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13 things you must do in Tesco's

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Heyyyyyy Now I personally like this chapter coz my mate sent me this thing about doing things in Tesco's (I've done quite a few of these xD) anywhoo me luvlies! Enjooooooooooooy

this is 13 things to do in Tesco's

01.Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples trolleys when they aren't looking.

Frankie and Gerard grabbed a several boxes of condoms, earning a few looks from the other three.
‘Watch’ Frank giggled as he walked over to an old man’s trolley, dropping three boxes in there. Soon enough the whole gang joined in, dropping them into random trolleys. When Frank was about to put in into someone trolley a big butch man turned around, a glare on his face.
‘Run!’ Gerard yelled as they dropped the condoms, running into a different department.

02.Set all the alarm clocks in house ware to go off at 5 minute intervals.

Gerard ran around, winding random alarm clocks up.
‘Gee what you doing?’ Mikey whispered as Frank wandered around mindlessly.
‘Watch’ he giggled as Frank walked past an alarm clock, only for it to start ringing. He let out a high pitched shriek, clutching his chest. As soon as he walked past another it did the same, only for him to run and jump into Gerard’s arms.
‘They’re out to get me Gee!!!!’ he cried, only for Gerard to peck his lips lightly.
‘Calm down Frankie’ he cooed as Frank refused to let go.

03.Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor to the toilet.

Ray grabbed a tin of tomato juice, before walking into the bathroom. He pierced a whole into it with his key before walking around the bathroom, leaving trails on the floor. Suddenly a man came in, making him jump, splashing all of the juice on his arm. The man stared wide eyed at him, before Ray got on his knees, yelling.
‘It hurts so bad!’ he yelled, causing the man to run out. He sighed before standing up, washing his arm in the sink, walking out with a evil smirk on his face.

04.Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, "Code 10 at Pharmacy".....and see what happens.

Gerard puffed out his chest, before walking up to a geeky assistant, acne plastered over his face.
‘Code 10 at pharmacy’ Gerard spoke in a deep voice, earning a few giggles from his friends.
‘Erm… what?’ the assistant asked as Gerard pointed behind the assistant.
‘I said… code 10 at pharmacy’ he replied in the same macho voice.
‘Uh… sir… code 10 is assault…’ the assistant stated carefully as Gerard sighed.
‘Oh… erm…’ he mumbled, before running away.

05.Go to the service desk and ask to have a bag of M&M's put on hold.

Frank grabbed a bag of M & M’s before walking up to the service desk.
‘Hello how may I help you?’ the woman behind the desk asked.
‘Hi um I was wondering if you could put this bag of M & M’s on hold for me please’ he grinned, earning a weird look from the woman.
‘Uh… sir we’re always stocked up on M & M’s…’ she replied as he nodded.
‘I know but I was wondering if you could put THESE ones on hold…’ he smiled as she took the bag.
‘Okay…’ she replied before putting them on the shelf, turning round to find no one there.

06.Move a "CAUTION - WET FLOOR" sign to a carpeted area.

Bob took a wet floor sign from the tiled area on isle 3 before running over to the bedroom department, placing it by the bed that Mikey was led on.
‘Ooh Mikey had an accident’ Bob cooed as Mikey sat up, looking down.
‘You ass!’ he yelled before bob ran down isle 3 dodging the wet patch. Mikey ran straight through it, slipping on the wet surface.
‘I don’t wanna know what happened here!’ Ray mumbled as he helped his boyfriend up, chasing after Bob.

07.Set up a tent in the house ware section and tell other shoppers you'll only invite them in if they bring pillows from the bedding department.

Gerard and Frank set up a tent, before climbing inside, giggling madly. Frank stuck his head out, only to see a couple staring at them.
‘You can join I you grab pillows from the bedding department’ he grinned as the couple looked at each other, smiling.
‘Okay’ the woman smiled as they ran to the bedroom department, before coming back with a bunch of pillows. Slowly they convinced more and more people to join, until the whole camping department was filled with random couples.
‘Pillow fight!’ Frank yelled, before the other four attacked him from behind.

