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Wors 129 to 128

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Wors 129 to 128

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A Few Words

Word 129: Xerography

When it came to art class, their xerography was always the best. They were a great team, each member contributing with something vital. Seifer thought of what the image would be and directed them, Raijin took care of the electricity and Fujin blew everything into place. Seifer always felt victorious when they completed a xerography assignment, he liked being the best and Fujin and Raijin liked to watch him glow with pride, knowing that it was for them.

Word 130: You

Seifer didn't understand how it happened and Raijin understood it even less. Fujin was used to their antics by now. "What does it want?" Seifer was stressed, panicked, annoyed, worried and very frustrated.

"I don't know!" Raijin held the crying child the neighbors had dropped off on the trio, bribing them with cookies and the promise of a gil reward if they took care of her for the day. Try as he may to gently rock the little girl to sleep, the baby remained wide awake and quite upset. The child refused to eat any more, having been already fed enough, thus leaving her with a free mouth to employ in yelling.

Seifer and Raijin had gone through the ordeal of attempting to change her diaper not too long ago, only to make a mess of baby powder that nearly choked them all to death, until Fujin rescued the baby, properly changed her and with a hint of remorse, returned her to the two inept babysitters. Raijin, who was on the verge of tears himself, handed the baby to Fujin, though her crying didn't cease.

"Fujin, what does it want?" Seifer pleaded.

"You," Fujin gave the baby girl to Seifer and she immediately calmed down, which meant Seifer would be stuck with her.

Word 131: Zero

Raijin didn't get any candy from the teacher that day, he seldom did. But it didn't matter, because Seifer and Fujin shared their candy with him, even if he almost always got a zero on his written tests.

Word 132: Again

He contemplated the item and put it away like he did every year. Seifer decided that he didn't want to hang any mistletoe anywhere after all, despite his hidden yet undeniable desire to catch Fujin under it. Thus he missed another chance, again.

Word 133: Brain

The scan came up blank and the doctor didn't know how to say it. In theory, Raijin's electrical affinity affected the machine, making it unable to scan his brain. At least that's what the doctor concluded when Fujin gave him a hint by saying "electricity." Seifer would forever wonder if the theory was correct, or if Fujin was simply helping Raijin hide the fact that he didn't have a brain.

Word 134: Cable

Raijin entered the living room, then promptly retreated to his room again, his face covered by a tint of red. Fujin didn't have anything to say and Seifer didn't know what to say. It wasn't his fault he tripped over his video game console's cable and knocked Fujin down, throwing her on the couch and landing on top of her. Seifer tried to get up, but the cable was still tangled around his feet. Fujin was only trying to help him get up, if only he would stop struggling in his embarrassed panic. From a certain angle, it looked like they were making out.

Word 135: Devastation

"Are you sure you don't like him?" Rinoa was hanging around their house again, much to Squall's aggravation and perhaps more so for Fujin, since she didn't stop asking the same thing over and over, refusing to believe the answer.

"I. Do. Not. Like. Him." Fujin paused after each word, as if saying such a mouthful, at least for her, cost her a great deal of effort.

They were talking about an actor, but Seifer didn't know that. They say that those who eavesdrop, especially if they miss the start of the conversation, shall hear their own devastation; yet somehow, Seifer was still full of determination.

Word 136: Elbow

The posse was out camping, their sleeping bags out on the soft grass, having decided not to cover the view of the stars with the tent they packed, so as to have a refuge in case of an unexpected weather related emergency. They formed the ends of a perfectly symmetrical triangle around the unlit campfire, unlike before, when they were roasting marshmallow sitting so close, their shoulders touched every few minutes.

Seifer couldn't sleep and regardless of what Raijin may say and what Fujin may think in silence, he moved his sleeping bag next to hers and laid down again, capturing a perfect view of her face as she slept peacefully on her side. He drifted off to sleep, only to be woken up harshly about an hour later, by the pain caused by Fujin's elbow, which harshly connected with his stomach and knocked the air out of his lungs.

Fujin shifted in her sleep and continued her peaceful journey through dreamland, no doubt well immersed in the middle of a REM cycle. She was a violet sleeper.

Word 137: Fujin

Fujin, a mythological creature, master of the wind. None of the varied portraits Seifer had seen looked anything like the Fujin he knew. Nonetheless, watching her hand there, with the breeze making the fallen leaves of autumn dance around her, he could truly believe she was a wind goddess.

Word 138: Gallant

There was a time when he had wanted to be a knight, though now those times were apparently in the past. Yet even so, Fujin could still catch that side of Seifer occasionally. Though he didn't openly admit it, she was smart and observant enough to know that perhaps deep down, he wanted to be her gallant knight.

More to Come...

Word 129: Xerography, is based on the definition and process involved in it. Though it takes place in art class so we can assume it's different but with similar principals to actual xerography. I have seen a few different techniques called or nicknamed xerography used in art. Let's call it artistic incense.

About Word 136: Elbow, Fujin was indeed sleeping, she didn't do it on purpose. Speaking of violent sleepers, my bed is in the corner and I once kicked the wall hard enough to wake up and go ouch.

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Word 133: Brain, was requested by TamaChanMyu. Word 134: Cable, was requested by Romantic Jester. Word 135: Devastation, was requested by Xeno the Hedgehog.
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