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Frankie - Closet Poet...

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hey people! erm... this poem is really weird but it's something i wrote a while back and i just wanna know what you think and if it fits in with the frerardness...
anywhoo! ENJOY!

Frank sat at his desk, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper.
'Hey Frankie' Bob mumbled, yet somehow making Frank jump a mile.
'Oh hey' he smiled as Bob sat down, eyeing the boy carefully.
'You okay shortass? you seem a bit... jumpy...' Bob asked as Frank shook his head quickly.
'No I'm fine! why wouldn't I be?' he replied hastily, before the blue eyed boy spotted the paper.
'Oooooh what's this then?' Bob asked as he whipped the paper off the desk, and out of Frank's reach. Before the other boy could protest Bob's eyes were scanning the page, before he turned around, handing it back to his friend.
'Well Frankie boy it's official... you've fallen deep for the older Way bro' he sighed as he sat on the desk, staring at him. Frank sighed before scrunching up the paper, throwing it away. suddenly the room was bombarded by people, one of them being none other than the dark haired green eyed teen.
'Hey Frankie' Gerard smiled as he kissed his boyfriend softly, before sitting next to him. after what seemed like an hour of conversation and a silent Frank the bell went, signalling for everyone to leave.
'I'm gonna just throw this away i'll catch up' Gerard smiled as he walked over to the bin, before spotting a piece of paper with his name on it.
'Hmm...' he mumbled before pulling it out of the bin, sitting on the desk.

Some people say I’m mad
To love a guy like you
But I know they’re just jealous

They ask me what I see in you
And I just grin and reply
Everything you don’t

They wonder why I kiss you
The way I do
But we all know its coz I’m lucky enough to love a guy like you

They ask why I suddenly went colourful
Well colour means happiness
So I guess you’re just my happiness

They say romance is everything
Yet I’m happy just snuggled up to you on the sofa
In your favourite hoodie watching some cheesy sketch comedy show

They say teenage love is nothing
Yet how can I be stood here with you in the pouring rain
After everything we’ve been through and still say
“I Love You”

Gerard smiled before shoving the paper in his hoodie pocket, running after them.
'Hey Frankie' he called as Frank stopped, staring at his boyfriend. gerard leant down, before pecking his lips lightly.
'Love You Too'

So um... tell me what you think!

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