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It was the evening I was moved in and Mikey still hadn't come back. I feel as if he's avoiding me. Does he know something? No, that can't be it. It's only Gerard who knows.

But surely if he knew, he would be just as kind as his brother has been. Nevermind about that now, I'll worry about it later.

Luckily I didn't have to share a room with anyone, as there was a guest room. Gerard helped me unpack, although no words were said between us. Once we were done, he left silently, most likely back to his room. Then, a question entered my mind.

What does he do in his room all day?

I sighed and chose to worry about it. Gerard wasn't my friend and wouldn't ever be. He was just someone who helped me, not that anyone knows. I will always thank my mom for coming round that day. It was the day I was finally free...or am I?

I looked at my now working alarm clock, 5.45pm. I think Don and Donna are still out of town, but I'm sure they get home soon. I sighed. I was getting hungry, but I wouldn't feel right making myself something in someone else's house. I was just a guest here, even if Gerard did say I was 'living' with them.

I went downstiars, looking for something to do. God! I had no idea how boring my life was until now. I couldn't just go to Frank's, they probably didn't want me there.

It doesn't really bother me. I am basically where I was two years ago. I had no friends back home, so I was used to being alone. And now Mikey and Frank have fucked off, it just shows that I am not meant to have friends.

As I looked around the house, I saw that nobody was home. Or that Gerard was in his room. Either way, I'm on my own. I went into the living and turned on the TV. Maybe I'll order a pizza. That can't be considered rude can it? Because it wasn't food from their kitchen.

I grabbed my cell, again, I felt rude if I used their phone, and called the pizza parlour, "Hi, can I have a spicy chicken and sausage pizza please..."

"Make that two." I heard Gerard's voice.

"Sorry two please." They told me it will be done in about half an hour.

I then wondered if Gerard actaully spoke. He didn't come through the living room, I didn't hear anything from the kitchen. I didn't even hear him come from his room. Was I hearing things?

I sat up on the couch and looked round. He definatly wasn't here. Great so I ordered two pizzas for one person.

I turned back to the TV and continued to watch Halloween. I had already missed half of it, but nothing else was on.

Then, right when there was a scary part, not only did Jamie Lee Curtis scream, I screamed too when something scared me from behind the couch.

"AAAAHHH!!!" I screamed. I switched off the TV and turned the lights on. I looked behind the couch and on the floor, laughing hysertically was Gerard. How long had he been there?

"Gerard! You mother fucker, you fucking scared me!" I yelled, which caused him to laugh more.

Once he calmed down, he sat on his knees so he was level with me on the couch and rested his arms on the top.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. I've been there since you called the pizza guy." Then there was a knock at the door and I screamed again, falling off the couch and on Gerard."

"I'm sorry, but come to the door with me. You scared me real bad." I pleaded.

He groaned, "Fine, but you'll regret it." He got the money and went to the door with me.

"Hey, two spicy chicken and sausage pizza's, $20.95, please." Gerard went to hand him the money, but as he did, he piched my ass, causing me to scream, almost dropping the pizza's handed to me.

Gerard held back his laughter, "I'm so sorry about her, she's always screaming. The doctor told us she wouldn't do that anymore if she kept taking her meds, but I guess you remind her so much of Krusty the clown." He lowered his voice, " She's extemely scared of him, she hasn't been the same since, that was five years ago. But don't worry she'll be back there tomorrow morning."

Oh my god I wanted to hit him so much. I glared at him, although he wasn't looking at me. He then put his hand on my lower back and said, "It's okay the man won't hurt you." I could hear the laughter in his voice.

I looked back at the man, for some reason, and the seond my eyes landed on him, Gerard pinched me, again! And this time I did drop the pizza's.

Gerard P.O.V

"Oh my god, I couldn't eat another bite." I said, finishing my pizza.

"Me neither." She said, sitting at the oppisite end of the couch. The TV was turned off now and we ate in silence.

I got up with my pizza box and took hers from her and through them out and came back in, getting two cokes from the fridge. I went back to the living room, chucking a can to her and sitting down.

"What do you wanna do now?" I asked her, and she shrugged.

"I don't know. How come you're being nice to me?"

I tilted my head to think and when I couldn't think of anything I shrugged and chuckled lightly, "Not in the mood to be mean. Too tired. You have a lot of stuff that needed packing." She laughed.

"I don't have that much stuff Gerard." She said, trying to sound serious, but you hear the laughter in her voice.

"I think you'll find you do Krissy." I said in the same tone as her.

"Hey, you called me Krissy."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Well, duh it is your name." I laughed.

"But you never call me by my actual name." She frowned. Even I frowned.

"Wanna play Guitar Hero?" I asked to lighten the mood. She nodded. Maybe we can just have once night where there is no fighting, a night with no tears, just a night having some fun.

At first, I was just letting her win, just to make her slightly happier, even if she did know I was letting her win.

