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Will He Let Go

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Everyone is wondering what will happen between Gee and Willow.

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“Shit.” Gerard muttered as he almost tripped stepping into his jeans.
Willow’s eyes popped open and he saw as he glanced over at her.
“Sorry. I was trying to be quiet.”
“It’s okay. What time is it?” Willow asked with a stretch.
“Almost ten. The rest of the guys are already downstairs waiting for me. We’re gonna lay down the new track today. I didn’t mean to sleep so late.”
Willow knew the fact that she’d kept him up most of the night making love was the reason for his late wake up. “Oops guess it’s my fault.” She teased.
Gerard laughed, “Yeah, it is. I’m getting to be an old guy. I need my sleep.”
“Sorry.” She giggled, “Promise tonight I won’t temp you and I’ll let you get your beauty sleep.”
He threw on his hoodie then walked towards the bed. “Oh, no you won’t. Tonight I’m gonna wear you out, woman.”
Willow’s body tingled at the thought. “Really?”
He leaned down and brushed her lips. “Yeah, really. Hey I was thinking you and I should go out for dinner tonight. Just the two of us. It will give us a chance to talk.”
“Okay.” Willow answered trying not to let her smile slip. “That sounds nice.”
Gerard was busy tying his shoes and didn’t notice the fake smile she gave him. “There is a Mexican restaurant not far from here. Great food. We’ll go there.”
“Sounds good.” Willow said sliding out of bed.
Gerard was almost to the door when he turned, “You know at first when Mikey said that Martha and her daughter were reunited my first thought was great now we can get the fuck out of here. But now I’m not in any hurry. As long as that Dark Guy leaves you alone I’m happy we’re here. We’ve gotten a couple of good songs written this time. Mikey seems really happy.” He nodded happily to himself, “Yeah, I’m feeling really good.” He finally noticed Willow was looking away. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
She knew he didn’t have time to talk. “Nothing. Now get going. The guys are waiting for you.”
He frowned and took a couple of steps towards her. “Willow, tell me what’s bothering you.”
She tried to lighten the mood, “Nothing. Everything is fine. Now get downstairs and get to work. I don’t want the rest of the guys mad at me for keeping you up here.”
He wouldn’t let it go. “Is it some of the other spirits? Are they still causing you trouble?” He suddenly had a thought, “Have you seen “her” again?”
“If by “her” you mean the spirit that is attracted to you, then yes. I know why she lingers here.”
He was immediately worried, “She hasn’t done anything to hurt you, has she?”
Willow’s mind went back to yesterday when the woman has visited her. With all that had happened after that she hadn’t gotten a chance to think about it. “No, actually she came to me to explain.”
Now Gerard was intrigued, “Explain? You know why she’s here?”
Before Willow could answer his cell rang. “Shit, that will be the guys. I gotta get down there. We’ll probably work all day but tonight over dinner you can explain, okay?”
“Okay. Sounds like a plan.” She agreed.
“So what are you gonna do all day?” He knew he needed to get his ass downstairs but suddenly he was finding it hard to leaver her.
“Hang with the girls.” Willow said with a smile. She walked over to him and gave him a playful shove. “Now get going.”
He started to turn back to the door but changed his mind and grabbed her. His lips crashed down on hers. Soon they were both breathless. His cell phone rang again.
“Fuck.” He muttered. “Gotta go.” He gave her one more quick kiss then left the room.
Willow waited until the door closed to let her tears fall.

Alicia took a bite of her hamburger then looked over at Willow. She didn’t know if Christa and Jamia had noticed it but Willow was acting different. She joked and laughed with them but Alicia could see a sadness in her eyes. “You, okay?” She reached across the table and touched Willow’s arm.
Willow gave her a surprised look, “I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”
Alicia shrugged, “I dunno. You just seem kinda quiet today.”
Christa took a sip of her chocolate shake. “Well I’m feeling good today. Day after tomorrow we get to go home.”
Her words caused Willow to look down at her half eaten hamburger.
Alicia saw and understood. “I’m just glad Mikey feels good about the experience.” She said softly. “And it wouldn’t have been possible without you.” She added looking at Willow.
Willow smiled, “Mikey is going to be fine, now.” She wanted to put Alicia’s mind at ease.
“So do you and Gee have any plans when we leave on Sunday?” Jamia asked. She didn’t realize her question brought a fresh wave of pain to Willow.
“I’m going home.” Willow said softly.
Jamia realized her mistake. “Oh, I mean I just thought that uh, things had changed between you and Gee. I mean you guys are so close now.” She looked over at Alicia hoping for some help.
It was Christa who tried to help. “I know what she means. It’s obvious you two care about each other.”
Willow forced herself to smile. “We are close but the fact remains that I came here to help Mikey. But when we leave on Sunday I’m going home.”
No one knew what to say. Alicia decided to talk to her brother-in-law as soon as they got back to the Paramour. She just couldn’t believe Gerard would let Willow go home like that. If he did then he was a bigger idiot then she ever believed.
The topic was changed and the rest of lunch passed. Willow tried her hardest to appear happy but the truth was her heart was breaking.

