew she felt something break, because she gasped, and I saw her holding back tears.

"It's okay, it's normal." I whispered.

"It hurts." She choked.

"I know and I'm sorry." I kissed her tears away. I waited for her to tell me it's okay to go on.

She nodded.

I went slow at first, because I knew it still hurt her. I started speeding up when I heard her moan quietly.

"Uh, harder." She said. I moved harder and faster inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist for me to be able to go deeper in her.

I attached my mouth back to her neck.

She moaned loud, and at this time, I wasn't thinking about who could hear us, I just wanted to make love to the girl of my dreams.

Our hips moved together as sweat dripped off our naked bodies.

I was getting close, and I knew she was too. I thrust faster, bringing us closer and closer.

I couldn't hold back any longer and I came. When I moaned, I didn't realise I had said three words I wasn't ready to say yet, "Fuck Ivy, I love you." In her ear.

She wasn't far behind, "Oh god Gerard!" I continued to move in and out, riding out our orgasms.

When I stopped, I rolled off her and layed under the covers with her. I wrapped my arms around her as she snuggled into my check.

"That was amazing Gerard." She panted.

"Hell yeah it was." I agreed. I kissed the top of her head.

I sighed about ten minutes after, and got out of the tiny single bed, "Where're you going?" Ivy asked, confused.

"I have to get back to work." I replied sadly, getting dressed.

She stayed silent.

As I was getting on my trainers, she asked, "Gerard?"


My head shot up when she said the four words that left me shocked, confused and a little scared.

"I love you too."

Ivy's POV

He turned to look at me before he left. His eye's Were unreadable.

"Uh, um, Ok, Well" He was stuttering. He never ment to say them.

"Oh, I'm so stupid, i should never had said anything" I Mumbled, trying to fight the hurt in my voice.

He didn't even say anything to me, he just walked out and closed the door behined him. I let the tears fall. Why did he say Those words if he didn't mean them. I Led back onto the bed, quickly realizing that i was still naked. I Climed out of bed and Put my Hospital gown back on, along with all of my underwear.

I sat back down on my bed, bringing my knee's to my chest. In just three day's i would be out of here, Out of this hell hole, but i would also be away from Gerard, i didn't want that, no matter how much he hurt me. I wanted to be with him.

"Ivy, Sweetie we need to take you or an x-ray just to make sure you ok to go home" Brenda's soft voice came from the doorway.

I stood up silently and followed her to the x-ray room. Once i had finished i decided it was time i took a shower. I Grabbed my PJ's and went to my shower, I Turned the water on to nearly Boiling. Wanting to rid all the sin that was buried under it. I scrubbed mercilessly at my skin, making it red and blotchy before washing off the soap bubbles and stepping out. I Grabbed the towel from the rack and dried myself putting on my PJ's once i was dry. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had 3 hickies on my neck, one under each ear and a few scattered on my collarbone. How the hell was i going to explain these to my Mom?? I Could say they were from the accident, but my neck hadn't been hurt. Would she bielive me??

I Walked back to my room, Wanting to go slow, i didn't want to go home at all, maybe if i did everything slower time would slow aswell. When i got to my room i opened my door to fine Gerard sat there. What did he want?
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