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Party boys ;]

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An Vola! i have more for you! xD thanks to everyone whose reviewed so far i wavv chuuuuuuz! -hugs- anywhoo ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Gerard watched in amusement at the bar as his drunken Frankie was on the dance floor, dancing with Mikey, who was also Hammered.
‘You Gee you don’t mind your boy dancing with your bro?’ Ray asked as he shook his head.
‘Nah mate Mikey’s as straight as a ruler’ he replied with a smile, Ray rubbing the back of his neck, laughing nervously.
‘Yeah’ he chuckled, before walking over to Bob, who was dancing in a small sea of girls. Gerard laughed as his boyfriend came over, grabbing his hand.
‘Dance with me Gee-Gee’ he laughed as Gerard shook his head.
‘No sorry hun I don’t think so’ he replied as Frank pouted.
‘Don’t pout at me Frankie please’ Gerard pleaded as Frank continued to pout, his large hazel eyes staring at Gerard.
‘Fine!’ he sighed as he stood up, earning a triumphed smile from Frank. They somehow managed to get into the middle of the sea of people, dancing closely. Frank rubbed his semi hard on against Gerard, who stifled a moan. They continued to dance, this time getting more heated. Frank smirked at Gerard, leaning in to kiss him, before his mouth flew open.
‘Oh my fucking rock god!’ he yelled loud enough for Gerard to hear over the heavy bass music.
‘What?’ Gerard asked as Frank pointed past his shoulder. Gerard turned his head casually, only to see his brother kissing none other than Ray Toro.
‘OH MY FUCKING MOTHER IN HELL!’ he yelled, before he went to walk over, only to have someone grab his wrist.
‘Gee don’t’ Frank pleaded as Gerard looked at him, anger across his face.
‘Frankie if you haven’t noticed that’s my brother and my best friend’ he replied as Frank pulled Gerard close, their chests up against each other.
‘Last time I checked I was Mikey’s best friend and you were his brother’ Frank growled as Gerard sighed.
‘But this is different!’ he complained as Frank put his hands on his hips.
‘Oh yeah how?’ he asked as Gerard stomped his foot.
‘Coz this is Fro man with my baby brother!’ he whined, before Frank laced his fingers with Gerard’s.
‘Come with me’ he mumbled as he dragged them through the sea of people, before hauling him outside.
‘Why are you taking me out here?’ Gerard asked as Frank sighed.
‘Coz you looked like you were gonna have a fit in there if I kept you in there any longer!’ Frank replied as Gerard smirked.
‘Look whose getting all controlling’ he growled seductively as Frank’s bottom lip trembled.
‘Well… I-I would of h-had to Gee I mean C-come on you would of punched F-fro man’ he stuttered as Gerard neared closer, before Frank backed up into a wall, the cold brick stinging the back of his neck. Gerard leant down and kissed Frank full on the lips, moving his against them. Frank moaned into the kiss, before wrapping his arms around his neck, trying to move him closer. Gerard’s tongue darted into Frank’s mouth, trying to claim every little bit of his mouth.
The kiss must of lasted a while until Gerard heard Ray’s voice. Gerard pulled away, much to Frank’s dismay.
‘What’s the matter Gee baby?’ he asked, before he spotted Ray and Mikey in the car park, holding hands.
‘Oi Fro man, come here’ Gerard smirked evilly as Ray let go of Mikey’s hand, stepping back slightly.
‘Now Gee I was gonna tell you man’ he replied, before Gerard began to run. Ray quickly kissed Mikey on the lips, before running away, hurdling the gate as he did so.
‘I love you Mikey!’ he yelled as Gerard was catching up. Mikey sighed as Frank walked up to him, standing next to him.
‘Why is Gerard acting this way?’ Mikey asked as Frank shrugged.
‘Coz it’s you and his best mate maybe?’ he replied as Mikey sighed.
‘And? If he hasn’t noticed you’re my best mate and he’s my bro’ he mumbled as Frank laughed.
‘Yeah but this is different’ he chuckled as Mikey looked at his best friend.
‘How?’ he asked as Frank stomped his feet like Gerard did
‘Coz it’s Fro man!’ he whined, exactly like Gerard did, making Mikey laugh.

TADAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! xD

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