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Dreams and Reality

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Willow believes her dream is lost. Mikey tells Alicia a brutal truth.

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Gerard angrily snuffed out his cigarette and leaned back in his chair. It was almost midnight and Willow was still asleep. After what had happened with the spirits she had been mentally and physically exhausted. That he understood. What was causing the anger was that Mikey refused to explain to him what had happened. All he would say was that Martha and her daughter had been reunited and had moved on into the next realm. While he was glad this gave his brother closure he was upset because he knew something had happened that Mikey wasn’t telling him. Gerard could still remember his words to Willow, “I saw”. What the hell had he seen?
Frank and Jamia stood at the same time from their spot on the sofa. “Hey, we’re gonna turn in.” Frank said with a yawn. “Tomorrow let’s get the new track laid down.”
Mikey nodded happily, “Yeah, for sure.” He turned to Alicia, “You ready to head up too?” Everyone else had already gone to bed except for the two couples, Brain and Gerard.
Alicia nodded, “Yep, I’m tired. It was a long day.”
Gerard snorted, “Yeah, a very long, confusing day.”
Mikey gave him a small smile, “It was a good day, Gee. I came back here hoping to help Martha and Willow and I did that.”
Gerard sighed, “I know and that’s good, Mikey. Sleep tight.” He waited until only he and Brain remained in the room. “So did you handle things?”
Brian had been expecting the question, “The wheels have been set in motion. You are sure about this, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, I’m sure.” Gerard answered shortly.
“It’s a lot of money.” Brain reminded him.
Gerard’s temper flared, “It’s my fuckin’ money and I can do what I want with it.”
Brain held up his hands in surrender, “Dude, don’t bite my head off. I’m just trying to look out for you.”
“Yeah, I know.” Gerard took out another cigarette and lit it. He briefly noted he was chain smoking but didn’t care. “I’m sure you’d like to remind me how much women in the past have cost me.”
“I didn’t say that.” Brian answered.
“You don’t have to say it I know that’s what you’re thinking but this is different. You saw how happy Mikey is now. And it’s all due to Willow. I don’t want her to have to worry about owing a bunch of fuckin’ money.”
“I get that.” Brian nodded, “But when are you gonna tell her?”
Gerard sighed, “I was going to tell her today but you know I didn’t get a chance.”
“And about the rest of your plan?”
“I’ll talk to her, don’t worry about it.” Gerard said standing. “See you in the morning.”
Brian shook his head as he watched him leave the room.