08.When an assistant asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

Mikey wandered aimlessly, before a shop assistant came up to him.
‘Can I help you with something sir?’ she asked, her high pitched voice making Mikey jump.
‘WHY CAN T YOU PEOPLE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!’ he yelled, collapsing onto his knees. Ray rushed over, before scowling at the woman.
‘Geez cant you just give the guy some space… it’s okay hun, breathe’ he whispered as the woman backed away slowly, her eyes wide.

09.While handling the knives in the kitchen ware department ask the clerk if he/she knows where the anti-depressants are.

Gerard handled the knife with great care, before turning to the clerk, a frown on his lips.
‘Um… excuse me, I was wondering if you knew where the antidepressants are?’ he asked, still toying with the knife in his hands.
‘Um… isle 7’ she whimpered, before Gerard smiled, walking away with the knife in his hands.

10.Dart around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible.

Mikey and Frank dodged trolleys, before making their hands look like guns. Suddenly Frank started to hum a tune, causing Mikey turned his head slowly.
‘Uh… dude?’ he asked as Frank stopped, looking up.
‘What? It adds to the mood man!’ he grinned as Mikey shrugged, before humming along. They crept along the hardware isle, before they were lifted by their boyfriends, making them scream.
‘Put me down!’ Frank yelled as Gerard smirked at him.
‘Hmm…rather not… I’m thinking about taking you back to the tent we were in you know’ he whispered huskily, before he noticed Ray running in that direction, Mikey still in his arms.
‘Hey! Come back here! That was my idea!’ Gerard yelled as he ran after them, Frank’s eyes wide at the speed his lover was running.

11.In the car accessory department practice your Madonna look using different size funnels.

Mikey and Bob walked around the car accessory department, before Bob grabbed two funnels.
‘Hey Mikey’ he laughed as Mikey turned around, only to have Bob with two funnels pressed against his chest.
‘Like a virgin, wow! Touched for the very first time’ he sang, as Mikey giggled, before grabbing two smaller funnels.
‘Like a virgin! With your body, next to mine!’ the two sang in unison, earning weird looks from the other costumers

12.Hide in the clothing rack and when people browse through shout, "PICK ME ! PICK ME !!!!"

Frank and Gerard hid in the clothes rack, giggling as a woman walked over to a pair of jeans.
‘Don’t pick her pick me!’ Gerard called as he hid behind another pair of jeans. The woman turned around, staring at the rack in worry.
‘Yeah the woman in the white turtle neck pick me!’ he chanted again as she walked over. The pair moved over to the pair of jeans she was just looking at, before Frank cleared his throat.
‘What you listening to them tatty Jeans for! Pick me!!!!!!!!!!’ he called as the woman walked quickly out the isle, leaving Frank and Gerard in a fit of laughter, knocking over a couple of racks of clothes.

13.When an announcement comes over the loud speaker assume the fatal position and scream, "NO! NO!, It's those voices in my head again!".

‘Excuse me will Mr Loan please go to the service desk, excuse me Mr Loan please go to the service desk’ the announcer spoke as Ray clutched his fro, collapsing on the floor.
‘No they’re back! GET THOSE DAMN VOICES OUTTA MY HEAD PLEASE! PLEASE!’ he yelled as he started to thrash around on the floor, only to have Mikey straddle him.
‘Calm down sweetie’ He hushed as he kissed his lips lightly.
‘But Mikey, the voices the voices!’ he whined as Mikey hushed him softly.
‘It’s only the announcer baby’ he replied as Ray nodded, clutching onto his boyfriend for dear life. Everyone stared at him as he stood up, before smiling.
‘I’m okay now’ he grinned as Mikey laced his hand with his, before walking away.

Consequences - the store manager stormed up to them, before grabbing Frank and Gerard by the scruff.
‘Run! Save yourselves!!!’ they yelled as the others ran, security running after them.
‘You boys are in so much trouble!’ the man growled as Gerard flashed his crooked smiled.
‘Well now lets not be harsh’ he chuckled as Frank bit the guys wrist, causing him to let go of the boys.
‘RUN!!!!!!!!!!’ they yelled before running out the store, meeting the others by the hill.
‘Where too next fella’s?’ Ray asked as Gerard and Frank looked at each other.
‘Back in there’ they grinned in unison, before running back.

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