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Mini Ficlets ;]

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Basically random ficlets of randomness ;]

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hey luvlies! right well i'm gonna start writing more of my one shots but i think this time with more frerard? i'm not sure... but anyways hope you enjoy and i've missed you all ;] xx

Shag bands

Frank sat at his desk, playing with his new black bands that hung loosely on his wrist.
‘Hey Frank’ Mikey grinned as Frank looked up, smiling.
‘Hey Mikes’ he smiled as Mikey sat opposite him, before looking at his wrist.
‘Uh… Frankie… you do know what them bands mean right?’ he asked as Frank tilted his head.
‘Obviously not’ Mikey mumbled under his breath, before Frank grinned.
‘They’re cool right? But they break easily apparently… and that’s gonna be annoying if they break’ he whined as Mikey swallowed a laugh, nodding.
‘Yeah it’ll be a bummer dude’ he replied, still trying to hold back a giggle.

On the way home Frank was still playing with his bands, making Mikey frustrated.
‘Frank unless you want them to break I suggest you LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!’ Mikey yelled as Frank jumped a foot in the air, clutching his heart.
‘Fucking hell Mike! Calm down!’ he gasped, before they ended up at Mikey and Gerard’s house. When they stepped inside they were immediately hit by the aroma of pancakes… Gerard’s famous pancakes. The boys looked at each other before running into the kitchen, sitting down.
‘Hey Gee’ Mikey smiled as Frank waved. Gerard smiled before putting the pancakes on three plates, dumping two in front of the hungry teens.
‘I was making some for myself but I saw the time and knew you greedy bastards will nick mine if I don’t make you some’ Gerard laughed before he saw Franks bands.
‘Nice bands Frankie’ Gerard smirked as Frank smiled.
‘I know right? I mean they’ve got some in loads of different colours… but I like the black ones the most’ he replied as Gerard looked at Mikey, who shrugged.
‘Well I like the pink ones’ he winked as Mikey laughed, choking on a pancake in the process.
‘Yeah the pink ones are cool but black just states something you know’ Frank smiled as Gerard spat out a bit of coffee.
‘Frankie do you even know what them bracelets mean?’ he asked as Frank shrugged.
‘They’re an accessory… they’re not meant to have a meaning’ he replied as Mikey snorted.
‘Oh these ones do!’ he laughed as Gerard knelt in front of Frank putting his hand on his shoulder.
‘Hun they’re shag bands… and if someone breaks them… the person who breaks them has to fuck you…’ he began as Frank’s eyes went wide, before he stared at the bands.
‘What?!’ he yelled as Mikey burst out laughing, before falling off his chair. Gerard glared at him before standing up, hearing a snap on the way. Mikey stopped laughing and looked at the floor by Franks feet, only to see a broken band there. Gerard and Frank turned crimson, before Mikey burst out laughing again, his fists slamming the floor.
‘Oh my fucking god! Gee you have to fuck Frankie! Oh my god!!’ he panted as Gerard looked down at Frank, who had turned blood red, his eyes looking anywhere but him.
‘Fine then’ Gerard smirked as he lifted Frank up, whose eyes went comically wide.
‘Come on then Frankie’ he smiled as Mikey rose from the floor, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.
‘You aint got the guts, I bet you cant even kiss him’ he teased as Gerard planted a soft, lingering kiss on Frank’s lips, before pulling away.
‘Now if you don’t mind Michael me and Frankie are gonna have fun banging each others brains out’ he smirked as Gerard led Frank downstairs.
All night Mikey could hear the door breaking the headboard and moaning like porn stars.
‘Fuck sake’ he mumbled before grabbing his coat, running out the door and down the road, in hope of getting away from the new shag band buddies.

should be writing more sooon R&R if you're awesome >=P
Lovee you all
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