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Words 114 to 128

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Words 114 to 128

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A Few Words

Word 114: Ice

The heat was so strong it was ridiculous. Fujin searched for ice in the freezer but found none, yet she was sure she saw ice that morning and it was only mid afternoon, how could they consume all that ice so fast? Then she stepped outside and saw Raijin in a small pool full of ice and Seifer having discovered this and getting ready to jump in.

Word 115: Journal


"Not at all, what makes you say that?" It could have been his expression that told he was obviously hiding something. It could have been the fact that his voice sounded different. Most of all, it could be that he was turning the house upside down, empting boxes, crawling in closets and searching under every piece of furniture.

Fujin knew that Seifer was searching for something, she knew what he was searching for and she knew why he refused to admit it. She humored him and walked away, after all, she was the culprit who took the journal he carelessly left in the living room, and she wasn't ready to give it back, it was far too interesting.

Word 116: Keys

Fujin heard the soft sound of a pebble colliding with her window and saw a young man standing below. She felt as if she had seen or read this scene somewhere before. Maybe it was deja vu, Seifer forgot his keys again.

Word 117: Lucky

They didn't believe in luck, they made their own luck, but sometimes they felt infinitely lucky to have met each other.

Word 118: Music

Seifer loved the song, though he had no idea who the singer was. There was no music in the background, but the voice was so majestic it didn't matter. One day he went to ask Fujin about the song while it was playing in her room and found that it wasn't a recording at all. It felt strange that someone who saved up her words would let them flow in song, it was amazing. At the same time it made sense, her voice was too good to be given away to strangers.

Word 119: Numb

It was funny how one could hate a certain feeling one second and crave for it the next. Raijin's tongue was frozen numb because he just had to lick that pole, he couldn't resist the curiosity to see if his tongue would really get stuck, then it did.

Fujin handed him something, "free," and believing her words, Raijin pressed the unknown object against his tongue to free himself. His tongue became so hot, it was no longer stuck. Wishing for the disappearance of all the chilly peppers in the world, as his tongue burned, Raijin longed for the cold numb sensation to return.

Word 120: Outlaw

When he was declared a traitor to Garden and supporter of the Sorceress, Fujin and Raijin still remained by his side, thus Seifer concluded that being an outlaw wasn't so bad.

Word 121: Purse

Fujin didn't carry a purse; she found it impractical and unnecessary. However, that one day, she had a purse when they were heading out to gather wood for a bonfire they decided to improvise. "Carry," Fujin answered the unspoken question; apparently she had things to carry that would be more conveniently kept inside something, such as a purse.

Seifer and Raijin would never get over the shock when Fujin pulled a large axe out of the tiny purse and began chopping wood, which she also stuffed into the purse.

Word 122: Quit

She didn't quit, it just didn't happen. Fujin wasn't one to give up.

Word 123: Rubber Duck

She found it in the bathroom and asked her companions who it belonged to, but neither claimed it, so she took it to her room and placed it in an easy to see spot on her desk. As expected, while Fujin pretended to be sleeping that night, Seifer snuck in to recover his rubber duck.

Word 124: Spam

The spam mysteriously stopped coming and the news anchor cheerfully announced the peril of several companies having their systems invaded by a virus that constantly threw pop-ups with the word "SPAM" on them, overloading their systems and preventing them from advertising their products via their own spam. Fujin smiled at the TV.

Word 125: Trepies

The Trepies were sometimes loud and annoying in Seifer's opinion, always obsessing over Quistis Trepe. However, if he was going to fear a group, he would fear the mysterious group called SeiFu. He had been embarrassed by them in front of Fujin on several occasions, though they claimed to be helping them both accomplish some secret mysterious goal they refused to revealed, claiming it was clear and obvious.

Seifer didn't understand what they were trying to accomplish, maybe SeiFu stood for 'Seifer vs Fujin' but he would not turn against her and she would not turn against him. Seifer never understood that the SeiFu were just inept matchmakers.

Word 126: Umbrella

They had to stay close to each other to share the small umbrella and shield themselves from the rain. They didn't mind at all.

Word 127: Venom

When Fujin spoke normally, it came out clear, firm and indisputable. When she spoke in calm and friendship, her few and short words came out sweet. This was something that only the experienced ear could catch under the guise of a melodious monotone. However, everyone could feel the deadly venom when she spoke in anger.

Word 128: We

We are friends, it never ends,
We know our loyalty transcends.

We are strong, moving along,
We will find a place to belong.

We face our fate, whatever waits,
We open those victorious gates.

We hold our goal, secret cipher,
Together Raijin, Fujin and Seifer.

More to Come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 114 and 119 were requested by TamaChanMyu. Words 118 and 124 were requested by Romantic Jester. Word 123 was requested by Xeno the Hedgehog. Word 125 was requested by sissyHIYAH. Word 121 is an obscure reference to the classic mallet space joke variant, consisting of a female character being able to pull out a ridiculously large weapon out of her tiny purse. Word 128 is the first poem of the collection, I think.
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