The girls got back around five and that was when the band decided to call it a day. Brian was very pleased with the track they had recorded.
“Hey, you guys still have tomorrow to work. I think that other song you’ve been working on is great. How about recording it tomorrow?”
Ray nodded, “Yeah, I think we should.”
Frank agreed, “I think it’s better than the one we did today.”
Gerard was only half listening to them. He knew Willow was back and he wanted to go upstairs and change before he took her to dinner.
“So what’s the plan for tonight?” Bob asked laying down his drumsticks and joining them.
“How about we all settle in and watch some movies?” Ray suggested. This brought a round of nods of agreement.
“I’m taking Willow out for dinner.” Gerard announced.
“Gonna talk to her?’ Brain asked.
Gerard gave him an impatient look. “Yeah, I’m gonna discuss some shit with her.”
Bob frowned, “About what?”
Gerard’s good mood was evaporating. “None of your business.”
The others were taken aback by his tone.
“Shit, don’t bite my head off.” Bob answered.
Gerard glared, “Then stop trying to get into my business.” He left the room without another word.
“What was that all about?” Ray asked looking over at Brain.
Brian sighed, “Not sure I should say. It’s Gee’s business.”
“And it involves Willow, right?” Bob asked.
“Yeah, it involves her.”
“You don’t sound very happy about it.” Frank noted.
Mikey didn’t like the tone of Brian’s voice. “Dude, Willow is a fuckin’ good person.”
“Never said she wasn’t.” Brain noted the anger in Mikey’s voice. “But we all know how much Gee was fucked up after his divorce. I just don’t want to see him get screwed over by another woman.”
“Willow wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.” Mikey answered. “And I don’t know why you think she would.”
“Yeah, if anything she’s the one who’s gonna get screwed over.” Bob added in anger.
Brain turned to him. “Whoa, calm down. Look just forget I said anything. This is Gee’s business.”

Gerard hurried up the stairs. He was really looking forward to tonight. That fact bothered him but he shoved that feeling out of his mind. Things would work out. He was sure Willow would agree with his plans. He found her sitting on the bed. “Hey, have a good day with the girls?’
She looked up and smiled, “Yeah, it was fun. I hope they have enough room to pack all the stuff the bought.”
Gerard frowned, “You didn’t buy anything?”
“Nope, I’m on a tight budget.” She answered.
“Hey, if I’d thought about it I would have given you some money this morning.” He told her.
Willow shook her head, “I wouldn’t have taken it.”
“Why not?’
She stood then shrugged, “Why would I?”
He realized his conversation was not going to go well and he didn’t want anything to spoil the evening he had planned. “Whatever. I’m gonna change before we take off for dinner.”
Willow looked down at her jeans and tee. “Should I change?’
“Nope, you look beautiful.” He answered honestly. “I’ll just be a minute.” He grabbed some clothes out of his bag and started for the bathroom. Willow sat back down on the bed and sighed.

“Has Gee said anything about Willow?’ Christa asked Ray after showing him all her purchases of the day.
He frowned, “What about her?”
Christa sighed, “Well at lunch today she told us when we leave here she’s going back home.”
“That was always the plan.” Ray reminded her.
“Yeah, I know but you have to admit things are different between them now. Got a pretty good feeling that she’s in love with him.”
Ray knew that was the truth. “Yeah, I’m sure she is.”
“So how does he feel about her?”
“He hasn’t said.” Ray admitted. “You know Gee pretty much swore off the idea of ever getting seriously involved with anyone after his divorce.”
Christa nodded, “Yeah, but that’s stupid. Look, we all know how brutal the divorce was for him and I’m sure none of us know the whole truth but still he’d be a fool to let someone he cares about go because he’d afraid.”
“I agree.” Ray said softly, “But I also know how deep the hurt went after the divorce. What if he let himself care again and he got hurt? What would that do to him?”
“I just can’t see Willow hurting him.” Christa said, “He needs to trust that she wouldn’t hurt him.”
“Not sure he can.” Ray said sadly.

“What’s wrong?’ Alicia asked as soon as she saw the look on Mikey’s face.
He was still thinking about what Brain had said. Suddenly he had a very bad feeling. “Nothing. I just wanted to talk to Willow but Gerard’s taking her out for dinner.”
“You want to ask her something about what happened with Martha, right?” Alicia guessed.
He nodded, “Yeah, I’ve still got some unanswered questions. I guess they can wait until tomorrow.”
“What’s the plan for tomorrow?”
“We’re gonna lay down another track.” Mikey answered taking a seat on the bed by his wife.
“Can I ask you something about your brother?” She saw him nod then continued, “So is he really gonna just let Willow go home?”
Mikey sighed, “I don’t know. Brain said something that made it sound like Gee has some sort of plan.”
“Involving Willow?”
“I think so. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him alone.”
Alicia fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “I really hope he’s decided to let go of the past. I know how fuckin’ bad he was hurt but if he lets Willow walk out of his life I think he doesn’t realize how much that will hurt too.”
Mikey fell back beside her, “I think you’re right. Maybe I’ll get a chance to talk to him later tonight when they get back from dinner. I want to see where his head is about Willow.”
“Yeah, good idea. She loves him we both know that.”
Mikey sighed, “Yeah but will he let himself love her?”
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