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getaway car

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Kato was driving, as was her specialty. George simply sat there, seatbelt strapped, just hopping to survive another of the Triad’s purely improvised getaways. Chase, as was his specialty, leaned out the window and shot back at their pursuers.

That and Kato’s reckless driving seemed to be the only things keeping the cab at bay, yet it was also messing up Chase’s shots. As far as he was concerned, she seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much at the wheel, but he had to admit she was up against a taxi driver. Not good odds by any of their reckoning.

“Step on it, Kato!” Chase shouted, “They’re gaining!”

George slid down in his seat as the taxi started shooting back, trying to make himself less of a target in his hundred-and-eighth Triad shootout in which he himself had more in common with innocent bystanders than actual participants.

“I’m going as fast as I can!” Kato shot back. “This boat handles like a tank!”

“I know!” It wasn’t like they had time to pick and choose under the circumstances, “But could you at least keep it steady! I can’t hit a damn thing!”

So far, a lot of collateral damage, but not so much as nick on his real target.

“Then next time, you drive!” Kato hung a hard left, clipping their right-hand mirror against the vehicle that originally had the right of way, and barely swerved in time themselves.

“Fuck! Are you trying to throw me overboard!?”

“Get your ass back in or you’ll cut your head off!” Kato recommended.

Trying not to dwell on how close a call that encounter was earlier. She had feared from the start that this Shades might have more tricks up his sleeve despite wearing a smaller coat than Chase’s, but she was still startled at how easily he segued his fight with Justin into a surprise attack against them. She would have to remember that trick, might come in handy someday…

For his part, Chase ducked back in again, deciding not to waste any more juice on cover fire that wasn’t actually covering anything, and just hoped Kato could hold out against the cabbie a little longer. Both of them, likely George as well, all too aware that they were going to pick up flashing lights and sirens at this rate. Though they did have the advantage of having escaped from Centralict before, so even though things were shaping up to be yet another close shave, they at least knew where they were going.

They were nearing the harbor district, so there was still a chance.

“Now where did we park…” Kato muttered.
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