"Gerard! Play the game properly. Stop letting me win!" She complained, laughing of course.

"Fine, that's it!" I snapped, causing her to stop laughing, "No more Mr Nice Guy! This is all out war Walters, you're going down!"

She started laughing again, hell I laughed too, "Ooh, I'm so scared Way." And we continued playing.

We played so hard at this game, it wasn't even funny.

Once we had finished one of the last songs, I said to her, "Okay, the next song is the last one. If I win...I will make you do anything I tell you, and I mean anything! If I want you to drink my piss, you do it!" I laughed and she just looked shocked, unblinking.

I waved my hand in front of her face until she blinked and then she glared, "Yeah well, if I have to be nice to me for a whole day, and I will pick that day...even when Mikey is around you have to be nice to me. I will continue to hate you as I normally do, but you can't say anything back."

I thought long and hard about that. A whole day being nice to her. I can manage one night, but a whole day? And it would be worse, she'll still insult me and I won't be able to say anything back.

"You're on!" I said, and we shook on it.

You wanna know who won?

"Yes! Fuck yeah! I win, in your face! Oh yeah! You see that? My ass is in your face now kiss it bitch!" Yep, she won.

I pushed her, and she fell to the ground with a yelp. I crawled on top of her and tickled her.

"G-Gerard...stop...please!" She laughed.

I stopped soon after, although we both contiued to laugh.

When I had stopped laughing, I then took notice of the position we were in. She lay beneath me, my legs in between hers, my arms on either side of her, keeping myself up, and she had her hands placed on my chest.

Then, from nowhere, I started leaning in, and I noticed she did to. Our lips were just millimeters apart when I felt my foot hit something, causing it to make a loud crashing noise, and me and her pulled away and looked at what caused it.

Turns out it was the big stack of video games.

I looked back at her, and she was advoiding looking at me. Her cheeks a light shade of pink, as I'm sure mine were.

I quickly stood up, holding my hand out to her, which she took and I pulled her up.

We stood awkwardly, looking everywhere but each other.

"W-wanna watch a movie?" I asked nervously. What the hell? Nervously? I do not do nervous!

" long as you don't scare me again." She laughed, nervously as did I and I metally slapped myself for being nervous.

So we watched a movie. Not a scary one. We watched one from her collection. We wanted something funny to watch, so we chose Austin Powers in Goldmember. Let me tell you it's fucking hilarious!

By the end of the movie, I was laying down, but she was still sitting up. She switched off the TV and I was almost asleep, or so she thought.

I heard her get off the couch, "Where you going?" I asked with my eyes still closed.

"Bed." She stated simply.

"No, come here." I opened my eyes a little and saw her making her way toward me. When she got to me, I pulled her down on the couch.

"Gerard what're you doing?" She asked, slightly amused.

"Ssh, go to sleep." Was all I said for her to shut up.

She layed beside me, snuggling into my chest while I buried my face in her hair, and wrapped an arm around her.

"Night Kris."

There was a pause, "Night Gee."

Tonight had been the most fun I've had in a while. Normally, I would be making some slut from school scream my name, but I guess after tonight, that sort of life isn't that great after all. Fucking some whore who I will never speak too again just seems pointless after a fun night like this one.

And because tonight was great, I didn't want to end so suddenly, hence why I asked told her to sleep on the couch with me.

I smiled, and was almost asleep when the heard the front door.

"Hey Gee, sorry I'm back so late, Frank wan -Gerard? Krissy? What the hell?"

Krissy P.O.V

I woke up when my head collided with the hard surface of the floor.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled while I yawned. I then realised Mikey was in the room, which means Gerard pushed me off the couch.

"Krissy, why were you sleeping with Gerard?" I heard the voice of Mikey ask.

That's when my eyes opened wide and I jumped up off the floor.

"How dare you Michael James Way! Accuse me of sleeping with your brother, whom I hate very very much!"

He blinked before a smile grew on his face, "No, I didn't mean sleeping with him, I meant like laying next to him."

I felt my cheeks grow red, "Oh." I said, completely ignoring what his question was in the first place, as I didn't know how to answer.

"So, what are you doing here anyway Kris?"

"Oh...well - er..."

"She lives here now." Gerard said in monotone.

Mikey shot me a confused look, "Her parents don't love her no more so they left her. And because I am actually a nice guy when I want to be I called mom and now she lives here." Oh my god I could just kiss you Gerard Way...but I won't.

Mikey just nodded, "Okay, I'm sorry about that." I said it was okay and he didn't need to worry about me.

Gerard soon went to bed with the excuse of he can't stand the sight of me any longer, I rolled my eyes at his comment. So now it was just me and Mikey in the living, talking.

"So, why were you sleeping next to my brother?"

I sighed, "We actually didn't fight this evening and we played Guitar Hero after we watched a movie and was nearly asleep. I was going upstairs to my bed, but Gerard insisted I stayed down here with him."