Gerard slipped out of his clothes then climbed into bed slowly hoping not to wake Willow. In her sleep she mumbled something then rolled over on her side. Gerard took the opportunity to mold his body to hers pulling her into his arms tightly. He absently stoked her bare arm realizing at some point in the evening she’d gotten up and put on her gown. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the desire that swept through his body.
Willow was smiling in her sleep as she dreamed about a vision Elena had shown her. Suddenly feeling something pressing against her forced her awake. She opened her eyes to darkness but felt Gerard’s arms around her. “Hello to you, too.” Her voice was husky from sleep.
“Shit.” Gerard tried to scoot back slightly, “Sorry.”
Willow was still feeling the happy aftermath of the dream, “Don’t be. It’s a nice way to wake up.”
“Really?” He thrust his hips forward. He really hadn’t meant to wake her but his body was reacting to hers. His hand moved up so that he could cup her breast through the sheer fabric.
“Yeah, really.” Bits and pieces of the dream still clung to her leaving a feeling hope. She moved her arm so that her fingers could stroke his thigh.
“Hey, if you’re too tired, I understand.” His body didn’t want him to say the words but his mind was demanding he do so. “I know today was really hard for you. I’m getting that this psychic stuff drains you.”
“Psychic stuff.” Willow repeated slowly. Suddenly all the memories of the day flooded back to her. The dream was forgotten.
“I didn’t mean that bad.” He was afraid he’d hurt her feelings.
“I know.” Willow whispered, “And thank you for understanding that.”
For several minutes they quietly laid in each other’s arms simply enjoying the feeling of closeness. Still Gerard was fighting the urge to roll her over on her back and thrust inside her.
“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Willow asked softly.
He told the truth, “I’m thinking how much I want to be inside you.”
Heaven help me, she thought, it’s was what I want too. “That’s a nice thought.” She whispered.
His dick grew even harder, “So that means that’s what you want to?”
Willow rolled over on to her back. It was only part of what she wanted but sadly she understood it was all he could offer. “It’s what I want.”
Gerard sat up and threw the blankets to the bottom of the bed. His fingers shook as he lifted her gown over her head. Suddenly Willow sat up and pushed him down. If this was all they could truly have together she would treasure these times. She would not let anything ruin this. As he sank into the soft mattress she smiled. “Think I want to be on top.”
“That’s fine with me, Sugar.” He answered. “Have your way with me.”
Willow felt the electricity between them spark, “Oh, I’ll have my way with a Way.”
“Just so the Way is me.” He said as he felt her pull at his pajama pants. He lifted his hips so she could easily slip them off. Once they were tossed to the floor Willow straddled him and lowered her mouth to his nipples and tongued them while reaching down and stoking his length. She felt his body shudder. “Mr. Way, like?”
“Fuck yeah, Mr. Way likes.” In truth this dick felt like it was on fire. Her touch sent shock waves through him.
She took the flat tip of his nipple into her mouth and bit down, hard. His body shuddered again at the flash of pain and his cock surged.
“You, okay?’ Willow murmured.
“Oh yeah.” He closed his eyes and let the desire wash over him.
She eased up on his nipple, licking it gently then moved her mouth to the other. Gerard held his breath waiting. When she bit down Willow felt his cock twitch in her hand. She licked the nipple gently. “Are you really okay with this?” She whispered.
“Hurt me, Sugar. It just adds to the anticipation.” His voice was raw with emotion.
Willow leaned back and used the head of his cock to stroke her wet clit. Gerard moaned when he felt her heat. He wanted to push inside her but he held back. The electricity between them sizzled and she continued to masturbate using him.
“Fuck, reach over and snap on the light. I want to see you.”
Willow leaned over and did as he asked and soft light flooded the room. He reached over and shoved another pillow under his head so he had a better view. “Now, do what you were doing. I want to see you get off.”
Willow looked into his eyes, “You like to watch, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I like to see you get off using my dick. You have no idea how fuckin’ sexy you are.”
His words brought a slight smile to her face.
“What? You don’t believe me? Willow you are so fuckin’ sexy I get turned on just looking at you most of the time.”
“Not just when we touch?’ She asked in a small voice.
He understood what she was saying, “Sugar, you know what happens to me when we touch but yeah, you can turn me on with just a look.”
Willow grinned, “Do you want to help me?”
“How?” he asked eagerly.
“Sit up so that you can touch my breast while I….”
“While you use my dick to get off.” He added for her.
Willow nodded, “Yeah.”
Gerard scooted back a bit so he could lean against the headboard. “Okay, Sugar. How’s this?”
“Perfect.” She repositioned herself and reached down to grasp his hard dick again. As before she slowly used the head to stimulate herself. Gerard reached out with both hands and cupped her breasts. At first he gently tweaked her nipples but as Willow began rubbing herself faster he increased the pressure. Willow’s breath was coming quicker. So was Gerard’s. She was stroking herself into a frenzy while tightening her grip on his rock hard penis.
“Cum” He commanded.
Willow leaned forward without stopping and pressed her open mouth against his collarbone. As the orgasm peaked she bit down on his soft skin to keep from crying out.
Gerard rubbed her back gently as she loosened her grip on him and sighed. His own need was still there but he didn’t want to rush her. Still he felt so engorged. His balls tingled with unspent orgasm. He held his breath, waiting.
Willow pushed herself up and smiled, “Now it’s your turn.” Before he could respond she slid down his body. Gerard smiled as he watched her settle between his legs. Her tongue darted out and licked from his base to the tip. She took the shiny head into her mouth and gently grazed it with her teeth. With her hand she gently squeezed his balls and stroked the sensitive ridge underneath. Gerard had to touch more of her skin. His fingers stroked her shoulders marveling at the sensation touching her skin produced. He spread his legs even wider to give her better access. She alternately tongued and grazed her teeth over his length. He was beginning to think he’d explode until the opened her mouth and took in his entire length.
“Oh fuck.” He cried out. “Suck me off, please.” He begged.
Willow was happy to accommodate this request but as she felt his release coming she slid his dick out of her mouth.
Gerard was momentarily disappointed until he saw what she had in mind. Willow continued stoking him but sandwiched his cock between her breasts. The sight alone put him over the edge. One more stroke was all it took. As he watched his dick slid up between her breasts he released hitting Willows chin and mouth.
“Shit.” He reached out to wipe her face but desire shot through him again as he saw her tongue dart out to like her lips.
Gerard smiled, “Fuck that’s hot.”
Willow’s eyes narrowed with desire, “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Rest up, the night is young and I’ve slept most of the day.”
He fell back against the headboard and laughed, “Oh Sugar, you’re gonna wear me out.”
“That’s my plan.” Willow admitted taking his limp dick into her hand and stroking it gently, “That’s my plan.”

He turned his head on the pillow and looked through the darkness towards his wife’s voice. “Yeah?”
“What really happened today?” She asked gently.
He had been expecting the question. “Martha went with Mary.”
“Yeah, you said that. But what else happened? What happened to Willow? I know you said she was protecting you from the man who was trying to keep Martha here. I got that.”
Mikey decided to tell her what he hadn’t told the others. “The Dark Man, as Willow calls him was trying to keep Martha here by lying to her. He had convinced her that she would loose Mary’s love if Mary knew the truth.”
“The truth about what?”
“That he was Mary’s father.” Mikey whispered.
“Oh shit.” Alicia rolled over on her side. The room was dark but through the shadows she could just make out his face. “He was Mary’s father? And he killed her mother?”
“Yeah, how fucked up is that?”
“But why did he do it? I don’t understand?”
Mikey tried to explain. “Through the images I got from Martha she was in love with him but he was already married. He had a family. Martha wanted Mary to have a better life then she did and wanted Mary to have a father so she planned on marrying another man.”
“But he didn’t want her to.” Alicia guessed correctly.
“Right. He threatened to tell Mary the truth that he was her father. Martha begged him not to do it. She was planning on marrying the other man and moving away from here.”
“So he murdered her.” Alicia whispered.
“Yeah, and Mary saw it happen.”
“Shit, that’s so sad. But at least there is sorta a happy ending. Martha is now free from this place and with her daughter.”
Mikey sighed, “Yeah, that’s the good thing.”
Alicia heard something in his tone. “So what’s bothering you?’
Mikey couldn’t explain it to her. He knew he needed to speak to Willow about the other images he’d seen from the Dark Man. Those images had left him confused and frightened. “I’m just tired.” He lied.
Alicia snuggled up to him. “Hey, just like Willow this psychic stuff wears you out.”
“That it does.” Mikey said stroking her arm.
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