He nodded, but he had that 'I don't believe you' look, "It's the truth Mikes, ask himif you don't believe me."

"Okay, okay I believe you, but I think that Gerard has a little crush on you." He laughed.

"Ew Mikes! No!"

It was silent for a while. It's funny, there were never any awkward moments between me and my best friend, but we haven't really seen alot of each other the past few weeks."

"Have you been avoiding me Mikey?" I asked nervously.

He refused to look at me, "What do you mean?"

"We barely see each other anymore. When I'm round here, you always go out to Frank's. Does Frank not like me? Do you not like me? Because if that's the case then I'll leave you alone. I'll move out and get a ticket back to Canada and live with my Aunt."

He shook his head frantically, "No, it's not that. Me and Frank love you, you're our best's just've changed a bit. You're not the extremely happy, hyper Krissy anymore. You were a female Frankie, and now it's like you're not happy anymore. Has something happened that I should know about?"

I can't believe this. I can't have changed that much have I? I tried my best to be happy when I wasn't, I tried to think everything was okay when it fucking wasn't. And now Mikey thinks something has happened.

"No, Mikey. Everything's fine. I promise. I hadn't realised I'd changed. I'm sorry." I hugged him.

"It's okay. But I did want to ask something else though...are...are you still"

My eyes widened, "Of course I am! What made you think I wasn't!?"

"I have my reasons." He said in a serious tone. Did he think I was some kind of slut or something?

"I haven't had sex Mikey."

He sighed, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe you." That was when my hand came into contact with his cheek.

"FUCK YOU MICHAEL!" And I ran upstairs, and cried myself to sleep.

Gerard P.O.V

I was in the living room the next day, watching some shit on TV. It was sunday today which meant we had school tomorrow. Oh joy!

I wasn't really paying attention to the TV as I was thinking about last night. I felt so much better knowing that she was okay now. And I noticed that just a tiny bit of that hate I had towards her had gone, but just a tiny bit. But that would probably come back soon.

I couldn't help but think of what nearly happened. We were only have a good time and then it could have been ruined by kissing her. Fuck! I nearly kissed her last night! What the fuck!?

I shook my head as not to think about that anymore. Then I thought about what Mikey had said to her. How could he say that to her? He was practically implying that she's a slut!

I was brought back into reality when I heard the voices of Frank and Mikey come through the front door.

"What you doing?" I asked then both, not taking my eyes of the screen.

"We want to talk to Krissy. Say sorry and shit."

"I don't think she wants to see you. She hasn't come out of her room once today."

I heard them sigh and took a seat on the couch, "I don't know why she got so upset though."

Now my eyes were off the screen and were glaring at my younger brother.

"Mikey, you may as well called her a slut as it is what you were implying last night." I half-yelled, which made me think, why was I sticking up for her.

"Hey calm down bro, I didn't mean for it to sound like that. Honest. Why are you getting all defensive anyway? You love her?" He teased.

I made a disgusted face and turned back to the TV, although I still didn't pay attention to it.

Then what Mikey and Frank talked about next, made me want to fucking die!

"I should apologise to her though. I feel bad."

"Dude you should. You shouldn't really upset someone like her." Frank said.

"What you mean?"

"Hello? She's like seriously hot! Have you not noticed?"

There was a pause before he said, "Yeah, she is hot!"

They were saying all this other shit, and it was making me extremely uncomfortable.

"Imagine her naked. Damn! And she's touching herself in dirty places." Frank's voice seemed all dreamy-like.

"Fuck! If I was single...I'd tap that." They laughed.

I knew what they were doing. Somehow, I had no idea how, but Mikey knew what I did when I tried to keep little Gee down. And that is exactly what happened today.

"Man, she is so sexy." I started biting my left thumb.

"Imagine her soft skin on your fingers..." I started tapping the floor with my right foot.

"I bet she really talented with her tongue..." My right hand sqeezed the pillow next to me.

"I bet she's amazing in bed -"

"I'm going to my room." I told them, getting away as quickly as I could. I could hear them laughing hysterically. I am going to kill my brother later!

Running down to my room, I locked my door and jumped on my bed, ripping off my jeans and boxers.

This wasn't going to go away so easily, which meant there was only one thing to do.

I took hold of my incredibly hard length in my hand and started pumping away.

My breathing started getting heavier each time. Normally when I did this, I didn't think of anything in particular.

I didn't think of anything until the one person I hated popped into my head.

I pictured her body without and bruises and starting thinking about what Mikey and Frank were saying.

I could feel I was close, and my hand held tighter onto myself.

Any other time I did this, I never thought of anybody or said anyones name.

But hearing Frank's last words sent me over the edge.

I bet she's amazing in bed. I couldn't help but think of Krissy laying beneath me as she screamed my name.

Fuck Gerard! I imagined.

I then came into my hand as I screamed, "KRISSY!"
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